Benefits and Uses of Mustard Oil for Skin, Hair and Health

Mustard oil is extracted from the mustard seeds. It has been in use since ancient times for a whole lot of home remedies to treat various issues. It is really beneficial for your skin, hair, and health. Read on to know how you can use it.

Mustard Oil benefits uses

Benefits of Mustard oil for Skin:

Lighten your Skin:

Mix some mustard oil and coconut oil and apply over your face. Massage your skin in circles for about 5 minutes. Use a wet cotton cloth to wipe your face. Blood circulation is stimulated and your skin becomes light, smooth, and free of pimples.


Mustard oil helps heal chapped lips. Use one or two drops of the oil on your belly button to get rid of chapped lips. It softens your lips and moisturizes them.

Rashes and Infections:

Mustard oil is effective in treating rashes and skin infections due to its anti0-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Your skin is kept safe from dullness, itching, and dryness. Massage your body with the oil to rejuvenate and cleanse your skin, and increase blood circulation. Skin inflammations are reduced and wounds are healed quickly.


Mustard oil acts as a natural sunscreen because of its high content of Vitamin C and thick consistency. Apply the oil to keep your skin protected from the UV rays of the sun and all other harmful pollutants. It helps prevent skin cancers. Vitamin is also effective as an anti-ageing agent.

Sweat Glands Stimulated:

Mustard oil stimulates the sweat glands and opens the pores in the skin. The body temperature is reduced, and unwanted toxins, salts, and water are removed from the body.

Tan and Dark Spots:

Mustard oil has got the property to remove tan and dark spots on the skin and make it glow. Mix mustard oil, besan, curd, and some drops of lemon juice to prepare a face pack. Apply this pack on your face and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Use cold water to wash it off. Use this mask thrice a week.

Benefits of Mustard Oil for Hair:

Hair Growth:

Use mustard oil to massage your scalp and stimulate hair growth. It increases blood circulation. The content of Vitamins, minerals, calcium, magnesium, iron, fatty acids, and beta carotene in mustard oil work wonders for your hair.

Pre-mature Graying:

Mustard oil can darken your hair naturally and prevent premature graying. Massage your hair with mustard oil every night to see the effect.

Treats Hair Loss and Scalp Issues:

Mustard oil is effective as a hair vitalizer that combats hair loss and baldness. It also treats hair that is dry and damaged, and prevents scalp infections. It inhibits the growth of fungus and keeps your hair hydrated. Mix together some mustard oil, coconut oil, almond oil, and olive oil, warm it slightly, and massage your hair. Leave it on for about 2 hours and wash off using a mild shampoo. Your hair becomes thick, long, and lustrous with regular usage.

Benefits of Mustard Oil for Health:


Mustard oil is a good appetizer that stimulates gastric juices in the stomach and irritates the intestinal lining to increase your hunger. Use it as a cooking oil to improve your appetite.

Anti-inflammatory Properties:

Mustard oil gives relief from irritable bowel syndrome by controlling inflammation in the stomach lining. Massaging the oil treats rheumatic and arthritic pain, and also soothes joint pains and aches. Take 2 teaspoons of mustard oil and heat 3 or 4 cloves of garlic in it to rub on sore joints and get relief.

Asthma Relief:

Mustard oil gives relief from sinusitis and asthma. Massage your chest with brown mustard oil to improve airflow to your lungs. Mix a teaspoon of sugar with a teaspoon of mustard oil and have it a few times in a day. Swallowing a mixture of a teaspoon of honey and mustard three times a day is also helpful.

Anti-bacterial Properties:

The anti-bacterial properties of mustard oil do not allow the presence of microbes. Unwanted growth of bacteria, fungi, and other such deadly microbes is prevented. All kinds of infections in the colon, urinary tract, intestines, and other parts of the digestive system and respiratory system are cured. Bacterial infections on the skin are treated by applying the oil.

Anti-fungal Properties:

Isothiocyanate is mustard oil gives it anti-fungal properties that inhibit the growth of fungus. It treats rashes and other skin infections.

Cold and Cough Relief:

Mustard oil helps clear the congestion of chest and nose. Mix a teaspoon of mustard oil and camphor and apply on your chest and back for relief. Take a pot of boiling water and add a few spoons of mustard oil and caraway seeds to inhale the steam and relieve the respiratory system. It prevents formation and build-up of phlegm.

Cardiovascular Benefits:

Mustard oil contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, omega–3 fatty acids, and omega-6 fatty acids, which help balance the levels of cholesterol in the body. They increase the amount of HDL or good cholesterol, and reduce the levels of LDL or bad cholesterol. As such, the risk of cardiovascular diseases is minimized.

Cancer Risk:

Glucosinolate is contained in mustard oil. It has got anti-carcinogenic properties that help in preventing the formation of tumors. Your body is protected from colorectal and gastrointestinal cancers.


Mustard oil acts as an irritant by stimulating the sensation in senseless organs and muscles.


Mustard oil has a sharp aroma that deters insects and acts as a mosquito repellant. It helps prevent malaria and other diseases caused by insects.


Mustard oil stimulates the circulatory, digestive, and excretory system. It stimulates the secretion of digestive juices and bile from the liver and spleen to increase the peristaltic movement of food and aid in better digestion. Massage the oil externally to stimulate the sweat glands and blood circulation.

As you see, mustard oil is very effective in helping you have a healthy lifestyle. Use it as an all-round tonic for good health and improving your systems.

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  1. sarah Ali says:

    Hello, I am from Nigeria. How can I get the mustard seed oil pls. thank you.

  2. Nis says:

    I used musturd oil wit coconut oil on my face n found a very good result as lightening of my skin colour

  3. Ghyas says:

    Hello Sarah, I am Ghyas from India. I’m using using mustard Oil and its superb. I have cholesterol it’s ok.

  4. Bruno says:

    Hi am bruno from india….i am having vitiligo on my lips….could i use turmeric and mustard oil paste on lips….will it cause any problem???

  5. kenny says:

    Mustard seed oil is wonderfu, I used it as a body cream. And it works wonder. Thanks also for the other benefits I got from your site. Nature is life, just the way God has made it. Thanks

  6. Paresh Davda says:

    Even I have vitiligo….is there any medicine you are using and have shown positive results????

    Plse..let me know

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    Hello, I am from Abuja Nigeria. How can I get the mustard seed oil pls. thank you.

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