Benefits and Uses of Spinach for Eyes, Skin, Hair and Health

Leafy vegetables are always recommended by doctors for health benefits. They fall into the group of healthiest vegetables to consume. When it comes to spinach, it has very high iron content. It also contains many other nutrients like vitamins, minerals etc. Consuming it on a daily basis will surely give you many long term health benefits.

There are generally two types of spinach varieties. The division is done on the basis of leaves structure. One type has dark green crinkle leaves while others have flat leaves with a smooth surface. These days, spinach is gown with modern processes so that they grow faster and can be sold to reap monetary benefits. In the super markets of US, Savoy type of spinach is used while in Italy you will find that Merlo Nero type of spinach is much in demand. During childhood, you must have seen cartoon characters like Popeye eating spinach and building muscles within seconds. This is, in fact, true because spinach helps to build muscles and strength. Spinach is well-known for its varied benefits. Some of them are stated below:

Spinach Benefits and Uses

Benefits of Spinach for Eyes and Skin:

  1. This vegetable is very beneficial for eyes. It protects the eyes from diseases like cataracts and muscular degeneration. It contains high amounts of vitamin A which helps the eyes to maintain the muscles healthy and keep membranes strong.
  2. When it comes to skin problems like acne and scars, make sure to consume spinach so that you skin is always clear from such skin problems, giving way to clearer and healthy skin.
  3. Spinach is a storehouse of many anti-ageing antioxidants. They destroy free radicals from your body. It will help you to maintain the skin young and glowing always. It helps in slowing down the degeneration process highly which will make you feel rejuvenated always.
  4. The vitamin B content in it protects the skin from harmful effects of sun rays and prevents the skin from skin cancer and sun damage. It also gives the skin a fair and clearer complexion.

Benefits of Spinach for Hair:

Spinach Benefits for Hair

Spinach is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C which are utilized by the body for producing oils in the scalp thus promoting your hair growth. Deficiency in these vitamins can lead to hair loss, breakage of hair and less hair growth sometimes.

Health and Medicinal Benefits of Spinach:

  1. Spinach is very good if you want to lose your weight. It helps is lowering the body fat and calories. It contains high content of fiber which makes it a good food. It also helps in lowering the blood pressure.
  2. Spinach is a good remedy for cancer. It contains flavonoids which is a high anti-cancer tonic. This chemical helps in lowering the cell division process which controls multiplication of cells in the body. If you consume spinach regularly, then you will never suffer from prostate cancer.
  3. Vitamin K is very essential to maintain strong muscles. Spinach contains good amount of this vitamin. If you consume a cup full of spinach regularly then your bones will remain healthy for a long time and you will never suffer from osteoporosis. This also helps in supporting the collagen growth.
  4. Diseases like hypertension cause kidney diseases and other heat ailments. Regular consumption of spinach will help you in reducing stress and anxiety. It also contains small amount of vitamin C which is very important to heal low blood pressure.
  5. Spinach is house to many of the nutrients and vitamins. Thus, is keeps your body relaxed. It has high content of zinc and magnesium which prevents problems like insomnia. It gives you high energy instantly and also relaxes your eyes and body.
  6. Gastrointestinal parts become strong when you consume spinach daily for some weeks. The beta-carotene and citric acid present in it protects the cells from the harmful results of radicals. It also prevents the mutations on colon cells and DNA damage.
  7. The functioning of brain and nervous system is always proper for those people who regularly incorporate spinach in their diet. This is because; spinach helps in proper functioning of the brain even in old age. It makes your nervous system active. It is very beneficial for dealing with cognitive issues
  8. If you are suffering from certain diseases related to heart then you must surely include spinach in your daily food. Spinach is rich in Lutein content which prevents thickening of the walls of arteries. This reduces heart attacks to a huge extent. It also contains high amount ofnitrite which prevents many of the heart related problems.
  9. It also heals problems related to blood pressure.
  10. Two very important anti-inflammatory substances, Neoxanthin and violaxanthin are found in spinach. This helps in keeping many of the inflammatory problems like osteoporosis and migraine headaches at bay.
  11. Calcification process is slow if your intake of spinach is good. This is because vitamin K, which is in huge part in spinach, help in the process of carboxylation. This process is directly related in preventing calcium from forming in the tissue and fight problems like atherosclerosis and heart stroke.
  12. IT strengthens the immune system highly. Major parts of the body like membranes, respiratory organs, urinary track etc. are kept strong.

Hence, try to consume as much spinach as you can in your daily life. Your hair will always remain healthy and full of shine and charm. All the oxygen taken in will be fully utilized. This dark green leafy vegetable is a storehouse of fiber, sodium, vitamins, sugar, fatty acids and all other very important minerals. When you eat one cup of boiled spinach, you get approximately 5 oz. of water and about 20% and 23% of RDA for men and women respectively.  Water, which is always the best thing for our body and skin, is also found in abundance in spinach. It also has high content of magnesium which plays a vital role in healing wounds in a short time. The iron content supplies oxygen to the tissues.

Cooked spinach is better than a raw one as cooking it will vanish away some negative effects of spinach on our body. Hence, doctors recommend cooking it before consuming. Try to eat spinach daily and you will see its effects in few days. Make the most of it in winters, as they are easily available and at a cheaper rate in winters.

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  1. Emily says:

    Spinach is amazing for everything. The best place to buy them are at Costco. They are really cheap for a big bag. Spinach is part of my family’s morning breakfast.


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