Benefits, Effects and uses of honey for health

Honey has multipurpose benefits and the most important thing is that it has been used as medication in ancient science as well. So it doesn’t only taste good, but is also beneficial to our health also. If you are still not sure about the medicinal power of this golden liquid, then you can try it out yourself. If you are having cough, then mix some shredded ginger with honey and see how it helps soothe your throat during cough. It will gradually help you lessen the intensity of cough and make you feel better.

The honey is pasteurized and preserved to extend the shelf life. It is filled with antifungal and antibacterial properties which serves our health in many positive ways.

Honey benefits for health

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Here are some benefits and uses of honey –
In case of minor burn
If you have suffered minor burn while cooking, then you can easily reach out for the bottle of honey. It is there in your kitchen so you won’t have to look for it and applying a thin coat of honey will instantly soothe the burning sensation as well. The antibacterial properties protect the wound from getting worse.

Helps in digestion
If you are having problem in digestion for the past few days, then you can have lemon tea with honey which will help you treat your digestion problem. This is a very popular home-made therapy for treating digestion problem.

Can be used as antiseptic
It can be used as basic first aid to in case you get any minor wound or cut. Just rub in few drops of honey on the affected place and it will start working on the wound rapidly. The antifungal and antibacterial property makes it a good antiseptic.

Treating the Acne
You might have tried everything to get rid of those annoying acnes and the marks that they leave behind. Now try some honey, take an op of honey and put it on your acne for half an hour every day and at the end you will not only be acne free but will also not get any mark on your face too.

Helps you sleep tight
Honey initiates tryptophan, which makes people feel sleepy. So if you want to have a sound sleep, then take a teaspoonful of honey before going to bed as this will help you sleep better and the next day you will wake up fresh.

Works as immunity boosters
If you want to boost your immunity system, then the honey is the natural way to do it. The phytonutrients that are present in raw honey possess anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties so it helps in increasing our immune system. If you mix 1 tablespoon of honey with 2 teaspoons of lime juice in half cup of warm water, then you will be fit and fine all throughout the year.

Reduces risk of cancer
Antioxidants and flavonoids in honey make it helpful in reducing the risk of various heart diseases and also the chances of cancer are reduced.

Honey is good for regulating blood sugar level
There is natural sugar present in honey, so the mix of glucose and fructose actually turns out to be healthy which regulates the level of blood sugar in our body.

Floral Honey and Honeydew Honey Benefits chart:
The table below explains the key differences between floral and honeydew honey includes detailed analyses of 490 samples of U.S. floral honey and 14 samples of honeydew honey gathered from 47 of the 50 States.

Health Benefits of HoneyFinally based on the online research done on this amazing health product thought it will be good to give it a rating. Do you think the rating is wise? 🙂

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