Awesome Wedding Makeup Tips and Ideas for Brown Eyes

Wedding day is the beginning of a new life for every girl. Most girls dream about this important day and have plans of their own for this day. For those who have brown eyes, the makeup should be such that it highlights your eyes and matches well with your skin tone. Here are a few steps that will help in providing you a natural look. You are sure to look fabulous by following these steps.

Wedding Makeup for Brown Eyes

Wedding Makeup for Brown Eyes:

Caramel touches make you look fascinating. It is time that Indian brides start experimenting with Caramels instead of using black eyeliners. Even white and shimmering blue stencils are considered out of fashion. If you are having a monsoon wedding, reddish-caramel touches to the eyes with brown colours will make you stunning.

Get the Smokey eye makeup Looks:

First and foremost, the caramel look is very versatile. It looks good on all brides, irrespective of their wedding attire. It blends well with all sorts of makeup whether the wedding is conducted during the day time or at night, caramel touch is a perfect choice. Even in rainy seasons it looks perfect.

Hot pink lips with caramel eyes match well with the bridal attire. It is sure to turn all heads towards you in admiration. Here is how you can make the caramelish touch on your D-day.

Step 1:

Wash your face well with a cleanser. Using a herbal cleanser is more preferable. Just dab a few drops of the cleanser on your skin with cotton. Once your face is cleansed, pat dry your face. Now take a cotton swab and apply herbal toner all over your face. If your skin is dry, you can apply a moisturizer on your skin to nourish it. Wait for about one minute so that it is absorbed well into the skin.

Step 2:

After one minute of applying the moisturizer, take a little of cotton and wipe to remove any excess moisturizer on your skin. Next you have to take your foundation. You need only a drop or two of it. Just dab it on your forehead, face and the cheek bones. If you are using matte foundation, blend it gently on your skin. This will give a smooth and even look to your skin. Contour the forehead and make sure that you dab well the area under your eyelids. When you apply the foundation under your eyes, you have to look up at the ceiling. This way you can blend it better. Make sure that you apply the foundation on the sides of your n nose, lip lines and the area behind your ears. You should also apply it on your neck. Once you dabbed the foundation all over your face and neck, take a damp sponge and blend it on your face, neck, around the lips and behind your ears. This will give a smooth finish to your face.

Step 3:

Next you can start working on your eyes. First of all use a yellow or white highlighter and apply a stroke of it on your brow area. Remember to touch the shade only once and that too gently, so as to form a base. Now you can blend the shade into your brow bone on both eyes. Then wait for a few second to let it set.

Step 4:

Select the lightest brown shade you can get and use it to colour the socket of your upper eyes. Colour it one eye at a time. For doing this, first you have to add gentle strokes the outer corner of your eye and then you can proceed towards the inside of your eye. Stop it at around the inner corner of your eye and then repeat it on the other eye also in the same way.

Step 5:

Now you can move on to the upper lash line. Using a brown stencil, give a half stroke and then a very light touch the area on the upper lash.

Step 6:

Get to the lower lash line. Use two strokes of brown stencil and apply a thick line o both eyes.

Step 7:

Now use a red liner or a red stencil pencil and colour the upper and lid of your eyes, one at a time.

Step 8:

Take an eye-shadow brush and blend the colours of your lash line and water line, which are the red and brown strokes that you have applied on the upper and lower lids. For this, you have to start from the socket of your eye, then get to the crease and then to the outer corner of your eye. From the outer corner of your eye, blend inwards and to the crease, and then to the socket. Come to an end at the inner corner of your eye. In short, you can say that you start from the middle and then to the left. From left you move to the middle and then to the right.

Step 9:

Now you have to do the final touch of brown for a caramel look. What you should do is a final stroke for the upper and lower lash lines. That is enough for the caramel look.

Step 10:

Now you have to give attention to your lips. Start lining the lips with a pink pencil. Once you have done the outer rims, you will know how much you need to use inside the lips. Dab a little shimmer powder in the middle portion of your lips using a brush. Next apply a lip gloss or lipstick that is pink in colour or that matches your ensemble. Blend it well so that your lip lining does not show. This will give you a pouty look.

Additional Makeup Tips:

It is very important that you focus on the water line and the lash line. Otherwise the bridal look will not come out perfectly as you have desired. Keep the lips matte, otherwise they will contrast and will shine more than your eyes. This will make your eyes look dull and sad.

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