Asin Beauty, Makeup, Hair, Diet and Fitness Secrets

Asin Thottumkal is a South Indian actress. She is from Kerala and is known or her beauty and acting skills. She made her Bollywood debut with Aamir Khan in the blockbuster movie ‘Ghajini’. She is very popular in the South Indian film industry. Now she is popular in Bollywood also. Asin has a clear skin and her beauty has attracted lots of women since her debut. Many have wondered what the beauty secrets of Asin are. If you want to know about the beauty secrets of Asin, read on.

Asin Beauty Tips and Secrets:

Asin Beauty Tips Secrets

  • Asin has a beautiful and glowing skin. So, she needs to take only a little bit of extra care to look gorgeous.
  • She follows natural methods to keep herself beautiful. She drinks lots of coconut water to keep her skin well hydrated. This also helps in giving a fresh look to her skin. She says that coconut water and fruit juices help in maintaining the elasticity of the skin.
  • She says that you should avoid unnecessary rubbing of the skin and touching the skin frequently. This can cause damage to the skin in the long run.
  • She has great belief in ayurveda and believes that ayurvedic massage therapy can take proper care of the skin. So, she follows ayurvedic medications more than any other method.
  • She applies coconut water on her face also. It contains enzymes and nutrients that are great for the skin. She also applies a paste made with sandalwood and honey on her face. This keeps her skin soft, smooth and beautiful, and imparts a healthy glow to her face.

Asin Makeup Tips:

Asin Makeup Secrets

  • Asin always takes care to cleanse her face with a good makeup remover and removes all traces of makeup from her face before she goes to sleep at night. Even if she is very tired, she never forgets to clean her face before sleeping. This helps in preventing the pores of the skin from getting clogged due to excessive makeup.
  • She tries to apply minimum makeup on her face. She is one of the actresses who is seen with very subtle makeup. She feels that by putting on excessive makeup her true beauty may get spoiled.

Asin Hair Care Secrets:

Asin Hair Care Secrets

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  • Asin has long and healthy hair. She uses baby oil regularly for head massage. She never misses this practice of oiling her hair regularly. She says that this has helped on giving her soft and smooth hair.
  • Her advices to use shampoo and conditioner regularly as it helps in removing the dirt ad pollution form the scalp and hair, and prevent dandruff and other scalp problems.
  • Proper diet that is rich in nutrients is also essential for health hair.
  • As she has to undergo several types of hairstyling for different roles, she uses good serum and conditioner for preventing hair from turning frizzy.

Asin Diet and Food Habits:

  • Asin comes from Kerala and she is a non vegetarian.
  • she says that her typical day starts from 6 am.
  • As soon as she wakes up, she takes her breakfast. She starts her day with a cup of oats or a bowl of Muesli, along with some fruits. Some days she prefers to have idli for a change. She also goes for eggs on some days.
  • Being a Malayalee, she likes to have traditional Malayalee breakfast on some days. So she chooses to have appam, idli or uttar payam, or puttu kadala for breakfast. Uttar payam is made out of fruits. The ingredients used in puttu include rice flour and grated coconut, while kadala is made of chana.
  • She is not fond of tea or coffee. Instead, she prefers to have lots of milk. She also drinks lots of water.
  • For her lunch she has a few chapattis or a bowl of rice, which she takes with vegetables. She is also fond of eating fish. Her favourite Kerala dish is rice and prawn curry. She loves having it.
  • Her dinner usually includes food made by her mother. She tries to avoid rice for dinner. But she loves to have eggs or chicken for dinner. Her favourite dinner consist of kappa and meen. This means tapioca and fish. kanji or rice porridge is another item she loves to have for dinner.
  • She tries to avoid consuming sweets and prefers to have fruits instead.
  • She also takes care to drink lots water. This way she keeps her body well hydrated. She loves to drink lots of coconut water. She says that if you have lots of fluids, it will help in keeping you fuller and prevents you from overeating. It can keep you away from snacking in between.

Asin Fitness Routine:

Asin Fitness Routine

  • Asin is gifted with a well toned body and a good figure. She has a very simple health routine. She says that she exercises when she gets time.
  • She also believes that you have to follow a healthy diet to keep your body fit and in good shape.
  • She has played badminton for many years. This has helped in giving her an athletic body. So, she does not need any rigorous workouts for keeping her body healthy and fit.
  • She does not have a regular workout routine as she is busy and travels a lot. Whenever she has time, she goes to the gym. The exercises she usually does include cardiovascular exercises and weight training workouts.
  • She has a healthy body and good metabolism. She has a tendency to gain weight easily. So, she takes care to keep herself healthy and fit.

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