Affordable Beauty Secrets Every Teen Girl Should Know

Teenage is a time when you are growing up to be a young woman and want to try all sorts of makeup products on you and show off. You want to look beautiful and smart and follow all fashion magazines to know the latest trends. Whether it is the makeup, clothes or hair, you want to have the best. But it is also the time when you skin is most prone to pimples and acne. So you must take special care of your skin and keep it healthy and beautiful. Any mistake that you make at this age may leave an imprint for the rest of your life and affect your looks. The beauty tips for a teenager is much different from those of a grownup lady. So you must have your own sets of rules and beauty regimes.

Teen Girl Beauty Secrets

Beauty Secrets for Girls to do at home easily:


You need to take proper care of your hair along with your skin. Some tips for taking care of your hair are:

  1. When you apply blonde highlights on your hair, do not overdo it. Always use colors that are nearer to your natural tones.
  2. The haircuts that you choose must be such that it is easy for you to manage. Layers are a hairstyle that is easy to take care of and looks good on all types of hair. Of you have a layer cut, you can easily get dressed and style your hair, without wasting much time.
  3. It is not only the skin that is oily, but your scalp can also be oily. If you have a blonde hair, avoid all the hair products that you get in the market, except for baby powder. Applying baby powder at the roots of your hair can greatly help in reducing oiliness in the scalp. If your hair is brown, then you can use a dry shampoo.
  4. If you want to have a hairstyle that is attractive, have some loose curls and you need not do anything more. You can curl it by using barrel iron. This way any damage due to heating is also prevented.
  5. Shampoos are for keeping the scalp clean and healthy while the conditioners are for the shaft of your hair. So, remember that shampoos at the tips of your hair removes natural oils from your hair and conditioners applied on the scalp may make your hair greasy. So avoid both.

Lip care:

Taking proper care of your lips is also important. The skin of your lips is more sensitive because it has no glands to keep it well nourished. The lips of teenagers are more prone to cracks and it dries and bleeds fast. Here is how you can keep your lips soft and supple.

1. Exfoliate your lips using homemade exfoliators like honey and sugar. Do not use a toothbrush for exfoliating even if the bristles are very soft.

  1. Never let your lips stay dry. Always keep them well moisturized.
  2. It is habit to lick lips when they get dry. Avoid doing this as it makes lips even drier. Also take care not to peel off the skin of your lips. All these can damage your lips further.
  3. If you have chapped lips, do not apply lipstick on them. It will only help in making your lips dry and highlighting your lips.
  4. Remember to check the expiry date before you use any makeup product. If the products are expired, then they contain less nutrients and more bacteria. This leads to more damage of the skin, which is on a growing stage. Even if no damage is done to your skin, using a product that has exceeded the expiry date is sure to cause damage.


Makeup for a teenager is to be done with utmost care. Your skin may show reaction to various products and a breakout is very common for teenagers.

  1. Do not apply any makeup before you test it and see that it is suitable for your skin.
  2. Never do smoky eyes when you use a dark lip color. This does not suit a face that is very young.
  3. Try to highlight your best features. For example, if your eyes are beautiful, line the eyes and make them more attractive. If your lips are your best features, then use a gloss or lipstick and make them more attractive.
  4. If you suffer from acne, do not apply any foundation on your face. However, f you want to use one, go for an oil free foundation.
  5. When you apply a concealer, pat it with your fingers instead of rubbing it.
  6. Before you apply makeup, make sure that you apply a good sunscreen. This can help in keeping your skin look younger than your age.


There is a great difference between teenage skin and the skin of adults. Teenage skin is more permeable than the adult skin. So it allows mote substances to pass through it and the reaction of the skin towards harsh products is also more. However, your skin heals faster than the adult skin.

Some of the tips for teenage skin are:

  1. Use a scrub that can be used all over the body and remove dead skin. Take special care to cover he shoulders, back and the chest. If you have an oily skin, you have to scrub the T-zone area gently. This will remove the blackheads.
  2. At the end of your bath, you may shave your legs. If you prefer to wax, you have to take a cold shower after waxing.
  3. Clip your finger nails regularly and paint them with a base coat so that your nails do not turn yellow.
  4. Keep your toe nails also clean and clipped properly. Use a good brand nail polish to protect the nails from dier and other problems.
  5. Take proper rest at night so that you can prevent dark circles and acne.

Other than taking proper care of your skin and hair, always remember to wear a smile on your face. This will enhance your beauty.

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