Benefits of Honey for Hair Growth: Our Review

Honey is a super food, which is well known for its numerous benefits. it has a major role to play in making your lifestyle healthier. It can be used in a number of forms, and even as a substitute for sugar in your daily diet. It cleanses your system, makes your skin healthy from inside, and has several other benefits on your health too. Consumption of honey is very common, but when it comes to using honey on your hair or skin, many people have their doubts. A very few of them know actually how beneficial honey can be for hair growth. Using it can really help your hair grow well, and even combat hair loss. When it comes to your hair, this is one product that you can trust blindly. As for the people who have doubts over this topic, you will stop thinking so after reading the amazing benefits honey can have on your hair.

honey for hair growth

Is honey Actually Good for Thicker Hair Growth?

  1. The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of honey are really beneficial for your health, skin, and also your hair. These qualities make sure your skin is protected from psoriasis or infections of any kind. Moreover, these properties also keep your scalp clean at all times. A clean scalp is needed for good and healthy hair. Your scalp is kept bacteria free, and also free from all diseases and ailments. Dandruff and itchiness of the scalp are also prevented. In short, your scalp is kept fresh and happy always.
  2. Honey is a natural softener, or an emollient. As such, it is a great conditioner for your hair. Being natural, you can stay free of all chemicals. Honey smoothens your hair to make it silky and shiny. Moreover, it improves your hair texture and gives it a natural shine.
  3. Being a natural emollient, honey is very healthy for your hair. It is the hair follicles that are responsible for hair growth. The health of these hair follicles is improved when you use honey regularly. After several researches, it has been found that using honey properly has the capacity to even wake up the sleeping hair follicles on your scalp. Use honey for a natural hair treatment on a regular basis. When the hair follicles are awakened, your hair growth is stimulated and improved.
  4. Honey is a well-known natural antioxidant. As such, the anti-oxidizing properties of honey can be really beneficial for your hair. It improves the health of your scalp and gets rid of several common scalp issues. Moreover, it stimulates hair growth to make your hair thicker and longer.
  5. Pollution and direct exposure to the sun can make your hair dry and lifeless. Even here, honey comes to your rescue. It brings back the lost sheen and luster of your hair. Your hair becomes shiny and fresh again.
  6. It is a well-known fact that honey is a humectant. As such, it prevents losing of moisture from your scalp. The moisture in your scalp is not lost if you use honey. Moreover, the sugar content in honey is also too high. This high sugar content helps in retaining the moisture in your scalp. Your hair and scalp is prevented from being too dry. Dry scalp leads to dandruff and other issues that cause the hair follicles to become weak. As for dry hair, it becomes brittle and breaks off easily. Using honey makes sure you do not encounter any such problems. Just like your skin and body, even your hair needs the required amount of moisture to stay healthy. When moisture is retained, hair fall is prevented, and your hair follicles become stronger and healthier.

So, you see how beneficial honey can be for your hair. Now, would you not love to give it a try? Honey is actually nature’s gift. Your scalp and hair follicles are made healthy and clean. This leads to better hair growth. You get thicker, shinier, and longer hair. Your hair becomes bouncy and full of life. To get all the benefits of honey, you need to use it in the correct way. There are a few tested methods that have been proven to be useful. Read on ton know some of the best ways of using this wonder product on your hair.

How can you use Honey for stopping Hair Loss?

  1. Buy a bottle of honey and take 1 tablespoon of it. Add this to your shampoo. You can also use honey to apply directly on your scalp. Leave it on your hair for about 20 to 30 minutes. Use a shower cap to cover your hair, so that it does not attract dirt. After the time is up, use lukewarm water to wash off the honey from your hair. Use this treatment twice in a week.
  2. A very effective treatment is the honey and oil treatment. Take a microwaveable dish and add 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil in to it. Use a spoon to mix both the ingredients well. Put this mixture in a microwave oven for just 30 seconds. Take it out and leave it aside so that it cools down for about a minute or so. Apply the solution all through your hair and massage well in to your scalp. Use a shower cap and leave it on for half an hour. Use normal to cold water to wash off the honey.
  3. Mix honey and water in a bowl in the ratio 9:1. Use the solution to massage your scalp well. Make sure you cover up all of your hair, from the root to the top. Leave it o your hair for about 3 hours. The honey works on your hair during this time. Use warm water to wash off the honey from your hair. use this treatment once in a week.

Use the above methods to give your hair a good honey treatment on a regular basis. It makes your hair lustrous, healthy, and shiny. Stick to your routine, and see the difference within a few weeks.

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