Bad Beauty Habits Every Girl Should Break Right Now

Have you tried all beauty treatments but not attained the beauty that you desired? Then it is time that you start thinking whether you have any wrong beauty habits. So, first get rid of these wrong habits and then try out the good ones. All good beauty habits that you follow may not work well unless you get rid of the wrong habits that you are following. Here are some of the bad beauty habits that you must get rid of.

Bad Beauty Habits to Break:

Chewing Finger nails:

Chewing Finger Nails

Chewing nails is not only a bad habit, but it is disgusting. This can destroy the nail plate and also the nail under the nail. Moreover, chewing allows germs to get in to your mouth. Other bad effects of chewing nails are damage of cuticles and bleeding due to the skin tear and nail biting.

Clean brushes and sponge:

Makeup Brushes Sponges

The makeup brushes you use must be cleaned properly as they can be the breeding grounds of bacteria and germs if they are not cleaned well. Molds also grow on them. This can seriously damage your skin and also cause allergies, infections and so on. So always keep them clean and dry. You can rinse them in lukewarm water once in a month and then dry them properly.

Cleaning and Moisturising Neck:

Clean and Moisturise Neck

Most of you ignore your neck and do not take any special care of it. If you neglect your skin for a long period, eventually your neck will become dark and shows premature ageing, wrinkles and you may even suffer from infections. So always remember to clean your neck and moisturise it properly.

Do not mess with your pimples:

Pesky Pimples home remedies

Pimples are clogged pores on the skin and this is filled with bacteria. So try not to touch it or break it. The more you meddle with it, you feel more irritation, and the breaking of pimples may lead to spots and scars on the skin. As a result, the condition of your skin becomes worse. So let it heal itself. You can prevent pimples by cleaning your face well and having well balanced diet.

Drink water:

Women Drinking Water for Natural Glowing Skin eyes

If you have the habit of drinking less water, it time that you change this habit. Drinking water is very important for a healthy and moisturized skin and hair. It is also needed for your health and other body functions. So, you must make sure that you drink enough water daily.

Do not play with your hair(Hands-in-Hair Syndrome):

Playing with Hair Syndrome

Are you touching or teasing or twirling your hair, frequently ? This is called Hands-in-Hair Syndrome. Try not to touch or play with your hair all the time. Many girls play with their hair and find it hard to resist this tendency. But touching your hair always can lead to split and damaged hair and knots in the hair.

Inadequate hair washing:

Washing Hair

This is one of the primary causes of dreary locks. A typical reason for dull hair is insufficient rinsing of hair while taking bath. You need to wash hair well and it should be done for longer time than you actually think. Many people think that they have washed their hair well after their first wash. But, remember that even if you think you’ve rinsed well, rinse again because you might have used some styling products on your hair which might have build-up on your hair. In order to remove that rinsing again will help you to get clean and shiny hair tresses.

Lemon juice for hair on a beach:

lemon juice treats smelly hair

This is a very old trick tried by women which is used to highlight their hairs on a beach to get tresses like a straw. Dont do this as the lemon juice acid takes out all the natural moisture present in the hair and makes it more brittle and weak.

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Over exfoliating is bad:

exfoliating skin tips

Beauty experts always say that you have to exfoliate your skin occasionally. But if you overdo it, it is bad for our skin. This may lead to the removal of essential natural oils on your skin and lead to redness of the skin. You will also suffer from irritation on the skin.

Picking out grey hair:

Picking out Grey Hair

Many of us have the habit of plucking out grey hair so that no grey hair is visible. But this way you are allowing more grey hair to come up. The grey hairs that appear next will be short and stubbier, so that you cannot hide them.

Remove your makeup before sleeping:

sleeping with makeup

Many of us have the habit of falling off to sleep without removing the makeup from the face. This is a very bad habit and you must never do it again. Even if you are very sleepy and tired and all that you want is to fall on to your bed and sleep, take time to remove your makeup and then sleep. It takes only about 2 to 3 minutes to remove all the makeup from your face. Now you can sleep, making sure that your skin can breathe at night, without clogging the pores of the skin. If you do not remove the makeup, this can eventually lead to premature wrinkles, damaged skin, dry skin, infections and other such skin problems.

Rubbing the eyes frequently:

Rubbing Eyes Frequently

The skin on your eyes is very sensitive. If you have done makeup on eyes, rubbing them frequently can cause irritation and infection, there by damaging your sensitive eyes. So, while you do makeup on eyes or eye brows or on the face ensure that your makeup doesn’t fall into your eyes.

If you are having irritation sensation near the eyes, slowly close your eyes and gently cup them with the palm of your hands for few seconds to relieve the irritation sensation

If you are working women, don’t forget to take regular breaks to relieve your eyes from work pressure. Do some eye exercises as well while you are on desk to protect your eyes.

Best way to highlight your hair on a beach is to use a good shampoo or conditioner or sunscreen to protect and enhance your hair looks

Remove stress:

simple ways relieve stressTry not to be stressed as this can affect the condition of your skin and health. Stress can cause wrinkles, premature graying of hair, dry skin, pigmentation of the skin, darkening of skin, lack of sleep, dark circles, puffy eyes and so on.

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Stop Licking or Biting Lips:

Licking Biting Lips

Stop licking your lips. This is a bad habit that you must stop right now. Many have the habit of licking their lips every now and then. This is not at all a good habit. Licking makes your lips dry and chapped because of the drying habit of saliva. Your lips may become cracked and you will also feel pain due to chapped lips.

Sharing make-up and clothes:

Sharing Makeup Clothes

Many women have this habit of sharing their makeup kits, lipsticks, eye liners, pencils and sometimes even their clothes. Never do this, as this is one of the most straightforward routes to get germs and contaminations, for example, conjunctivitis, viruses, etc.


steaming for hair

Quite a few people like to steam clean their face consistently, however it shouldn’t be done again and again, why because that can dry out the skin and then lead to excess oil production and break-outs on the entire body.

If you need to steam your face at home, do it close to once every week and for five to ten minutes maximum time. Also, while doing steaming ensure you keep your face atleast 18 inches away from the face. If you stay close it bring about broken apillaries on the face as well.

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Skipping the Sunscreen:

right sunscreen for skin

During the day time you must always use a sunscreen when you go out, whether the sun is shining or it is cloudy. The rays of the sun can harm your skin a lot. So use sunscreen when you go out in the sun and even if you stay indoors.

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Tweezing ingrown hair:

Tweezing Ingrown Hair

Never try to tweeze out ingrown and stubborn hair. Such hairs are very hard to remove completely and in addition, it can cause scarring of the skin and also cause infections.

Using Rubber bands for tying hair:

Rubber bands for Hair

This is an easy and simple approach to get your hair off your face on a hot day, yet it is possibly risky. The rubber band which is often twisted and used by many women not only cuts the hair but also removes the hair while you pull off the band from hair. Intsead of a rubber band use a thick, fabric-covered band and also apply a bit conditioner to the band to ensure the hair is protected always.

Using expired makeup products:

Using Expired Makeup Products

Sometimes you spend a large sum of money on some makeup products and they do not finish even after the expiry date. Many of you still use them after the expiry date thinking of the money spent in buying them. But this is a wrong habit. If it has past its expiry date, just throw them away. Never use them because this will only damage your skin.

Wrapping wet hair in towel:

Wrapping wet hair in towel

Your hair when wet, break easily. Wrapping your hair in a towel can minimize the effects of the conditioner that you have used on your hair and also give you frizzy and damaged hair.

Take a look at these beauty bad habits that most girls and women tend to have, and try not to follow these habits any more.

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