Benefits / Uses of Arrowroot Powder for Skin, Hair and Health

Arrowroot is being used since a long time in our country. It is nothing but a starchy product extracted from the roots of the arrow root plant called as Maranta arundinaceous. This plant comes basically from South America. It is mostly found in areas where there are many small plants. It is an herb which grows up to 3 or 5 feet. It has ovate leaves and its roots remain underground. Talking about its stem, it is a creamy white colored or at times red colored tuber having thin scales on its surface.

Arrowroot Powder Benefits Uses

Arrowroot is mainly found in areas which are dry and they contain about 23% of starch. It cannot be consumed raw. It is to be washed and its scales are to be removed so as to remove any disagreeable flavor. What you get is a milky liquid which needs to be strained using a coarse cloth. As a result, we get insoluble pure starch which is allowed to settle at the bottom. In the end, it is dried in natural sun to get a powder form of it. This is how we get arrow root powder. It is white in color and is an odorless substance. Many a times it is used in industries as a thickening agent, mainly in food industries.

There are numerous uses of arrow root powder. It is used as a thickener in most of the food which are processed. When making food items like puddings and sauces, this powder is used to increase its volume and life shelf. If you use arrow root as a thickening powder its effect will be double to that of any normal powder. It is recommended to use this powder after mixing it with cold water. Later on you can add any substance to it, there will be no issue as such. You must have observed that life shelf of cookies is quite high. This is all because of this arrow root powder. You can use it as an alternative for normal flour when you are making crackers. Thus it is a good option for those who want to stay away from gluten. You will find many such arrow root biscuits and cookies in stores which are good to eat and help in soothing the stomach.

One good thing about arrow root is that it mixes well with many of the ingredients acting as a base with them. It is quite easy for the stomach to digest it. It provides you with several skin, hair and health benefits as stated below.

  1. Arrow root aids in digestion and helps in good bowel movement. The starch present in it is a good laxative and best for people who suffer from bowel syndrome. Those with irritable bowel syndrome should regularly consume this powder to get rid of it in few days. If you are suffering from diarrhea, it will help you to combat with the problem and provide you with strength and good health. Many a times, doctors, recommend arrow powder to people suffering from nausea and vomiting.
  1. One of the major starch products present in arrow root is calcium ash which helps in maintenance of acid level in the body. It also balances alkali content well as it contains calcium chloride in the form of calcium
  1. It is quite easy to digest arrow root as compared to other starchy products. This is the reason why doctors suggest parents to feed this powder to infants so that they don’t suffer from any problems related to digestion. You can mix water with it and make a jellylike paste. This paste is perfect for kids and newly born infants. If you are not in the condition to feed breast milk to your child, then take help of this powder to make your child full and healthy.
  1. Many people are allergic to corn and gluten. Such people can use arrow powder as an alternative for this. You can cook food using this powder instead of normal floor to add taste and volume to any dish. This substance is quite popular in gluten free baking.
  1. Many a times, vegetables contain some amount of poison. You can use arrow root is to get rid of it. Moreover, it can also be used to apply over the wounds and insect bites. If you are bitten by snake or a scorpion, you can apply this powder to get relief and soothe your skin.
  1. Pregnancy demands great care and nurture. Consume arrow root powder on a regular basis at such times and this fulfils your need of folates. It also supplies vitamin B-12 which is very important for CAN synthesis and cell division. You can save yourself from a host of problems caused during and post pregnancy.
  1. Many people these days are trying to lose weight. One option at such time is to consume arrow root which is low in fat and hardly contains any calories. You can add it in soups and sauces without worrying about the fat content as it a very healthy option.
  1. Arrow root contains potassium which is an essential component in the body. It helps on controlling heart rate as well as blood pressure. Try consuming it so that you are saved from such grave health problems.
  1. Youngsters are constantly facing problems related to skin and hair. Make use of arrow root powder, which an excellent herbal remedy for skin. Small pox and gangrene can be cured within days with regular use of arrow root powder. If you happen to visit South America, you will find people using arrow root powder as a natural baby powder as it gives a smooth and shiny feel to the skin instantly.

So, make use of arrow root powder in your daily diet as it is full of many of the benefits stated above. It takes care of your health as well as your skin and hair.

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