List of Major Styles of Yoga – Beginners Guide

Yoga is not just an exercise to develop your physical self; it is a complete package which involves transforming your complete self. It energizes you physically, mentally, and also spiritually. There are a number of yoga styles including several yoga poses, and each one has its own various benefits. Read on to know about a few styles that can actually benefit you a lot.

Major Yoga Styles List

Different Types of Yoga Explained with Videos:

Anusara Yoga:

The alignment of the body is given focus in this style. You need to be a certified professional to be able to teach this. This pose follows a Vinyasa style, and also believes in the Tantra philosophy of basic universal goodness. You need to enjoy discipline while exercising, if you want to follow this style effectively. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to follow. If you have physical limitations, this pose can help you out, as it uses props.

Ashtanga Yoga:

The basis for this style is the Vinyasa Yoga. The simple Hatha Yoga is transformed in to a number of poses that are dynamic and have a vigorous flow. The poses involved in this form are energetic, and done in a disciplined manner. You get more stamina and energy, and also the ability to control your mind and body. You need to practice regularly to get all these benefits.

Bikram Yoga:

This style is popularly known as Hot Yoga. You need a heated room, which has an average temperature of 95 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. There are 26 different poses, which have a definite flow. Two pranayamas are included in this.

Each class has duration of just 90 minutes, in which you will have to perform every pose two times. if you want to perform this style at home, you need a separate room designated only for Hot Yoga.

Since the body temperature is increased in this technique, pregnant women should stay away from this. People who love to exercise a lot and sweat out can try out this. It also helps you lose weight.

Corepower Yoga:

This one is a different type of Bikram Yoga. It focuses on increasing the core strengths of a person. It uses weights, and is slightly different from the usual Hot Yoga.

This style involves two levels of classes. In the first level, you have different vinyasa style movements, standing poses, and also balancing ones. The second level needs a heated room, and focuses more on standing poses. People who like sweating out after an exercise are sure to love this.

Hatha Yoga:

This one is known popularly as the basic yoga.  The style is simple and slow, without any flow between the different poses. For beginners, this is an ideal one. This one emphasizes on stretching exercises that are focused on your breathing style and pattern, and combine a few assorted meditation forms along with this. This is an ideal yoga for people who aim at relaxing while exercising.

Iyengar Yoga:

Alignment of the body is given focus in this pose. Each pose needs to be held for a given amount of time. Props, like blankets, blocks, and straps, are used for better results from the poses. People who want to use Yoga in the best way possible with limited resources find this style very useful. It is a bit tough, but is a very popular style among advanced practitioners.

Kundalini Yoga:

Kundalini Yoga has got a single way of operation – know your breath with each movement of yours. The seven chakras in the human body are awakened, and you are empowered to become your inner self.

There is a specific pattern of yogic breathing involved in this technique. The energy cluttered in the lower part of your body is released, and its movement is enabled to the upper part of your body.

There is quite a lot of chanting and meditation involved in this style. Each has got a specific breathing rhythm. Poses are not given much concentration, but emphasis is on udras, chanting, and breathing. It is more of a spiritual kind. People who like physical and mental challenges are sure to love this style.

Power Yoga:

As compared to Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga tends to be more preferred and appealing. Since there are no pre-designed execution patterns for this form, you have lots of variety here. Power Yoga is all about flexibility and strength.

Power Yoga is also known as Gym Yoga. The physical aspects are given focus, and hence it is perfect for people who want to practice yoga but cannot stand too much meditation or chanting.

Vinyasa Yoga:

This one synchronizes the breathing pattern with Surya Namaskar pose forming the base. Unlike Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga consists of vigorous movements that are fast paced. Moreover, there is a continuous flow of movements without any break in between. The most important part of this style is the breathing style. You need to breathe in or out according to the pose and the slow.

The cat cow pose is an example of a Vinyasa Yoga pose. In this pose, you need to arch your back to the floor and ceiling in alternate movements, and even breathe accordingly. This style acts as the base for Power Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. It is apt for people who like some diversity in exercising forms.


This is a one to one yoga and is based on a strong relation between the guru and the student. Based on the age, sex, and health conditions of the student, a personalized yoga plan is created.

Poses are aligned and held for a specified time. since it is personalized, it can be done by any person. It is actually gentle, but several movements can be included depending on the skills of the student.

Yoga has got lots of benefits. So, choose a yoga style apt for your body, and stick to it. It helps you find out your inner self and develop from inside.

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