Benefits and Effects of not Wearing a Bra in Public or Bed

Women are always taught to wear a bra all the time. It is said to make you more attractive and gives better shape to your body. But is it really necessary to wear a bra? Here we will see the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a bra. The real purpose of wearing a bra is to transfer some or the entire weight of your breasts to your shoulder and waist area. By wearing a proper fitting bra almost 80% of the weight is carried by the bra’s band and the remaining weight by the shoulders. This is why you may experience back pain or pain in the neck and shoulders when you do not wear a bra.

Purpose of Wearing a Bra:

Purpose of Wearing Bra

  1. It helps in hiding your nipples.
  2. It helps in enhancing the shape of your breasts.
  3. It can also prevent or delay sagging of breasts.
  4. It plays the role of underwear for the upper body.
  5. It can help you show off your cleavage.
  6. It helps in preventing shoulder pain and back pain. Especially in the case of busty women.
  7. Wearing bra can control sweating under the bust.

Not wearing bra is more comfortable for many women, especially the ones with bigger breasts. Moreover, squeezing your breasts into a bra can have many negative results as well. Even scientists agree that removing your bra has many health benefits.

Benefits of Going Braless:

Benefits of Going Braless

Here are a few things that will happen when you stop wearing your bra for a while:

All of your Sleeping disorders will disappear:

Often your mothers and friends advise you to take off your bra when you go to sleep at night. Even scientists suggest that. There is also a belief that if you sleep with your bra, t may cause cancer of the breasts. But this is not true. Such practices are not responsible for breast cancer. But sleeping with your bra can cause discomfort and disturb your sleep cycle. Even if you are not wearing a bra at night, your under garment can affect your circadian rhythms and keep you from getting a good sleep at night.

Breathing will improve:

The logic behind this is very is to understand. Suppose a tight piece of cloth is wrapped around your chest for 365 days. This is continued for many years. The feeling itself can make you feel suffocated and uncomfortable. Since the chest area gets enclosed in the fabric, the breathing process becomes more restricted. It is not that your bra can affect your respiratory system. But it can surely cause difficulty in breathing.

Breasts will be healthier than before:

It is true that bras are not unhealthy for your breasts. But if you wear the wrong-sized bra, you may experience discomfort and even slight difficulty in breathing properly. When you sweat, the dirt may get trapped on your skin because you are wearing a tight bra. This can lead to infections and rashes as well as acne.

Breasts shape will be enhanced:

This is contrary to what we all have believed so far. Usually it is said that the bra helps in enhancing the shape of breasts and prevents sagging of breasts. But various studies made have shown that bras have a negative impact o your breasts. With time, your breasts may even lose their shape if you wear a bra. So, if you wish to have firm and perkier breasts, let them grow in the natural way rather than keeping them confined in tight ad uncomfortable bras.

Blood circulation will improve in breasts:

Wearing tight clothes and bras for long time can affect the circulation of blood in your body. When you wear bras that are tight fitting, the squeezing and tightening can compress the blood vessels and slow down the circulation of blood. This can make you feel tired and lazy.

Helps you to save a lot of money:

As you know, bras are expensive, particularly those that are stylish and made attractive with laces. When you see such a bra, you cannot stop yourself from buying it. There are also the cheaper bras. But they are not as tempting as the stylish and expensive ones. They are also not as comfortable as the expensive bras. No matter what the price is, once you stop buying the bra, you can save the money thus spent on bra.

Helps in the growth of healthy breast tissues:

Some studies made have shown that wearing the bra for the entire day and night can interfere with the growth of the breast tissues. Healthy breast tissues are important because they are crucial in strengthening the breast muscles.

There will be a significant increase in your cup size:

Not wearing your bra can help in increasing the size of your breasts. You may see that the cup size has got changed from B-cup to C-cup. It is true that it does not happen just in a day. But with time, they will increase in size naturally.

You will feel better:

Taking off the tight and suffocating bra is really a relief. You will feel happy and free. It allows your chest area to breathe and feel free. It is more comforting than removing a tight fitting jeans after coming home.

So, after reading about the benefits of not wearing the bra, you may want to avoid wearing them or ditch them at least for some time in a day. Think about it and do accordingly.

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  1. alyssa says:

    i grew up that bras are important but these days..gradually..i am practicing not wearing them all the time..i went out to a mall today without a bra..i didnt get any stares..and no i was not wearing nipple covers or anything underneath

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