Awesome Makeup Tips and Tricks for Asian Women

Asian women are known for their beauty. They have a smooth skin, petite figure and black lustrous hair. They have facial features that are attractive and charming. If you highlight these good qualities of your face, your beauty will also be enhanced. Here we will discuss about some makeup patterns for Asian women.

Asian Women Makeup Tips

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Makeup Tips for Asian Women:

Choose Foundation based Skin:

For Asian women, yellow based foundations are the best. They match well with the skin tones of Asian woman and hide all blemishes on the skin, as the skin expert Bobbi Brown says. Yellow based foundations are like second skin, making your skin look natural and clear.

Don’t Mess-up with the Eye liner:

Asian women have pretty eyes that match well with their dainty figure. Mostly they are black in color, although you can see women with brown, blue and green eyes. Applying the eye liner on the eyes make them look larger in size and fuller. So, if you have small eyes, apply eye liner to make them look bigger in size. Apply it in such way that they go well with the shape of your eyes. You can line the upper lid with the eyeliner. It is not necessary to line the lower lid. If you wish so, you can line the lower lid also, but make sure that the line you apply is smudged a little and soft, so that it blends well with the skin under the eyes.

How about Eyeshadow?:

Applying eye shadow on your eye lids is an art and it can change the mood of your eyes. It can make your eyes look subtle as well as bold, according to your preference. Deep jewel tones make your eyes gorgeous and charming. You can choose various colors like blue, green, teal, purple and so on. When you apply eye shadow be careful and make sure that you blend it well, so that no odd lines are seen.

Perfect Blush Tone:

A blush always adds charm to your face. This makes you look adorable and lively. You can choose pinks and corals, which make you look innocent and your skin fresh.

Eye brows and Pencil:

Eye brows have a great role in making you look beautiful and well groomed. So it is important that you keep your eye brows neat and in shape. If you have sparse eye brows, fill them up well and see the difference it makes to your face. To fill sparse brows, you need a soft pencil and a powder that matches with the color of your eye brows. The pencil you choose must be one shade lighter than your brows.

Choosing Right Lip Color:

For your lips, you can choose colors that do not clash with the tone of your skin. If you apply too much of eye makeup, it is better that you keep your lips nude. If you want to apply bright and catchy colors on your lips, then you need to keep your eye makeup as much simple as possible. .

Tips for Charming Eyelashes:

Long and curly eye lashes make you coy and charming. You can make your eye lashes long and beautiful by applying mascara liberally on your lashes. When you select mascara, make sure that it is non-clumping mascara, so that it makes your lashes smooth and does not make your lashes stick to each other. Also use an eye lash curler ad curl your long lashes. This will make you really beautiful. If you have eye lashes that are too short, then you may use false eye lashes. This will make you look cuter and doll-like. You can also go for professional eye lash extensions to make your eye lashes long. Women with eye lash extensions look fabulous. These are applied one by one and they last for about three to four weeks.

How to hide large forehead:

One of the easiest ways to make your forehead look smaller is to cut fringes, so that they cover a a part of your forehead and make it look smaller. You can also part your hair on one side and cover your forehead to some extent with your hair. There are also many makeup tricks, with the help of which you can make it smaller than the real size.

Making thin lips plump:

If you have thin lips, you need not worry. You can make it look fuller with the right makeup. Begin with a light colored lipstick with simmer or you can apply a gloss on the lipstick. Now you have to apply a dash of highlighter in the centre of your lips. You will see that your lips have become fuller and beautiful. Always remember to use light lipsticks when you want to plump up your lips. Dark lipsticks make your lips appear thinner and slim. So, if you have thick lips and want to make it look thinner, you may apply a dark colored lipstick.

Tips to make nose look thinner:

Are you worried about your large nose? No need to worry. You have ways to make it look thinner. You can do this by proper makeup tricks. First apply contouring shade on the sides of your nose and blend it well with the skin. Now highlight down the centre of your nose. You will look beautiful with a slim nose.

Tips for your cheekbones stand out without makeup:

If you want to make your cheek bones stand out, you can do so by simple makeup techniques. Apply a dark shade in the hollows of your cheeks and then on the top of your cheek bones you may use a highlighter. Now apply a blusher as usual. You will see that you have prominent cheek bones.

Always remember to use a primer as it helps in using makeup products better on oily skin. Foundations, powders and correctors with a yellow tone always suit Asian women.

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