Beauty Tips before Bed Time to Wake up Looking Gorgeous

Do you want to stay beautiful and charming every day? Then you should follow the extra tips given below. They are easy to follow and are very effective. By following these beauty habits you can enhance your beauty like you have never imagined.

Bed Time Beauty Tips

Beauty Routine You Should Follow Every Night:

Apply Petroleum jelly for your feet:

Along with proper care of your face and hands, you should also take care of your feet. You should never ignore your feet. Your feet are a reflection of your personality. So, try to keep your feet beautiful and in good condition.

Wash your feet with warm water before you go to sleep at night. Now pat dry your feet with a soft towel. Then you can apply petroleum jelly on your feet. Within days of using petroleum jelly, you will see that your feet have become soft and beautiful. Petroleum jelly is great for your skin and prevents your skin from getting dry.

Apply your best eye cream:

A pair of beautiful eyes can greatly enhance your beauty. To keep your eyes beautiful forever, you need to take proper care of your eyes. Make sure that you have removed all traces of your eye makeup before you go to sleep at night. Now apply an eye cream to keep the eye area well nourished and moisturized. The ingredients in the eye cream, like peptides, help in keeping your eyes moisturized and hydrated. Eye cream also helps in reducing the fine lines and wrinkles that may appear around your eyes.

Apply Best Hand cream:

Hands play an important part in enhancing your beauty. If you have beautiful hands, it can double your attractiveness.

So, every night, before you go to sleep, take care to wash your hands with warm water and a mild soap. After washing your hands, pat dry your hands with the help of a soft towel. Then you can apply a good quality hand cream on your hands.

When you choose the hand cream, remember to select a hand cream that is thick and less greasy. This will help in keeping your hands well moisturized at night. When you wake up in the morning, you will feel your hands soft and beautiful. Hand cream also helps in keeping the skin well hydrated, thus preventing dryness of the skin as well as the roughness on the skin.

Brush your teeth twice a day:

This is one of the most important beauty rituals that you should follow before you go to bed. To remain beautiful, you hold not only have a beautiful face, but also healthy teeth. If your breath does not smell right, you will not be accepted as beautiful.

So, make it a habit to brush your teeth every night before you go to sleep. Remember to brush your teeth about 30 minutes after you have had your dinner. You must also floss your teeth and rinse your mouth with warm water. Remember to do flossing before you brush your teeth.

Have a good night’s sleep:

Sleep is very essential for your health and beauty. If you do not sleep properly, you can get dark circles under your eyes as well as under eye bags. These can greatly mar your beauty. So, make sure that you sleep for at least for 7 to 8 hours every night.

Before you sleep, it is important that you shut down all electronic products. Never allow mobile phones and television inside your bed room.

No makeup:

It is true that you are very busy and hardly gets time for yourself. But you must be aware of the fact that going to bed without removing your makeup can lead to many problems of the skin. So, make sure that you remove all traces of makeup from your face before you sleep at night.

Here is the reason why it is important. When you are asleep, your skin repairs itself. The pores of the skin open and a dermatological patching-up takes place. When your skin is covered with cosmetics, your skin fails to repair itself and this can cause lots of skin problems.  Spots and acne breakout are often a result of this negligence.

Silk pillow cases are recommended:

The pillowcases that you use also have a role in determining your beauty. There are two reasons for it.

One is that silk contains a number of natural proteins and 18 essential amino acids. These are very beneficial for your skin. The second reason is that you will not get those annoying silk lines or silk-creases on your face when you use silk pillowcases. But cotton pillowcases can give you these lines.

Toner is a must-have!

Toner is very important and you must surely apply a toner on your skin before you go to sleep at night. It helps in restoring the natural pH level of your skin. This way your skin can ward off bacteria and other microorganisms. It also removes impurities and dirt from your skin and helps in cleansing your skin.

All you have to do is to take a little amount of the toner on a cotton pad and rub it gently on your face and the neck. Apply the toner after you have washed your face. The next morning you will see that you have become more pretty!

Tie your hair first:

Tie your hair before you go to sleep at night. This can keep your hair free from tangles and knots when you wake up in the morning. The best way is sleep with your hair tied into a bun.

Another reason why tying hair is good is that your hair may contain oils and dirt. If the hair is left loose, this dirt and oil can get on your face. This can give rise to acne breakouts and other problems. So, tie your hair and then go to sleep.

So, follow these beauty tips every day before you go to sleep at night. This will surely help in enhancing your beauty and increasing your confidence.

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