Benefits / Uses of Fenugreek Leaves for Skin, Hair and Health

Fenugreek is known as ‘Kasoori Methi’ in Hindi and is very common in the Mediterranean regions of Europe. The word ‘fenugreek’ is derived from Latin, which means ‘Greek hay’. This is because this leaf was used as food for the animals. It is also known as ‘Bird’s foot’ and ‘Goat’s Horn’.

Fenugreek is also grown in India and North Africa. The leaves as well as the seeds of this plant are used in the preparation of many of the dishes here. The seeds of fenugreek are rich with essential nutrients and have great health benefits. The leaves are also very beneficial for our health as well as skin and hair.

Fenugreek or Methi Leaves Benefits

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Benefits of Fenugreek Leaves for Skin:

Delays wrinkles and fine lines:

Make a paste of fenugreek leaves and mix it with boiled milk. Apply this paste on your face. This helps in delaying the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your face. It improves your complexion and also makes you look younger.

Reduce blemishes:

Fenugreek is great for reducing blemishes and other marks that appear on your skin. If you find any stubborn marks or spots on your skin, the best way to remove them is to treat it with fenugreek leaves. This way you can remove them in natural way, without causing any harm to your skin. Take one spoon of fenugreek seed powder in a small bowl and mix it well with some water to get a smooth paste. Apply this paste on your face and let it remain on your face for about fifteen minutes. Now wipe it off with the help of a wet cotton cloth. Using this regularly on your face helps in removing spots and marks on e skin and provides you a glowing and healthy skin.

Benefits of Fenugreek Leaves for Hair:

Long and lustrous hair:

If you want to have long and black hair that is healthy and lustrous, apply a thick paste of fenugreek on your hair and scalp. Wait for about twenty minutes and then wash with cold water. Use this on your hair once or twice in a week. It works wonders for your hair. It cleanses your hair and scalp in a natural way and also prevents dandruff and other infections on the scalp. Washing your hair with fenugreek paste helps in keeping your scalp well hydrated and prevents dryness of the scalp and hair. It is also good for reducing hair fall and making your hair grow long and thick. It is an excellent substitute for the shampoos that you buy from the market, which are full of chemicals and may cause damage o your hair.

Prevents Dandruff:

Grind fenugreek leaves to get a paste and add vinegar to it. Apply this on your hair to prevent dandruff.

Health and Medicinal Benefits of Fenugreek Leaves:


Fenugreek leaves are rich sources of iron. So, consuming these leaves is of great benefit for those suffering from anemia.

Bowel problems:

If your liver is not functioning properly or if you suffer from dyspepsia, one of the natural ways to treat it is by using fenugreek leaves. It is also effective for treating gastric problems and other troubles related with intestine. You can cure dysentery and diarrhea with fenugreek leaves. You can use fenugreek leaves in the powder form to treat constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. Allergies and congestion of the upper part of the respiratory region are also treated effectively with fenugreek leaves.

Fenugreek leaves are used as good mouth fresheners as well. For this you have to dry the leaves in shade and then grind the dried leaves to get its powder. Add a few drops of fresh lemon juice to a vessel and put the fenugreek powder in it. Heat the pot for one or two minutes and then cool it. Now you can use it as a good mouth freshener and for other purposes.


Fenugreek is very effective for maintaining the proper levels of blood lipid. It is also good for lowering atherosclerosis. If you suffer from lipid fluctuations, fenugreek leaves are of great benefit to you. This is because fenugreek has the power to lower the cholesterol levels of LDL, which is bad for the body, and triglycerides. At the same time, it helps in increasing the levels of good cholesterol in the body, HDL. Put some leaves of fenugreek in water and keep it overnight. Next morning strain it and consume it. This is excellent for maintaining the levels of cholesterol in the body.


Fenugreek has almost the same healing properties as cinnamon has. So, like cinnamon, fenugreek is also good for treating diabetes. Its anti-diabetic elements help in controlling the metabolism of glucose. You can prevent as well as treat Type 2 diabetes with the help of fenugreek.

The functioning of fenugreek is very similar to that of the widely known anti-diabetic medicine glibenclamide. So, this herb maintains a balance of the blood glucose homeostasis and reduces the cellular insulin resistance. Research has shown that fenugreek has the ability to lower the blood sugar levels by a large percent in people suffering from Type 2 diabetes.

Heart problems and blood lipids:

As mentioned earlier, fenugreek is a herb that has the ability to balance the levels of blood lipids in the body ad lower the hazards caused by atherosclerosis. In diabetic patients, fenugreek is very beneficial for reducing the levels of LDL, cholesterol and triglycerides. Another unique character of fenugreek is its ability to reduce the formation of platelets in the blood. Platelets, as you may be aware, can cause sudden blood clotting in your heart. So, consuming fenugreek is an effective way to prevent clotting in the heart, which is the main cause for strokes and massive heart attacks. Fenugreek is a rich source of strong antioxidants like most of the spices that you use. It is also beneficial for protecting the antioxidants generated by the body from any damage that may be caused. Consuming fenugreek is an excellent way to protect your body from various chronic diseases.

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