Benefits and Uses of Guava Juice for Skin and Health

Guava is a healthy fruit and by consuming this fruit you will benefit a lot. It is a rich source of Vitamin C and supplies you the Vitamin C you need per day. So instead of taking Vitamin C tablets you can have the juice of this fruit and get the Vitamin you require. Guava is also rich in other vitamins and minerals like Vitamins A and D, folic acid, calcium, nicotinic acid, potassium, phosphorous and so on. So, by including guava in your daily diet, you will get many of the nutrients that you require.

Guava Juice Benefits Uses

Ripe guava is soft and quite sweet to taste. It has a creamy texture and small, hard seeds, which you can eat along with the fruit. This fruit is available in different colors like pink, white, yellow and pink. If you do not like to have guava as it is, you can have it in the form of juice. You can also add this to many other fruit juices and get added benefits.

Benefits Guava Juice for Skin:

Acne Treatment:

Guava is a rich source of Vitamin C. So it is very beneficial for your skin and keeps it smooth and clear. Various problems of the skin like boils, pimples, wrinkles and acne can be treated by consuming guava juice. Moreover, the astringent properties of guava juice help in tightening the muscles and maintaining the elasticity of the skin. The high contents of Vitamin A, C and antioxidants in this juice help in preventing fine lines and wrinkles from appearing on your face. So, by drinking guava juice you can look young delay the process of ageing.

Health and Medicinal Benefits of Guava Juice:

Antibacterial agent:

Guava has antibacterial properties, which help in getting rid of all bacteria that are harmful for your body. It can make the open tissues in the body shrink and contract in size. So include guava juice in your daily diet and stay healthy and disease free.

Blood sugar:

Type 2 diabetes patients benefit a lot by consuming guava juice because it helps in controlling the blood sugar level in these patients. Guava juice brings down the level of blood glucose and thus increases the insulin levels in Type 2 diabetes patients. The oral diabetic pills that are manufactured by various companies include guava juice as one of the main ingredients and this can bring down the level of blood sugar in the body.

How to prepare Guava juice at home for diabetic patients:

  • Remove the skin and seeds of the fruit.
  • After that cut the fruit into small pieces so that you can grind them well.
  • Now put these pieces in a blender and also add a few guava leaves and water.
  • Blend well, strain and the juice is ready to drink.


Guava is a rich source of lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps in eliminating the free radicals that are harmful for the body. These free radicals lead to the development of cancer cells in the body. So, consuming guava juice is an excellent way to protect your body from cancer as it decreases the development of cancer cells.

Dengue fever:

Drinking guava juice is an effective way to cure dengue fever. To get the best results, you are advised to drink guava juice about three times a day.


It has been proved that guava juice is good for treating flu. Flu is mostly caused due to change in weather. If your body has low immunity, you will catch flu every time there is a change in weather. It is all the prominent during the rainy seasons. If you have a strong immunity power, your body can cure flu without taking any medication. It is Vitamin C that helps in making your immune system strong and to fight against the flu causing viruses. Guava is a rich source of Vitamin C and having guava juice is the best way to supply your body with Vitamin C.

Helps you relax:

The magnesium present in guava juice has a relaxing effect on your nerves and the muscles. So, consume this juice daily and get relief from stress and tension. Presence of Vitamin B3 and B6 in guava juice helps in increasing the circulation of blood in the brain and is therefore beneficial for the brain.

Stomach problem:

Whether you suffer from diarrhea or constipation, consuming guava juice is the best remedy. As mentioned above, guava juice has the ability to shrink and contract the open tissues and this leads to shrinkage of the canals of the active intestine. As a result, you get relief from diarrhea. Guava juice helps in preventing constipation because it is rich in fiber. To get the best results you have t consume it before you take your breakfast.


Scurvy is a disease which is caused due to deficiency of vitamin C in the body. People suffering from scurvy show various symptoms like loss of appetite, weight loss, tenderness in the legs pain in the bones, fever, irritability, bleeding gums, loosened teeth and so on. Guava contains high amounts of Vitamin C and therefore you can prevent and cure this disease by drinking guava juice.


Being an astringent, guava juice can provide you immediate relief from toothache as well as mouth sores and gum sores.

Weight loss:

Guava juice is great for losing weight because it is a rich source of dietary fiber. This helps your body get rid of harmful toxins and unwanted fats. It is also low in calories. So you can have it without any fear of gaining weight. Guava reduces your craving for food by making you feel full and thus you eat less amount of food. Regular intake of guava juice along with proper exercise can helps you lose weight effectively.

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