Benefits of Spinning Exercises to Slim Down and Tone Up

Spinning exercise is nothing but indoor cycling and it is one of the most popular exercises for losing weight. In this exercise the bike is stationary but when you operate it with your legs, it offers varying resistance. This bike also has varying inclines for different intensities so that you get the maximum from your workout. Usually spinning means various workout classes taken in health clubs and gyms.

Spinning Exercises Benefits

In a spinning workout class the students who have come for the workout stand in a line, next to each other, wearing bike shorts. The room has a low light, and music plays, which is lively and motivate the people doing the exercise. They ride the bicycle fast with the change in the intensity of the music. As they ride harder, they huff and puff, getting drenched in sweat.

This exercise is an excellent way to burnout calories. Along with this it is also good for getting you relief from stress. It is a good cardio exercise and also tones your muscles and legs. You can track your progress when you use this bike.

Benefits of Spinning Workout Routines are:

Burns Maximum calories:

When you do spinning exercise, you can burn as many as 500 to 700 calories by attending a 45 minute class. This is higher when compare to other cardio exercises. So this is the best way to lose weight in a shorter time, as you burn more calories every day.

Complete strength:

When you do spinning exercise, be sure that you maintain the correct position. If so, you can improve your core strength because you will be using it to maintain yourself as you do this exercise.

Easy to follow exercise:

This exercise is not as complicated as the other exercises. So when you are a beginner, you will not feel left out. You will be a part of it from the beginning. It is under your control how you are going to do your workout. This makes spinning exercise a favorite among many people. It is you who decide how fast you are making the move and how much resistance is required for doing the exercise. You are in charge of your workout and decide how hard it is going to be. In a spinning class people with different fitness levels come together and do the exercise in a group. They finish the exercise together, but at their own pace and they feel that they have done their workout well.

Easy on the knee joints:

Spinning exercise is not as rigorous as running or dancing in an acrobatic class. Here you are using a stationary bike which you can adjust so that it is comfortable for you when you do the exercise and maintain according to your capacity. So it is easy on the knees and back and do not cause any pain or discomfort on your joints. This makes it an ideal exercise for who are older and those who have suffered some injuries.

It helps to lose weight:

If you are on a weight loss spree, spinning is one of the beat ways to get positive results within a short time. This is because you can do this in varying intensities and once you get used to a level, you can make it more challenging.

Improves your stamina:

Many of you feel breathless after climbing a flight of stairs. You can prevent this by working out on indoor bike. This will increase the health of your heart and thus increase your stamina. So, when doing rigorous exercise you will not feel any trouble in breathing.

Motivating and Real time results:

The stationary cycle keeps a record of your progress. You can check how you have progressed in terms of speed as well add endurance and strength. This is highly motivating and enables you to improve your performance, so that you have a good physique.

Relieves Stress:

Spinning exercise is a good way to get rid of stress. The reason is that it is very intense and it helps your body to release hormones that are good for your body. These endorphins or feel-good hormones make you relaxed and stress free.

Tones muscles:

One of the important aspects of spinning exercise is that these stationary bikes have a weighted flywheel. This can help you to adjust the resistance of the bike so when you ride a bike in the open resistance is created by this bike. As a result when you pedal the bike at lower resistance, the heart rate increased and more calories is burned. When your bike offers high resistance and you pedal at a slow pace, your muscles are worked and this helps in toning your muscles.

You can do it anywhere you like:

This exercise is done indoors. So you need not worry about various factors like weather conditions, allergy and traffic as in the case of outdoor exercises like running, logging, cycling and so on. You will be working indoors, in a controlled environment. This is neither too hot nor too cold for you. Even if the weather is very cold, hot or rainy, you can carry on with your exercise. You can do it every day, at any time you wish.

Spinning exercise makes you sweat a lot. So take a bottle of water with you and take sips from it when you do the exercise. This will make you stay hydrated. If the seat of the bike feels hard for you, you can cushion the seat so that you are comfortable when you sit on it and do the workout. Before and after you do spinning exercise, you must stretch your body. So try spinning exercise and lose your weight effectively.

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