39 Simple and Easy Ways or Tips to Lose Weight Faster

Weight and obesity is a major problem these days. Lifestyle and unhealthy diets are the main reasons for this. Check the following tips to stay healthy and cut down calories.

Simple Easy ways Lose Weight Fast

1) Prefer only water:

Avoid all kinds of juices and try to stick to normal water. You could avoid all calories and feel full too.

2) Have food only when you stomach feels intense hunger:

Do not take food out of nervousness, boredom or anything. Take it only when you feel actually hungry.

3) Make a note of everything you eat for a week:

According to researches and studies, keeping food diaries to write down what you eat makes you eat about 15 percent less.

4) Make your own mantra:

Focus on things that you can’t do and keep giving positive thoughts to yourself. You will actually be able to resist tempting foods.

5) Think that you are having 10 percent extra calories:

Add a 10 percent to the calories you think you are eating daily and adjust your diet accordingly.

6) Have lesser portions:

Try to take fewer bites of your meal, a glass less of orange juice, and less of other items. You could save lots of calories.

7) Use blue:

Blue is a color that suppresses your appetite. So, use blue plates, table cloth, crockery and cutlery to control eating. Avoid yellow, red and orange as they increase appetite.

8) Watch TV for an hour lesser:

The tendency of eating is more while watching television. So, watching an hour lesser helps you reduce calorie intake.

9) Get a 45 minute walk daily:

Instead of the usual norm of 30 minute daily walk, get a 45 minute walk to control weight and also lose fats.

10) Thoroughly clean something one time a week:

Your floor, bathroom tile, shower stall, windows, car, or anything you pick can be washed well once a week for about 30 minutes. It helps shed some calories.

11) Get a weight loss friend online:

According to studies, getting an online buddy to lose weight together helps more than getting an actual buddy.

12) In case you feel hungry, take a banana or peppermint to sniff:

After testing on volunteers it has been concluded that sniffing makes you feel less hungry and lose more weight.

walking stairs loses weight

13) Use the stairs for 10 minutes daily:

Walking up or down the stairs is great for losing weight.

14) Sit in front of a mirror while eating:

Looking straight in to your own eyes while eating makes you realize your own goals and helps control appetite.

15) Throw away clothes that don’t fit you:

When you think about having to buy new clothes each time you get fat, you will get an inspiration to stay fit.

16) Get up from your seat every 2 hours and walk for 5 minutes:

If work demands you to sit at your desk all day, use this tip to get an extra 20 minute walk daily.

17) Eat slowly, and sip water frequently:

The brain generally lags by 20 minutes to tell you to stop eating. By eating slowly, your brain will let you know in time.

18) Stay away from prepared foods containing sugar, corn syrup or fructose:

Look for other varieties of the food with lesser sugar, or get a fruit. Ketchup, mayonnaise and salad dressings are sugar free varieties you could rely on.

19) Choose foods that release fat:

Eggs, honey, and such foods help release fat. They stop you from indulging on high calorie foods.

20) Go for an active social outing:

Try something creative and active like tennis match, bike ride, city walk, or anything which does not involve sitting alone.

21) Keep away from white foods:

Avoid white flour, sugar, and white rice. Instead, go for grain breads, and brown rice.

22) Put less food in front of you:

Take less food out when you sit to eat. That will make you eat lesser. So, take smaller plates and smaller glasses.

23) Drop the type of milk:

Whatever type of milk you are having, drop down, and you cut down calories.

24) Have food at home:

Eating out makes you have higher calorie foods. So, stick to eating most of your meals at home.

25) Have foods rich in water:

Cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, and such water rich foods make you feel fuller and helps eat lesser.

26) Have food on plates, and not platters:

Eating in restaurant style helps you lose weight. You finish your food when the food on your plate is over. So, you eat less.

27) Get a pedometer:

Calculate your steps and aim for a higher score every day. You get to lose a lot of calories this way.

Eating nuts reduces weight

28) Have nuts:

Nuts increase metabolism and keep hunger away.

29) Order the least amounts:

Whatever you order, order the smallest portion. This makes you eat lesser.

30) Take a walk before dinner:

Walk for 20 minutes before having dinner, and you lose appetite and also cut calories.

31) Include lots of vegetables:

Vegetables satisfy hunger to prevent overeating and also contain lesser calories.

32) Avoid eating with a group:

Eating with lots of people makes you spend more time at the table, and also eat more. So, have food just with your family or spouse.

33) Take only ordinary coffee:

Avoid fancy coffee drinks and stick to ordinary coffee with skim milk.

34) Use hot sauce, salsa, and Cajun for seasoning:

These are better than sugary or buttery sauces and help burn calories.

35) Keep your kitchen closed after dinner:

Avoid late night snacks, and you save about 300 extra calories a day.

36) Choose fruit over fruit juice:

They are whole foods and make you feel full.

37) Have most of the calories before noon:

When you have more in the morning, you eat less in the evening.

38) Have a breakfast containing cereals:

Cereals for breakfast make you control obesity and are healthier too.

39) Brush after meals:

The feeling of freshness after brushing makes you feel that the meal is over.

These small tips help you in the long run to cut down calories and stay slim. Stay fit and stay happy.

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