Beauty Blunders Every Woman Makes – How to Fix Them

It needs a lot of experimentation and patience to get your makeup right. What looks good on somebody else may not look good on you. Often you make a lot of blunders. Given below are some of the makeup blunders you must avoid to get the right makeup.

Beauty Blunders Mistakes

Beauty Mistakes You Need to Stop:

Applying Wrong concealer shade:

Most women are confused as to what should be used first- whether it is the concealer or the foundation. Using the foundation first may help in covering the flaws. But when you use the foundation first, you have to keep two things in mind.

  • Take care not to use too much of the product. If you apply too much concealer on your dark circles, you may look older than your age. Just dot a few drops of the concealer on the bone below your eyes and then blend well. You should not apply it directly over your dark circles. You can also use the layering technique.
  • You cannot use the same concealer for everything. You get concealers in different colours. Each has a different use. A concealer that is peach toned is good for the dark circles as it can cancel out the blue. Use green-toned concealer to hide your pimples and blemishes as it cancel out the red. If you want to make your skin look even, use a yellow-toned concealer. Once you have applied all these concealers as the first layer, you will have to follow it up with a concealer matching your skin tone.


Do not apply the bronzer all over your face. Apply it only on your cheekbones, top of your forehead and the jaw line.

Cakey foundation:

Applying too much of the foundation can make your makeup look cakey. You need to apply it only on your cheeks, nose and the under eye areas. Pick a foundation that matches your skin tone and remember to blend it properly. Apply the foundation on your neck and the ears as well.


Eyebrows help in framing your eyes and play a great role in making you look beautiful. A neatly shaped eyebrow can enhance the beauty of your eyes. Bushy eyebrows can look untidy. Thin eyebrows are also not good and can change your look. With age, your eyebrows can diminish. Then you will have to fill them. You can use an eyebrow pencil for this. Take care to avoid harsh lines. When you apply a dark shadow, you can use an angles brush. Eyebrow cake powders are also available.

Lighting for makeup application:

When you have to decide what looks good on your skin and what doesn’t, then you should do so in natural lighting. When you apply the makeup in unnatural lighting, you will see that it does not look as good as you had thought. So, always choose your makeup items under best lighting as possible.

Lip liner:

Outlining your lips with a thin and sharp line is not the right way to do makeup. It can make your lips look terrible. Draw a smudged outline, as if you are shading your lips with a pencil. Then you can colour your entire lips.

Over-washing face:

It is very important that you wash or cleanse your face regularly. The skin varies from one woman to the other. With age also your skin can change. But if you see that your skin looks dry and flaky after applying the foundation, it means that you have to stop over-washing your face.

You can wash your face twice daily, once in the morning and once at night. Take care to use a mild, gentle cleanser on your face. This way the natural oils are not lost from your face, and they keep your skin moisturized and nourished.

Tacky or Sticky lip colour:

Choose lip colours that are natural and match your skin tone. If you choose dark colours, keep the rest of your makeup light.

These are some of the makeup mistakes that you make. There are also many other blunders that you make like:

  • Using face powder all over your face, highlighting ate the wrong places, keeping your nails long and flashy, applying too much of perfume, sleeping without removing your makeup and so on.
  • Sleeping on your side can cause fine lines and wrinkles to appear on that side of your face. Try to sleep on your back.
  • Avoid too much of glitter on your face.
  • Never highlight both your eyes and your lips at the same time.
  • Over-application of lipstick is another mistake you often make. You need not reapply it every few hours. This can make your lips look messy after a point.

Using makeup on dry skin:

Never apply makeup on dry skin. It is one of the greatest blunders you can make. It can make your face look tired, dull, cracked and old. So, moisturize your face properly before you apply the makeup.

Using the wrong eye liner:

For darker skin tone it is better to use black eyeliner. For lighter skin tone brown eyeliner can be used. If you have blonde hair and blue eyes, never use black eyeliner.

Using mascara like a pro:

Make sure that you use mascara that is two shades darker than your eyebrow colour. Applying two coats is enough. Using mascara that is three or four months old can look clumpy on your lashes.

Waterproof mascara can be long lasting, but removing it is also a hard task. Its application and removal can affect your lashes. If you use waterproof mascara, remember to use it only in summer.

Wrong blending:

Blending your makeup properly is very important. Just dabbing a blush or an eye shadow is not the right way to do makeup. Even if you apply a natural shade on your face, it can look out of the place if you do not blend it the right way. So, it is important that you master the art of blending. If you do not blend your makeup well, you can even look comical in your makeup. You can watch makeup tutorials online or attend classes, and learn the right way.

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