Benefits and Uses of Biotin for Skin, Hair and Health

Biotin is a Vitamin B complex and is also known as Vitamin H and Vitamin B7. It is a water soluble vitamin and essential for all organisms. However, only bacteria, algae, yeasts, moulds and some plants can synthesize biotin.  It has a lot of health benefits and you must consume the required amount of biotin everyday to remain healthy. It has an important role in generation of fatty acids, growth of the cells and the metabolism of fats and proteins. Biotin is also needed for the smooth functioning of your nervous system and for your liver, eyesight, skin and hair. A deficiency of biotin in the body can cause various problems like anaemia, cardiac problems, depression, nausea, high cholesterol level, hair loss and so on. Although it was known since ages, its importance was recognized only recently.

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Normally, you need not take any biotin supplements as you will get the required quantity from the food you eat. The intestinal bacteria produce enough biotin for your body. You need biotin only in small quantities, about 30 mcg per day. Children need less, depending on their age. Breastfeeding women need to take 35 mcg of biotin per day. Diabetic patients need to take 2 kg of biotin combined with 600 micrograms of chromium. You can consult your doctor and decide how much biotin you require. Raw eggs prevent the absorption of biotin. So, if you consume raw eggs, it may reduce the intake of biotin your body.

Biotin may be taken by anyone as it has no side effects as such. You get the required amount of biotin by taking food that is rich in all nutrients.

Skin Benefits of Biotin:

Get Flawless Skin:

Biotin is an important component in many of the massage oils and creams because of its moisturising and healing properties. It helps in keeping your skin blemish free and flawless, and at the same time well hydrated. So you can have a glowing and clear skin without undergoing any surgery or using any chemicals if you make it a habit to take biotin supplements daily. The dosage that you can take depends on your health. You can consult your doctor and get his advice before you start taking biotin.

Treat Skin Problems:

If you have a healthy body, it will show on your skin and your skin will look healthy and glowing. Biotin is very effective in making you look beautiful with glowing skin that is blemish-free and free of any wrinkles and fine lines. You can get rid of all skin problems with the help of biotin because it nourishes your skin from within. Deficiency of biotin can lead to many skin problems like rashes, psoriasis, acne, dermatitis and itching of the skin. So, you must include biotin rich food in your daily diet to have a healthy skin.

Hair Benefits of Biotin:

Hair loss Treatment:

Biotin is very beneficial for te proper growth of your hair and to prevent hair loss. If you suffer from deficiency of biotin, you may face a lot of hair problems. So you need to take biotin supplements under such circumstances. This helps in preventing hair loss and makes your hair grow strong and healthy.

Rapid Hair growth:

Taking biotin supplements enhances the growth of your hair and the nails. Even if biotin is present in your body at normal levels, you may take biotin supplements as it results in the rapid growth of your hair. You may get a lot of hair tonics and hair vitalizes in the market, but they are not as effective as biotin and to not give you such excellent results as biotin does to your hair. Moreover, they are also loaded with chemicals unlike biotin, which is natural and do not harm your hair or the skin. Biotin is also good for your nails and prevents them from getting brittle and breaking off. Your nails will appear smooth and beautiful if your body has enough biotin.

Health and Medical benefits of Biotin:

Controlled blood sugar levels:

Biotin is very effective in maintaining the level of blood sugar in your blood. It plays a major role in the breakdown of carbohydrates in your body, which helps in keeping the level of blood sugar in the body within normal limits. If you are a diabetic patient or your body has high levels of blood sugar, you may take biotin supplement according to the advice of your doctor. This will help you check the blood sugar in your body. According to research conducted, biotin combined with chromium is found to be more effective in treating type 2 diabetes.

Proper metabolism:

Biotin is very essential for the metabolic process that takes in your body. Some people suffer from metabolic problems and the main reason for it is that their body lack biotin. It has the capacity to process proteins, fat and carbohydrates as well as any food that you consume. If your body contains biotin within the normal levels, you can rest assured that the food you take in will be processed immediately.  If you have any problem relating to your metabolism, you may take biotin supplements after consulting your doctor. This will make the process normal. If you are following a diet plan and is on the way to lose weight, taking biotin supplements is a good idea to keep your metabolic activities functioning properly. Biotin can also lower the level of LDL, bad cholesterol, in the body and prevent the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

As you have seen the benefits of biotin, include it in your daily diet and stay free from various health and skin problems. It is cheap and affordable by all people. You get it from food like green leafy vegetables, egg, nuts, dairy products, meat and vegetables. Mushrooms, pumpkins, soya beans and sunflower seeds are rich sources of biotin. If your body lacks biotin in spite of having these foods, you can take biotin supplements.

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