Awesome Benefits of Sunlight on Your Health, Skin and Hair

Sunlight is something which our body needs. But, too much exposure can even lead to health issues. It is not safe to get too much of sunlight. But, an optimum amount is necessary, as it has loads of benefits.

How is sunlight useful to humans Health?

Sunlight has got the following benefits which make it beneficial for your health:

Exposing to Sun light for good health

Low exposure to sunlight can cause high blood pressure:

Not having enough exposure to sunlight has been found to have a role in increasing the blood pressure. Lack of sunlight also puts you at a risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Vitamin D is found to be the most powerful ingredient in controlling your blood pressure. As such, you need enough sunlight to regulate the pressure of your blood.

Prevents prostate cancer:

Lack of sunlight exposure increases the risk of developing prostate cancer. According to researches, scientists have concluded that you need sunlight to prevent prostate cancer risks.

Keeps you away from arthritis:

Vitamin D deficiency causes problems to your bones. It could lead to arthritis and other disorders. Deficiency is found generally in people suffering from asthma or eosinophilia. Exposure to sunlight gives you enough Vitamin D.

Vitamin D supply is increased:

Vitamin D is also called the sunlight vitamin. Vitamin D has got an important role to play n our body metabolism. It regulates the body tissues, is needed for calcium, protects the immune system and also participates in the functions of the nerves and muscles. Lack of exposure to the sun causes a deficiency in vitamin D. As such, sunlight is necessary for the body.

Remedy for depression:

Depression is a very difficult disorder, and sunlight can help you combat it effectively. If you are not enough exposed to sunlight, you could suffer from SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. It is a special type of depression, which affects patients usually during winters or during the fall. Getting exposure to sunlight during the early morning hours has been found effective in treating patients suffering from bipolar depression. As such, patients recover more easily in hospital rooms that are wel lit by sunlight as compared to rooms which are away from this.

Risk of developing multiple sclerosis is reduced:

People having their homes in the higher latitudes receive much lesser sunlight as compared to others. It has been found that there are more cases of multiple sclerosis in such places. Europe, North America, Iceland and such places are included in the higher latitude areas. As such, we can conclude that sunlight has a high impact in preventing the occurrence of multiple sclerosis.

Cortisol levels are lowered:

Cortisol is the stress hormone, which causes the symptoms of stress in your body. Even your appetite could be increased, leading to excessive weight gain. Scientists have done a lot of researches on this subject to come to the conclusion that being exposed to sunlight can cause a significant reduction in the levels of cortisol in the body. As such, sunlight can help you combat stress.

Risk of developing diabetes is reduced:

Vitamin plays a great role in preventing diabetes. According to scientists, if you get enough Vitamin D during your early life, you have a lesser risk of being affected by diabetes. For vitamin D, you need sunlight. In short, sunlight has a major part in keeping you away from diabetic disorders.

Gives relief from psoriasis:

Psoriasis is a disease that affects your skin. You get dry and red plaques on your skin that make your skin thick. This disease is said to have no cure at all. Phototherapy can be used to treat psoriasis. It is a form of light therapy. Our universal source of light is the sun. As such, the best way to treat psoriasis is to get enough exposure to sunlight.

An effective treatment for Vitiligo:

Vitiligo is a disease that can be treated using the UVA light or the Ultraviolet light, along with some kind of medicines. You get white colored patches on your skin as the cells that make pigment are destroyed. Natural remedy is the best idea to treat Vitiligo. Sunlight, being the source of natural light, offers the best remedy.

How does sunlight help your Skin and Body?

Sunlight exposure for skin benefits

Great for those who want to lose weight:

Sunlight helps a lot in losing extra fat and shed a few kilos. You need sunbathing sessions for this.

Sunlight Therapy is really effective:

Heliosis is sunlight therapy. Here, you are slowly exposed to sunlight to ensure it reaps all benefits and does not get any sort of damage. In case your skin is not used to sunlight exposure, or is too sensitive, this therapy ensures it does not get damaged. It works wonders for your skin.

Fights against acne:

Sunlight treats a number of skin disorders, like psoriasis, eczema and acne, and even fungal infections. Sunbathing offers the best treatment for your skin.

How fast does Sunlight benefit your Hair?

Exposing Hair in Sunlight benefits

It accelerates growth of hair:

Sunlight increases the level of Vitamin D in the body. Vitamin D plays a big role in helping your hair to grow well. So, you need enough exposure to sunlight to get long and thick hair.

It treats hair fall:

Heliosis is great for those who suffer from hair loss. But, you must make sure to get only the required amount of exposure and not make it too much. The epithelial cells play a major role in helping your hair to grow. These cells are really sensitive to UV rays. In case you are exposed to the sun for too much time, the Vitamins E and C can get depleted. These vitamins are necessary for your hair to grow well. So, too much exposure can harm your hair.

Your body needs sunlight, but not too much. Allow it to receive this amount to carry out the bodily functions well enough.

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