What is 17 Day Diet Plan? How does it work for Weight Loss

If you are overweight and want to lose weight, but do not know how to, here is a diet plan that will help you to lose weight in 17 days. It has been tried by many people and they were all successful in achieving what they wanted. It is a diet that enables you to eat healthy food and at the same time burn the calories. Here you need not worry that you will be made to starve. The diet contains enough food to prevent starvation and also contains all the essential nutrients that are needed by the body. This diet also enhances the metabolic activities of your body. Most of the people fail to stick to a diet plan because of the lack of time and then for other reasons. But this diet plan is very flexible and easy for all to follow.

17 Day Diet Plan

Theory of the 17 day diet weight loss plan:

Human body is always at war with any new changes that are introduced in the body. The 17 day diet plan makes use of this theory. Here you are provided different eating habits and exercising patterns in each phase. These differ very much from each other. So, when your body starts adjusting with a particular eating habit and exercise, it is suddenly changed and you are introduced to a new eating and exercise pattern. So again the body becomes active. This mode of diet change and exercise keep your metabolism high, and help in weight loss.

How does the plan work?

This plan is designed in such a way that you lose weight quite fast, but at the same time, do not regain the weight you have shed. In other words, the weight that you lose is forever. You are never going to regain it. This 17 day diet is divided into 3 cycles of 17 days, which make you shed the pounds that you have gained from eating junk foods and other non healthy food, and by acquiring a lifestyle with no exercise or no physical activities. Usually, in most of the fitness plans, the body stops responding to after a period of tie. But here no such problems are faced. This diet does not cause plateauing of your body.

Phase 1:

This is the first cycle and it is called Accelerate. Here you have to cut down almost 1200 calories every day and also greatly reduce the sugar that you take in. You must also make sure that the digestion of the body is improved. You lose maximum weight during this phase, but mostly it is the water weight that you lose.

Foods that you can consume during this phase are:

  • 2 liters of water
  • 2-3 cups of green tea
  • 2 cups of low fat yogurt
  • 2 fruits that are low in sugar
  • 2 whole servings of any friendly fats
  • Lean protein – this you can take as much as you want
  • Non-starchy vegetables- this also you can take a generous amount

Phase 2:

Phase 2 is called the Activate phase. In this phase, along with the low diet food of the Accelerate phase you have to take some slightly high calorie food also. Both these diets should be taken alternately. This resets the metabolic activities of the body and also burns the fat. In this phase you can lose minimum 6 pounds of your weight.

Foods that you can consume during phase 2 are:

In this phase you can alternate the meal plan discussed in accelerate phase with high calorie food. Take food rich in starch like legumes, corn, sweet potatoes and rice.

Phase 3:

This phase is called Achieve. This is the phase to achieve what you want. Start good eating habits and avoid junk foods, fried items and other such snacks that do not contain any nutrients. You lose about 3 pounds in this phase.

The foods you can have in phase 3 include healthier foods, so that you can acquire healthy eating habits. You can have lean protein, starches, fruits etc during this time.

Phase 4:

This the final cycle and it is called Arrive. In this phase you have to check your eating habits, the food you eat and also maintain your body weight.

One of the great advantages of following this diet plan is that it does not forbid you to eat food items that you like. You may follow healthy diet through the week and during the weekends you can have the meals that you love to have.

Doing regular exercise is essential when you follow this 17 day diet plan. You have to exercise at least 20 minutes per day. During phase 1 and 2 you may do light exercise like walking. During phase 3 you have to increase the time from 20 minutes to 40-60 minutes and do aerobic exercise. If you know cycling that is the best exercise during this phase. You can go cycling for 1 hour every day, at a speed of 12-14 m per hour. During the last phase, you have to again reduce the time you exercise, from 1 hour to 30 minutes on weekdays. However, on weekends you have to do exercise for 1 hour.

By the end of phase 4 you must have achieved your goal and reduced the weight as you wished. Now all you need to do is to maintain the weight you have got. For this you must have a diet that you had in phase 1 and a serving of higher calorific food. Stick on to this diet on weekdays and during the weekends, just forget all about it and have the food that you enjoy the most. So, by following this diet plan, you will lose weight but at the same time, you can also enjoy the food that you like on the weekends. So, most people prefer this diet plan and many have lost weight by following this diet plan.

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