Russian Women Beauty, Makeup, Fitness Tips and Secrets

Russia is one of the vast countries on earth, known for its harsh climatic conditions, landforms, natural resources and wide range of environments and habitat.

Russia is known as the landof queens. Surprisingly, most of the beauties in the world are from Russia. Even at this harsh cold these gorgeous ladies can be distinguished with great body and fashion.

These women are considered as one of the most desirable women amongst whole world. They are glamourous and elegant in every regard. Here are few beauty secrets that these irresistible women behold:

Russian Women Beauty and Makeup Secrets:

Russians Beauty Makeup Secrets

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Egg mask:

Russian women like to do natural treatments especially when it comes to face and hair. One of their favourite treatments, also known as the egg mask, is utilizes for both hair and face. Here are few ways to use it:

For face:

  • Cleanse your face with hot water and pat it dry
  • Break an egg and separate its yoke
  • Use the egg white
  • Add a tsp of milk
  • Apply it on your face
  • Let it dry for a roughly 10-15 minutes
  • Wash it with cold water.

For hair:

Use the same egg yolk with ¼ cup of olive oil. Add honey to this mixture, combine them well and apply to your hair. Keep it for an hour and rinse your hair t with regular shampoo.

Face slapping:

Russians follow this method to slap on the face briefly in the neck, forehead and cheek area. This method is used to moisture the face. You can use this method to boast temporary collagen production. It will help to shrink the pores and firm the face. You can try it any time of the day especially in the morning and evening.

Ice massage:

They use ice on their face to tighten their skin and close the open pores of the skin. Even the queens of soviet Russia used the same method enhance their beauty. You can simply take some ice cubes and massage it gently on your face. Repeat this process thrice a week for better results.

Using Tinkle razors:

The Russian women remove their facial hair in one of the most unique methods called as the dermaplaning. The contemplation use of dermaplaning is to mainly remove the dead skin cells that clog the pores of the skin. The process is used to exfoliate the skin and keep the skin fresh. One of the main reasons to remove the facial hair would be due to uneven application of makeup as the makeup will not settle smoothly.

However modern women use tinkle razors to shave off their facial hair. Unlike other razors it isn’t very harmful as the blades are tiny and can easily remove the small facial hair. You can easily use and dispose them. These razors give smooth and clear face with no facial hair or dead skin, making you look beautiful.

Russian Women Hair Secrets:

Hair extensions:

These beauties like to experiment with their look and hair styles. Many worldwide hairstylists are from Russia. Definitely there is one trick we can consider and that would be using hair extensions.

You can add hair extensions to all the sorts of haircuts. To be precise, these women like to clip some of their own hair that they might have chopped. Even you can take the hair from the salons and attach extension clip and sew it together so that you can wear it according to your outfit and occasion without feeling guilty.

Russian Women Fitness and Diet Secrets:

Russians Fitness Diet Secrets

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To reset and restore the healthy goals you must start by hydrating sufficiently .You cannot treat yourself from the outside unless you have treated yourself from the inside. Our body is made up of seventy percent of water and as the climatic region varies the water percent in your body also varies. So it is very important to keep hydration level maintained.

Russians agree that hydrated body will always lead to an energetic living. Sometimes drinking plain water might sound boring. So, you can always do the following to make it a bit interesting:

To the water may:

  • Add slices of lime
  • Add mint leaves
  • Add cucumber slices
  • Add ice cubes to it. Keep sipping on it to feel refreshed and hydrated. This drink will make you feel relaxed and healthy


Russian food can be on a heavier side of the scale, but some food is extremely nutritious. Buckwheat is a famous food that is cooked by Russians. It is one of the favourite food of Eastern Europe and one of the healthiest alternatives. It is also a super food considered to be a fruit seed, related to rhubarb and sorrel. Also it is awarded as world’s healthiest food. One of the very popular side dishes served with kotleti or can be eaten as porridge alone.

You can enjoy this food at any time of the day with a dressing of cherry tomatoes. Buckwheat contains eight essential amino acids and proteins. Even athletes are recommended to eat it. Russians believe that this wholesome meal is one of its kinds to rejuvenate your skin and is a very amazing stomach cleanser.

Massage treatments:

Russians relaxing and rejuvenating techniques offer therapeutic effect to the body. Russians practice massages and therapy even at home with regular body oil. It is one of the ancient techniques to heal and rejuvenate the damaged muscles. They have a wide range of healing therapies to reduce stress and tension.

You can try these massages to promote ultimate bliss. You can choose a wide range of therapies including beauty massage therapies for deep relaxation. You can also try the Russian healing body oil to get rid of pain and stress.

Sweet dreams drink:

Russian women feel it is important to wrap up the day with a proper beauty nourishing drink.

Preparation Method:

  • Pour milk to saucepan
  • Add a bit of honey and stir well
  • Boil the milk until the honey is blended

By drinking this milk you can get peaceful sleep as it relaxes your mind and body. Thus you can improvise your lifestyle by adding few tips from the Russians. Try these easy ways to get a healthy body and glowing skin.

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