Awesome Benefits of Hair Spa Treatment

Nowadays most people do hair spa for conditioning their hair. Hair spa helps in re-growth of your hair and also reduces many of the hair problems like dandruff, rough hair, hair loss, dull air and so on. It conditions your hair and increases the circulation of blood in the scalp. It is also an excellent way to provide relaxation. Given below are some of the benefits of hair spa.

Hair Spa Treatment Benefits

Benefits of Spa for Hair and Dandruff:

Anti-Aging Scalp Treatment:

One of the causes for hair loss can be scalp ageing. Hair spa helps in preventing scalp ageing. This stimulates the scalp to balance the secretion of sebum so that you do not suffer from loss of hair. Hair spa treatment is very beneficial for scalp ageing because in this treatment your scalp is massaged well. This leads to an increase in the circulation of blood in the scalp. This in turn prevents scalp from ageing and also prevents itching.

Deep conditioning for hair growth:

Hair spa done for conditioning your hair helps in providing more strength to the hair follicles. This therapy deeply conditions the roots of hair and boosts hair re-growth. It is useful for controlling the oil secretion of the scalp as well. Hair spa is a good way to re-hydrate your hair without making your scalp and hair dry. Due to exposure to pollution, a lot of impurities are secreted on the scalp. You can cleanse your scalp and remove these impurities with hair spa treatment. Those who have dull and damaged hair benefit a lot by going for hair spa treatment. It provides you healthy, smooth and lustrous hair.

Extra nourishment to hair:

Spa treatments brings about re hydration of hair. This helps in keeping a balance in the secretion of oil in the scalp and provides you smooth and silky hair.

Get Thick and healthy hair:

When you take hair spa treatment, your hair starts growing thick and strong. This is because this treatment helps in making the hair follicles strong. Hair spa is good not only for conditioning your hair, but also to increase the volume of your hair. This way you will get bouncy and healthier hair that is full of life.

Hair Spa can remove dandruff:

Dandruff is one of the major hair problems and it needs proper treatment. You suffer from hair loss when you have dandruff on your hair. Hair spa is an excellent remedy for removing dandruff and reducing hair loss. Dandruff and hair loss are caused due to various reasons like stress, hormonal changes, environmental conditions, change in climate, and also when you do not take proper care of your hair. By going for spa treatment, relaxation is provided and this helps in reducing stress levels. As a result your hair will grow well and even new hair strands start growing.

Maintain a healthy scalp and hair:

You will have healthy and strong hair only if you have a healthy scalp. So, it is very important that you take good care of your scalp. Make sure that you keep your scalp clean and remove all dirt and grease that may accumulate on it. When the scalp is clean, there will be healthy growth of hair and you will not suffer from any hair problems. Hair spa helps in providing you healthy and clean scalp. So, take this treatment regularly to keep your scalp revitalized and healthy.

Normalize excessive oil secretion:

To have healthy hair, you have to keep the secretion of oil in the scalp within normal levels. Less secretion of the oil will make your hair dull and frizzy while excess secretion of oil makes your hair oily and sticky. So, a balance in the secretion of oil is important for keeping your hair healthy.

Prevents dull and frizzy hair:

When you do hair spa, oil massage is applied, which allows oil to penetrate deep in to the scalp. This keeps the hair follicles well nourished and makes them strong and healthy. As a result, your dull and frizzy hair becomes bouncy and full of life. You will get a smooth and silky hair.

Removes Pollutants and contaminants:

When you are exposed to pollution, your hair gets damaged very easily. The impurities may accumulate in the pores and cause loss of hair. So, it is important that you wash your hair regularly and go for hair spa treatment at regular intervals. This way you can keep your hair clean and healthy. Hair spa repairs dull and damaged hair and allows your hair to grow well.

Stress relief technique:

Mental stress is a problem that is experienced by most of the people nowadays. This is mainly because of the improper lifestyle and the pressure in work. Hair spa treatment is one of the best remedy for this problem. The massaging of scalp that is done as a part of hair spa helps in providing relaxation to the head and prevents the excess accumulation of stress on your head. As a result, you will feel calm and stress free. This leads to healthier hair growth.

If you find it very expensive to go to a beauty parlor for hair spa treatment, you can do hair spa at home, using the ingredients you have with you. Here is how you can do t.

How to do Scalp massage:

  • Take 300 gm of coconut oil and warm it with 3 gm of black pepper. Remove from flame once it starts boiling.
  • Massage your scalp with this oil for five minutes a day before you go to sleep at night. Wash off with a mild shampoo next morning.
  • Massaging helps in increasing blood circulation and this will provide more nutrients to the hair follicles. So, your hair will grow healthy.

Simple Homemade Conditioners:

For dry hair:

Mix banana and avocado and massage your scalp with this mixture. Wash off after 10 minutes. The potassium present in bananas and fatty acids in avocado will keep your hair soft and moisturized.

For oily hair:

  • Take lemon juice and water in the ratio 2:1. Dip your comb in to it and comb your hair.
  • Add a little of vodka to a deep conditioning agent like essential oils, mayonnaise or eggs, and massage your scalp with this mixture. Rinse your hair after 20 minutes.

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