Awesome Benefits or Advantages of Eating Banana Daily

If you surmise that bananas are only for monkeys, then you have to reconsider! You’ll never take a gander at a banana the same path again in the wake of finding the numerous medical advantages and motivations it provides to your diet regimen.

Eating Banana Daily Benefits

Bananas, the little organic product that is perfectly packed in a brilliant yellow coat, can offer you more than what you are expecting from it. Adding a banana to your daily eating routine has a number of advantages for your body. Bananas help you achieve your weight reduction objectives, keep your entrails sound, give supplements that manage heart mood and have vitamin mixes for your eyes and stomach health. Keep a pack of bananas around your work area at work and renew your stock every week. You’ll be more prone to go after a healthy banana rather than making a beeline for the candy machine after reading these facts about it.

What are the uses of Eating Banana Daily?


If you are an anemia patient then bananas have an incredible measure of iron that fortifies the development of hemoglobin and accordingly help in curing this disease.

Blood Pressure:

Banana contains a little measure of salt and potassium which helps in fighting against high blood pressure (Note that Salt works best for high blood pressure problem). This is the reason banana is generally utilized by drug manufacturers to make drugs that helps fight against heart attacks and high blood pressure.

Brain Function:

To demonstrate this face, around 200 students at Twickenham (Middlesex) school in UK ate banana 3 times each day (breakfast, break, and lunch) to show signs of improved results in their end of the year test. Also, on account of the potassium present in bananas! The students had the capacity think more and get great results.

A Youtube diet “master” from Australia Known as ‘Freelee the Banana Girl‘ has mentioned that she was able to keep her ultra-thin body down to a compelling eating regimen, by eating only bananas for a whole day.

Body Temperature Control:

Banana serves as an item for cooling off your body as well. So, some ladies do believe that eating bananas amid pregnancy will help them so that the new conceived infant will turn out in an ordinary temperature.

Blood Sugar:

Remember your favorite tennis stars eating bananas before, in between and after their play? Yeah that’s for some instant energy. If you need some instant energy or want to keep your blood sugar levels intact then you have a banana.


Bananas are naturally rich in fiber content that can help to standardize the bowel motility. It helps in the development of required healthy microscopic organisms in the bowel and produces digestive compounds that assist in retaining essential supplements.


Our body changes over tryptophan into serotonin that is the state of mood – lifting neurotransmitter. Banana has high amounts of tryptophan that serves to overcome depression.

Banana additionally contains magnesium and vitamin B6 which helps you unwind your muscles and sleep soundly.


To get instant relief from indigestion, heartburn and GERD you can get bananas as they act as natural antacid for the body.


One of the most ideal approaches to bring down the impacts of hangover or headache is to have a honey and banana milk shake with vacant stomach. Honey will remunerate the glucose level; banana will cool the stomach whereas milk hydrates the body.

Morning Sickness:

If you can nibble a banana as a snack it will help you keep up a perfect level of glucose that specifically lessens the possibilities of morning sickness.


To keep your immunity system strong and going you need Vitamin B which is found abundantly in Bananas. They are rich in carbohydrates and help to secure the level of sugar in the blood as well.

Premenstrual syndrome – PMS:

Premenstrual disorder (PMS) alludes to a variety of physical, mental, and behavioral symptoms that happen in the one to two weeks prior to a lady’s period.

Eating bananas helps in getting rid of PMS as it manages the glucose level and produces the required stress easing hormones which serves to diminish the PMS symptoms.

Quit Smoking:

Determined to stop smoking? Eat banana thrice a day. A high amount of potassium, magnesium and vitamin B present in it helps to accelerate the procedure.

Strong Bones:

Despite the fact that bananas don’t have flooding measure of calcium, yet at the same time they help in keeping up solid bones. They deliver digestive chemicals that can enhance the body to assimilate calcium.


Eating Bananas removes the acidity and irritation problems by forming a defensive layer inside the stomach. So, those who are suffering from ulcers, intestinal diseases or any other hardest type of sickness problems are advised to eat this magic fruit.

OK now the list ends here but surely it’s endless. So what you are waiting for after reading this post go and get some bananas to eat now 🙂

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