Ballerina Tea Benefits and Side Effects You Must Know

Are you looking for herbal tea that can cleanse your body as well as help you achieve the body you have been dreaming of and fight against various diseases? Then ballerina tea is a good option. It is California’s best weight loss tea. Drinking this tea regularly not only helps in cutting down the excess body fat, but it is also great for those who are trying to lose body weight effectively. Ballerina tea also has many other health benefits.

Ballerina Tea Benefits

What is Ballerina Tea?

Ballerina tea is also known as 3 Ballerina tea. It is a dieter’s tea. It is mostly grown in China. It is very effective for getting rid of body fat and for losing weight. Ballerina tea is made of Chinese mallow and senna. If you want a fit and healthy body, this tea is of great benefit for you.

Benefits of Ballerina Tea:

Comes with no caffeine:

Caffeine is harmful for your body. With regular use it can lead to headaches, nausea and tremors. Experts always advice you to stay away from products containing caffeine, especially those that contain excess amounts of caffeine. Ballerina tea contains no caffeine. So, you can lead a healthier life by drinking ballerina tea instead of drinking beverages that contain caffeine in large amounts.

Good for overall health:

If you suffer from fever or stomach cramps during your periods, ballerina tea can help you get relief. It can reduce stomach aches and provide you peaceful sleep at night. One of the best things about ballerina tea is that it does not contain any additives in it. So, it will never have a negative effect on your body.

Great for the digestive system:

Consuming ballerina tea regularly is also good for your digestive system. By drinking 2 cups of tea regularly you can fight constipation, flatulence and bloating. In addition, this tea is also very effective for removing toxic substances form your body. The colon healing properties of ballerina tea help in preventing diseases. Consuming ballerina tea is great for getting rid of impurities from your body and for controlling digestive illnesses like diarrhoea, belly cramps etc.

Help you lose weight naturally:

You can lose weight in a natural way by consuming ballerina tea. It has the ability to burn the unwanted fat in your body. This way your body becomes slimmer and fit. If you want to get rid of the extra pounds and look more attractive, make sure that you include ballerina tea in your regular diet. So, if weight loss is your priority, include ballerina tea in your diet.

It is recommended that you drink 3 cps of ballerina tea every day, preferably after meals. Ballerina tea is made from herbs and other natural ingredients. Along with weight loss, it also energizes your body. So, drinking this tea helps you remain slim, trim and full of energy.

Makes you calm and composed:

Ballerina tea is known for its soothing effects. Drinking ballerina tea can make you feel calm and composed. So, if you know anyone who is restless, you can recommend them this tea.

Suppresses appetite:

Ballerina tea also has the ability to suppress appetite. If you feel that you are unable to control your eating habits, all you have to do is to drink this tea. This will make you feel les hungry. It also acts as a laxative and stops you from binging. This way you succeed in losing weight much faster.

Ballerina Tea Side Effects:

3 Ballerina tea is not made from the actual tea leaves. This herbal tea contains two ingredients, Malva verticillata and Cassia angustifolia, which are known as Chinese mallow and sienna respectively. Both these herbs are devoid of caffeine and ephedrines, but are great diuretics and laxatives. Before you start consuming this tea you have to consult your doctor because it can cause side effects. Strictly follow the directions on the box and monitor your physical reactions. Consuming too much of the tea can cause problems. People with sensitive systems should also be careful when having this tea.


Being a powerful laxative, this tea can lubricate the mucous membranes of the bowel and encourage elimination. If you are suffering from constipation, this can be very beneficial. However, when you use laxatives for long periods, it can cause dependence. As a result, your bowel will not be able to work properly without help.


Chinese mallow and sienna are great diuretics. This means that drinking this tea encourages you to urinate. This can cause an initial loss of water weight. But make sure that you take in lots of fluid. Otherwise it can lead to dehydration. According to Dr. Andrew Weil, &Idquo, if you use diuretics for long without any medical supervision, it can lead to dehydration. This can cause kidney damage and an imbalance in the normal levels of electrolytes like sodium and potassium. When these electrolytes are not balanced, you are at a risk for heart failure and sudden death. So, make sure that you drink at least 64 oz of water daily when using ballerina tea.


Herbal tea is not suitable for all people. Chinese mallow and sienna are powerful laxatives and diuretics. Your system may react to them strongly. Some people experience nausea after drinking ballerina tea.

Now that you have seen the benefits of ballerina tea, include it in your regular diet and enjoy its benefits. But make sure that you consult your doctor before consuming this tea. It is also important that you drink lots of water.

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