Beauty Tips While Traveling: Look Good and Pretty

Travelling makes you wiser and also light hearted. You return fresh and rejuvenated after a trip to one of your favorite destinations. When you travel, the makeup you wear must be such that it makes you look good and fresh. Too much of makeup is not recommended when you travel. Here we will go through a few simple makeup tips when travelling.

Traveling Beauty Tips Essentials

How to Look Good and Pretty While Traveling:

Avoid touching your face:

Try to keep your hands off your face when travelling. This way you can reduce breakouts while travelling. This is because hands can pick up any bacteria and some of them may cause skin problems. If you want to apply makeup when you travel, make sure that you clean your hands with an antibacterial hand wash before you touch your face.

Blot out oily skin:

If you have an oily skin, carry with you rice papers or blotting papers. Dab the T-zone area with the paper and remove the excess oil from your face. This will keep you look fresh.


You must never forget to carry your cleanser with you when you travel. If you start using another cleanser on your travel, it may cause a disturbance in the acid balance of your skin, which can lead to breakout.

Do not apply foundation:

It is better that you do not apply a foundation on your face on the day you travel. Instead of foundation, wearing only the moisture is recommended. Applying a tinted moisturizer will make you look fresher.

Get the grease out:

For those who have greasy hair, it is a difficult task to wash and dry, which takes almost an hour. So, now you get dry shampoo in the market e.g. Shampowder, which helps in cleansing and deodorizing your hair as well as adding more volume to hair. You get them in different shades, so that you can choose one that matches your hair.

Hair help:

  • On the day before you depart, moisturize your hair with hair spa (L’Oreal) or hair oil like Moroccan or Argan.
  • Shampoo your hair and condition on the day before you start or on the day of the travel, if it is possible for you and you have enough time. This helps in retaining the moisture in your hair when you travel. Remember to keep a travel size comb in your handbag.
  • Take a drop or two of serum in your fingers and massage your scalp with it. This will help in preventing frizz. If you do not have serum with you, take a pinch of your moisturizer and apply it on your hair. This way you can prevent drying of hair.

Hand cream:

Never forget to keep your hand cream in your bag. Use it every now and then when you are travelling. This will keep your hands from getting dry and also protects your hands when you wash your hands with the harsh soaps that are found in the public rest rooms.

Light/Waterproof eye makeup:

When you are travelling, you must wear as little eye makeup as possible. Wearing glittery and bright eye shadows and mascara will make you look odd when you travel. All that you need to do is:

  • Apply a water proof pencil eye liner.
  • Use an eyelash curler and curl your lashes.
  • Stick on a waterproof mascara, which you can remove easily.

Some prefer not to wear any mascara when travelling because if you take a nap, it may leave a trail on your cheeks and make things messy.

Lip wear:

It is common that lips become dry and tend to crack when travelling.

  • Keep a tinted lip balm with you when you travel. Applying this will keep your lips baby soft and also gives a good color to your lips. Maybelline Baby Lips is a good choice.


You can apply a gel based moisturizer on your face, which will dry fast and not leave back any oiliness on your face. Follow this by applying a Tinted moisturizer/BB cream. If you have pimples or any other marks on your face, you can use a concealer to cover them. On the night before you start from your house, you can apply an intense moisturizer on your face. This will deeply hydrate your skin and prevent it from dehydration when you travel.

The best way is to take a small travel bag and put products like moisturizers, wipes and sunscreens in it. This will make it easy for you to take them when you travel.

Mist with mineral water:

The best way to refresh your makeup while travelling is to use a mister of mineral water and apply some moisturizer. Dabbing more foundation and blush will make you look as if you have put on a heavy makeup.

Pack your body products:

If you are travelling to a foreign country, remember to pack your beauty products in your bag, like body lotions, fragrances, talcum powders, shower gels and soaps, and so on. This is because they may be costlier abroad.

Treat puffy eyes with ice:

After a long trip your eyes tend to become puffy. An immediate remedy for it is to take some crushed ice in a wash cloth and place it under your eyes. This will remove puffiness and makes your eyes look fresh. Similarly, if you watch movies or read when you travel, your eyes may become red and watery. So keep eye drops with you. This will soothe your eyes and lubricates them, making your eyes look fresh and healthy.

Some General Tips for Traveling:

Never forget to put the following in your travel bag:

  • Pocket combs or headbands
  • Carry mints, tic tacs etc in your bag. Pop it in to your mouth to prevent any bad odour.
  • Never forget to put one or two sanitary napkins in your bag. They may come in handy.
  • Keep your nails bare or apply a clear coat on your nails. Never apply nail polish as it may chip off and make your nails look unfinished.
  • The dress that you wear must be comfortable and at the same time make you look smart. The footwear also must be comfortable. Do not go for 9 inch heels and so on.

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