20 Things Every Girl Should Have in her Handbag or Purse

No girl can think of going out without her handbag. It is in this that all her precious things are kept. It can hold essential as well as some of the non-essential things. However, there are some things that are absolutely essential and should be there in your handbag; things that you cannot borrow or beg all of a sudden. So, make sure that your handbag contains them.

Things Every Girl Needs

Things Every Girl Needs:

A small bag of medicines:

It is a good idea to carry a small bag containing medicines in your handbag. Even if it may not be used by you, it may be useful for some other person. Suppose you are travelling and you find somebody sick, then you can offer that person the medicine in your hand. You can put some medicines like Disprins for headache, Ondem to stop vomiting, paracetamol tablets for treating fever, and so on in this small bag.

Breath mints:

There are bacteria in our mouths. When we eat something, these bacteria break down the food and produce an unpleasant odour. So, keep some breath-mints/chewing gums/mouth freshener in your handbag. This can help you combat with your bad breath.


Band-aids are essential items that should be there in your handbag. If your toe fingers suffer from shoe-bites, these band-aids are very useful. You can also use them for paper-cuts and small bruises that can happen unexpectedly.


Never forget to put a comb in your handbag. You can comb your hair and keep your hair neat and tidy with your comb. Otherwise it can turn dry and frizzy.


Although we all love summer, nobody loves the body odour that comes with summer when you spend a long day outside. You should apply deodorant or perfume on your body to get rid of body odour and smell fresh and pleasant. So, remember to always keep a small bottle of deodorant or perfume in your handbag. This way you can smell great when you travel. You can keep those small samples of perfume bottles that you get as a gift when you purchase things.

Eye drops:

Often our eyes get red after riding on a bike or travelling in bus or car for long hours. It can make you feel embarrassed when people ask you why your eyes are red. So, carry eye drops with you. Applying eye drops help in soothing your eyes and treating inflammation. Eye drops are also good for reducing acne inflammation and the size of pimples.

Ear phones:

Ear phones are very useful when you are going out. If you are waiting for a bus and it takes   long time, or you want to avoid a boring person sitting near you, the best way is to plug in the earphone and listen to your favourite music.

Elastic hair bands/clutchers:

These are of great use when you want to keep your hair off your face. So, always remember to keep some elastic hair bands and a hair grasp in your bag.

Hand sanitizer:

As you know, there are germs present everywhere. We travel using public transportation, use ATMs and come into contact with thousands of things. Some of them may be staying dirty forever. So, you must always keep a hand sanitizer in your handbag. This way you can keep your hands clean and kill the germs you come in contact with.

Lip balm:

Chapped lips can be painful and not very goof to look at. You should keep your lips moisturized not only in winter, but also on other seasons. Keep it in the stick form, so that you need not dip into the container with your finger when you are travelling.

Makeup pouch:

Make sure to keep a small, cute makeup pouch in your handbag. You can put your lipsticks, mascara, oil blotting paper, lip gloss, eyeliner etc in this pouch. This way it becomes easy for you to take them out when you need.

Makeup compact:

Make sure that you carry a makeup compact with a mirror in your handbag. This way you will not need to carry a mirror separately. You can look into the mirror and make yourself look fresh throughout the day with regular touch-ups.

Mobile phone:

Mobile phone is also a must in your handbag nowadays. This way you can keep in contact with your friends and parents, especially when you are travelling alone or going to a new place.

Pepper spray:

It is very important that you ensure your safety. So, make sure that there is always a pepper spray kept in your handbag.

Portable panic alarm:

A portable panic alarm can be of great use when you are distress and need help. So, keep such an alarm in your handbag. If you do not have one, get it as soon as possible and keep it in your bag. You get them in compact forms. They are even available in the form of key chains.

Post-its/small notebooks and pen:

Keeping a pen and some papers in your handbag is a good idea. In case you want to jot down something when you are talking on the phone, or need a pen to sign a cheque or anything else, these come of handy.


You may be having periods at regularly, but it is always safe to keep a tampon with you in case an emergency comes up. Even if you may not need it, you can help some other girl in need.

Wet wipes:

Keeping wet wipes in your handbag help you to get rid of smudged makeup and also help in removing the excess oil from your skin and keeping the skin looking fresh. You can also wipe off food particles and drinks that fall on your dress with these wipes. After having oily food, you can clean your fingers with these wet wipes. So it has lots of uses.

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