Basic and Best CTM Skin Care Routine for Oily and Dry Skin

No matter how much make up you put, if you really want good looking and beautiful skin, it must come naturally. Make up only enhances what you have, and it can never be a substitute for natural skin care. You must keep your skin healthy and young if you want to stay beautiful. This is not a very tough job, and we have some easy and simple tips for you. Keep in mind, the three most important processes – CTM, which stand for Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing. You must first cleanse your skin, tone it well and then moisturize it daily. If you religiously follow these three steps daily, you are sure to see the difference in your skin. Read on to know how you should follow this basic skin care regime.

CTM Routine Oily Dry Skin

Natural Tips for Cleansing your Skin:

What Cleansing Does:  Helps absorb more Nutrients and to get rid of makeup, oils, sweat and environmental pollutants which cause irritation.

Cleaning your face is very important. You need to remember that it is best to avoid soaps, as it makes your skin dry. A good idea is to use a good face wash regularly. For those who use lots of make up on their face, additional products like cleansing milk or oil may be required to make sure that your make up products have totally gone off your skin. If they do not go off well, they tend to clog your pores. This type of cleansing is called double cleansing.

Suggested or Recommended:

Cream Cleansers, Gels, Liquids, and Lotions

Not Suggested or Recommended:

Any kind of Bar Soaps

Note: you could use some baby oil or vegetable oil instead of the cleansers as they work great at removing make up and also give nourishment to your skin. Take a good amount of the oil you want to use and massage your face, neck and eyes with it. Let it stay for some 3 to 5 minutes so that the complete residue of make up on your face is loosened off. Removing eye makeup is the toughest part, as it is so stubborn. But, when you use these products they can be removed easily, unlike other products which need to work so hard.

Important Tips for Toning your Skin and Face:

What Toning Does: Balance your skin pH level against bacteria and irritation.

Toners were always seen as products whose function is to remove the residual make up on your face. But, when you double cleanse your face, all make up is removed and so you will not need to use toners for the purpose. As such, most of the women and young girls will be under the opinion that is toning your skin necessary? And consider toners as unnecessary. But, it has a lot of benefits on your skin, which could be visible in the long term. A number of toners are available in the market, which are very good for the skin.

Toning Tips Skin and Face

The next question is, if not for removing make up, then why should you use toners? Toners make your skin supple by adding some hydration and moisture to it. So, what you must do is stay away from toners with alcohol content and use only hydrating toners. You also get face mists, which are like toners. The function of these products is also adding water to the skin to make it perked up. You could spray these products directly on your skin, or you could even take some amount in your palm and use it to pat your face.

Suggested or Recommended:

Balancing liquid and lotions

Not Suggested or Recommended:

Alcohol-based toners and Astringents

Note: in case you want to avoid synthetic products and go for only natural ones, you could use rose water or green tea for this purpose. They are excellent regular toners. They make your skin tight, supple and brighten up you face. Take some rose water or green tea and splash your face with it after your finish the cleansing process. Leave it on till it gets dry. After drying up, apply a good moisturizer.

Tips to Moisturize your Skin from Inside Naturally:

What Moisturizing Does: Protect the glow on skin and make it Soft and smooth.

Skin Moisturize Tips

This is the last and final step you need to follow for your daily skin care routine. This is very important and your skin care routine is incomplete without proper moisturizing. In this step, you are using a product to create a layer between the skin and the atmosphere outside so that moisture loss is prevented from your skin. This layer keeps your skin protected and traps moisture inside. As such, your skin does not look dull or feel dry and scaly. Lack of moisture makes your skin look scaly and dry, and may even cause patches on your skin. You must always apply moisturizer on skin that is damp. This keeps water inside the skin and prevents it from evaporating out. You must ensure to first get a moisturizer to suit your skin type. For oily and combination skin, you need a light moisturizer which is free of oil. For those with dry or mature skin, it is better to go for a heavy moisturizer.

Suggested or Recommended:

Several factors need to be considered for this like climate, skin type, etc. However for oily skin people you can consider using a light lotion during day time or summer months and for dry skin you can use a heavier cream during day time or winters.

Not Suggested or Recommended:

Artificial fragrances and Heavy perfumed moisturizers

Note: moisturizer should never be ignored, no matter what type of skin you have. It must never be skipped from your daily skin care regime. Many beauties skip this saying they do not need it. But, actually, your skin does need it. A number of different moisturizers are available in the market. They are of different companies, types and makes. Each has its own set of ingredients. Check out them thoroughly and get a product to suit your skin. Once you get a product of your choice, stick to it and make sure you use it regularly.

These three simple steps are very important. They constitute the basic skin care regime to keep your skin fresh and lively. Make sure you follow them twice daily (best suggestion is to limit it twice daily or else you may end up applying too many chemicals on your face or body which may lead to irritation at times). Once, when you get up in the morning, and the next, before you go to bed. You will feel the difference within a few days. It is great for your skin and keeps your face healthy and radiant.

CTM Skin Care Routine Caution:

If you are not satisfied with any product and looking to replace it with another one suggested by your colleague or friend don’t forget to contact your aesthetician for her professional recommendations before considering switching.

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