Alia Bhatt Beauty, Diet, Makeup and Hair care secrets revealed

If you are an avid bollywood news follower then Alia Bhatt needs no introduction for you. She is a bubbly and lovely actress born in Bhatt Family and rose to stardom after her film ‘Student of the year’ though she appeared as a child actress in many films before.

Considered to be the next fashionista in the bollywood film industry with her charming looks and cute collection of clothes, this extremely pretty actress has lost 16 kgs before the shooting of this film. Wow, that’s amazing isn’t it? Now, do you feel like knowing how she is able to maintain her fitness and beauty at such an young age, then you must read these below tips from her which she shared during one of her interviews.

Alia Beauty and Hair Secrets:

alia bhatt beauty hair secrets

1) She likes drinking lot of water and fresh fruit juices every day to keep her skin glowing.

2) She brushes her hair twice a day.

3) Ensure that she washes her hair three times a week without fail.

4) During summers she also takes supplements to keep her skin, hair and nails healthy

5) Her favorite nail color is nudge as of now.

6) She loves to have body scrubs and massages and her favorite spa is Myrah Day spa in Juhu, Mumbai.

Alia Bhatt Fitness secrets:

1) She keeps a regular check on her diet and fitness.

2) Her daily diet consists of egg whites, milk/dahi, vegetables and chicken with sunday being her cheat day where loves to binge on with McDonald’s or Chinese food.

3) She likes regular gymming along with Yoga and has a person trainer to keep track of her daily routines and diet.

4) She likes and practices Ashtanga yoga.

5) Hits gym for weight training.

6) Does 45 minutes of cardio three times in a week.

alia diet fitness secrets

Alia Bhatt Diet Secrets:

1) Her breakfast consists of some fresh vegetable juice in the morning.

2) A bowl of papaya as mid-morning snack

3) Roti with dal, vegetables and some curd or Quinoa with chicken.

4) During the evening time she likes to have any one fruit or some kurmura

5) Dinner starts with some fish or chicken along with dal and curd

6) Finally she signs off the day with a glass of milk before moving to bed.

Alia bhatt style tips:

Though she confesses that she hasn’t developed any personal style yet, she likes to have these things in her handbag whenever she moves out – Chewing gum, Hair brush, Kajal, Lip balm and Prada perfume.

Image credits: Wikimedia commons 1 and Fanpop 2

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33 Responses

  1. Noura yousuf says:

    I really love you alia you are the second kareena kapoor

  2. swati says:

    Alibatt has no style ! sheis just normal ! The are so many pretty ggirls than her

  3. Srujanika Babu says:

    Alia Bhatt u r supper cute n m ur biggest teen fan

  4. Alia says:

    I love Alia bhatt how gorgeous she is LOve her i wish i had been alia bhatt

  5. DIPIKA V PATEL says:


  6. Hrishikes says:

    Aliya why your put on this dress ? your so cute

  7. sonam dixit says:

    hii alia u r very cute and gorgeous…i love ur style….

  8. akira says:

    i m very straight forward person seriously i dont like u u r such attitude girl ur name & fame is ur work hard only doing ur papa so i like shardha pari wooow! shes loosory uper not ayega okafter fameur height is short omg ha ha deepika is height is awesome ur not beautyfull& sexy at all

    • Srujanika Babu says:

      Can U plzzzz post ur pic (bloody jerk fu@#er bitch). Sorry but u hv no right 2 hurt the feelings f Aliamaniacs

  9. akira says:

    i m very straight forward person seriously i dont like u u r such attitude girl ur name & fame is ur work hard only doing ur papa so i like shardha pari wooow! shes loosory uper not ayega okafter fameur height is short omg ha ha deepika is height is awesome ur not beautyfull& sexy at all ur not eligible for an acteress apne apko kareena kapoor samjhti h haaa! !! uske paroon ki dhol bhi nhi h to ok kabhi sid to kabhi varun ek ku chon le drama & weired girl bye luv u bekar heroine mo
    main apni fav hoon jab dekho copy cat kahin ki

  10. ujma says:

    Alia you are gorgeous i am a big fan of you i wish to looking u

  11. rakib says:

    alia is a hooooooooot chili

  12. megha says:

    I love ur cuteness and ur style…u and sidharth looks grt together….i love both of u….

  13. tina says:

    i have a confusion…alia is a muslim name…you have a muslim name.

  14. tina says:

    you are soo pretty

  15. Ma Nu EægLe says:

    ╔╝ (¯`v´¯)…
    ╚══`. ¸. #Alia you killing me with
    the beauty that you possess

  16. Palak says:

    I am a preteen girl and i become fan of u when i see u first time in student of the year.u are so cute and nice i really love u alia i want to talk to u

  17. Divya panchal says:

    I love your cuteness .. u lokking sooooo pretty and cute … I m solo big fan of u…. love u.

  18. sinchana bhatt says:

    hiee…..alia am big fan of u r s….u cant imagine also that i changed my name as “bhatt” actually my name is sinchana….nd become sinchana bhatt…..huuuu…..i always tell u r name in school…as a example….my frndz r jealoused of u…..chi…i hate them…oh my alia u r so sexy….and gud lookng…..i always follow u…..u r so cute without makeup… dream is to have a selfie with u….am 8th std….so i like u….young alia….here hve a….flying kisssss….

  19. rifa says:

    Hi!! Em alina.. ma frnds always telling me. Em same like alia bhatt..
    Some people r asking; ua twins o wot. Hahaha. How funny na!!…. but I aslo bigg fan of aliya. Love you

  20. sushri says:

    u look aswme dear alia,,,, people say i look some what lyk u..

  21. rinal says:

    Hi…alia u r my fav….actress i lov to watch ur all moviesss my bf also ur fan…..akira talk to hand …

  22. nilima says:

    Alia u r such a pretty grl..:-*

  23. Malia says:

    Alia Bhatt,even I wanna be an actress but I have no hope and I am jealous of you but-but…I am your bigggggeeeesssssttt……….. FAN !!!!!!

  24. wt fuck with all this comment, everytime alia bhatt, alia bhatt. what the hell is wrong with all of you. plss to become somebody u just need to take a good example of that wonderful person, u don’t need to show ur crazy character to that person with that all fucking emotional words, eww it’s so low class, i think if she see’s ur message i don’t even think so she will like it since you all are acting so estate and low. To be a educated and high class person like how alia bhatt is just u need to do is act professional try your best to bring up yourself in bollywood industry films, not just comment all those rubbish.

  25. sinchana bhatt says:

    am a bigggg fan of alia….and likes to follow her…..even i really dont care….who hates alia….shezzz a cute girl….young too….if u dont like alia ….juzt get lost wth u r stupidd comments….!!

  26. Sakshi chauhan says:

    Aliaa i luvv uuu muhhhhhaaahhhaa u r shoo cuteeeeeeeee ese hiii rhnaa :*

  27. shanaya patil says:

    Alia u r so cute I really love your hair and u. Please don’t change ur self how u r u look beautiful and happy cute girl ur biggest fan

  28. Zanira Zaman says:

    She take simple look but , she’s pretty for all of us for her real beauty.

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