Benefits / Uses of Cucumber for Skin Beauty, Hair and Health

Cucumber is a vegetable that is great for beating the intense heat of the summer. It is available in various shapes, sizes and colors, and is used raw in sandwiches and salads as well as for making juice. Cucumber has lots of health benefits that make it a favorite with those who are health conscious. It is also good for your skin and the hair.

Sliced Cucumbers for eyes

Benefits of Cucumber for the Skin Beauty:

Hydrates the skin:

Cucumber keep your skin well hydrated as 95% of it consists of water. The seeds of cucumber are rich sources of Vitamin E and potassium, which are very effective for reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well other signs of ageing.

Puffiness of the eyes:

Cucumber contains ascorbic acid as well as caffeic acid, which can remove the water that has accumulated around the eyes and reduce the puffiness and swelling around your eyes. It is also good for treating dark circles around the eyes.

Revitalize the skin:

Cucumber has the ability to revitalize the skin. By applying face masks made of cucumber, you can make the skin smooth and glowing and it also helps in tightening the skin.

Reverses skin tanning:

The bleaching property of cucumber helps in curing skin tanning and provides you a glowing skin that looks youthful.

Rejuvenates skin:

Make a face mask by mixing cucumber juice with a few drops of lemon and apply this on your face. This rejuvenates your skin by enhancing your complexion and bringing a natural glow to your skin.

Treats open pores:

Cucumber is very effective for treating open pores and the heat bumps on the skin. For more effective results, mix the extract of cucumber with aloe vera, apple cider vinegar and pulp of tomato.

Treats sunburn:

It you suffer from sun burn, you can put slices of cucumber or its puree on the skin and this provides you immediate relief.

Hair Benefits of Cucumber:

Strong hair:

Cucumber juice is rich in sodium, sulphur, phosphorous, silicon and calcium, all of which aids in the growth of the hair. Drinking cucumber juice regularly helps in reducing hair fall.

Silky smooth hair:

Using cucumber juice as a hair rinse helps you to get a soft and smooth hair that is easily manageable.

Health and Medicinal Benefits of Cucumber:

cucumber health benefits uses


Lariciresinol, pinoresinol and secoisolariciresinol contained in cucumber have the power to reduce the risk of many types of cancers in human body like ovarian cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer and uterine cancer.

Cures hangover:

Cucumber helps in throwing out the toxins created in the body as a result of alcohol intake and rehydrates the nutrients of the body, thus helping you overcome the hangover and the headache you get.

Fight constipation:

Cumber is low in calorie and so an ideal food for those who are on a weight loss diet.  100 gm of cucmber offers you only 15 calories. It is also low in saturated fat. If you are suffering from chronic constipation, you will get relief by consuming cucumber regularly.

Flushes our the waste from the body:

About 95 % of the weight of cucumber consists of water and this helps in flushing out all toxins and waste from the body.

Good dosage of potassium:

Cumber is a good source of potassium. 100 gm of cucumber contains about 147 mg of potassium. So, consuming cucumber helps in lowering the levels of blood pressure in the body and also lowers the heart rate by reducing the effects of sodium.

Good for dental health:

Cucumber can prevent bad breath by producing photochemical that can kill the bacteria responsible for causing bad breath. Take a slice of cucumber and keep it pressed to the roof of your mouth for 30 seconds. This will destroy the bacteria that cause bad breath. Cucumber also increases the formation of saliva in the mouth and neutralizes the acid and alkali in the mouth. It is good for the gums also.

Good for blood pressure:

Potassium and water, as well as manganese and fiber found in cucumber keep the blood pressure within normal level. The steam that is produces when cucumber is boiled has the ability to get you relief from stress and make you relaxed and calm.

High fiber:

Cucumber peel is a rich source of dietary fiber and if you consume it regularly, it will help you get rid of toxic substances from the gut and prevents all diseases associated with stomach, including indigestion and constipation.

Healthy urinary bladder and skin:

Cucumber has a high amount of water in it and this helps in improving the functions of the kidney by inducing urination. It is also good for treating kidney stones if you use it regularly for a long time.

High antioxidants:

Antioxidants are found in large amounts in cucumber. Some of the antioxidants found are B carotene, A-carotene, zea-xanthin, lutein etc. They reverse the harmful actions of free radicals and slow down the process of ageing and also reduce other age related diseases.

Reduces inflammation:

Inflammation is caused by enzymes like cyclo-oxyenase. The fresh extract you make from cucumber reduces the activities of these enzymes and prevents the production of nitric oxides, which cause inflammation.

Strengthens bones:

Cucumber is a good source of Vitamin K, which is essential for healthy and strong bones. Silica found in it makes the connective tissue strong and provides you healthy joints. Calcium is also found in good amounts in cucumber.

Treats diabetes:

Certain hormones that you find in cucumber juice are good for the production of insulin by the pancreas. So, cucumber is very good for diabetic patients. It also contains copper, which increases the number of healthy blood cells and therefore increases the circulation of blood in the body.

Treats Alzheimer’s:

Copper is found in cucumber, which increases the communicating powers of the brain. It also reduces the neural damage in the brain and is therefore good for treating Alzheimer’s.

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