Benefits or Uses of Red Bell Pepper for Skin, Hair and Health

Red bell pepper belongs to the family of capsicum and it got its name because of its bell shaped form. Botanically speaking, they are fruits. But they are known as vegetables and they are a part of many dishes. They have a light, crispy and sweet flavor.

Red Bell Pepper benefits

Benefits of red bell pepper for skin:

Healthy Skin:

The amount of vitamin c in red bell peppers is twice compared to other varieties of the pepper family. This makes it very useful to maintain a healthy and disease free skin. Vitamin c in it helps in the formation of collagen, which is a structural fiber that is needed by the body to hold everything together. If you suffer from deficiency of vitamin c, you may get a lot of skin problems.

Healing Skin:

Carotenoids, that save you from three types of cancers, are found in good amounts in red bell peppers. They are lutein, beta-cryptoxanthin and zeaxanthin, which are excellent for the skin. Because of the presence of silicon in high quantities in these carotenoids, they help to reduce the swelling that is caused by arthritis. The juice of red bell pepper has great healing properties.

Hair Benefits of red bell peppers:

Promotes hair growth:

Red bell peppers are also good for the hair in addition to the skin and health. As you read earlier, it is rich in vitamin c, which helps in the formation of collagen. Collagen is essential for the follicles of the hair to remain healthy and it also stimulates the growth of the hair. If you lack vitamin c, you will suffer from dry hair, splitting hair as well as brittle hair that will break off easily.

Red bell pepper increases the flow of blood in your scalp and induces better growth of the hair. It also prevents DHT from effecting the hair follicles.

Speedy hair growth:

Red bell peppers enable speedy growth of the hair by more than 50%. This is because of the spiciness in them. Put some slices of it in water and boil for 10 minutes. Cool it and then apply it on your scalp. Leave for 30 minutes and then rinse off with water. If you use it regularly, you will see that there is an increase in the growth of the hair.

Nutritional benefits of eating red bell peppers:

As Toxin Reversal:

Red bell peppers are very nutritious and including then in your daily diet is a way to remain healthy. It contains phytonutrients with strong antioxidants, which reverse the actions of various toxins in the environment and degeneration of the cells in the body. They also protect the body from various damages caused by the free radicals, which may lead to cancer. So having red bell peppers lowers the risk stomach, breast, colon and prostate cancers.

Diseases Treatment:

You can make a healthy diet by mixing red bell peppers with a variety of other fruits and vegetables. This greatly reduces the onset of chronic diseases like type-2 diabetes, stroke, various heart diseases, high blood pressure and many types of cancers, making you healthy and fit.

Good for Women:

Red bell pepper is a source of vitamin b6 and magnesium, which help in reducing anxiety, especially in women who suffer from anxiety during the pre-menstrual periods. So, having red bell peppers regularly keep you away from anxiety and other related problems. Vitamin b6 is excellent for preventing high blood pressure and lowering bloating.

Good in Vitamin C:

By consuming red bell peppers regularly, you get 300% of the daily vitamin c. This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant and also is essential for the absorption of iron in the body. So, if you are suffering from deficiency of iron, consuming red bell pepper along with iron rich food is a good option. This ensures maximum absorption of iron.

Good for Heart Muscles:

By consuming 1 cup of red bell pepper everyday, you get 7 percent of the daily potassium that you require per day. Potassium is necessary for balancing the level of liquids inside and outside the cell and for the contraction of heart muscles. The peristalsis movement inside the intestine, which enables the elimination of waste materials from the body, is also induced by the presence of potassium.

Lots of Fiber:

Red bell pepper is also rich in fibers. Half a cup of red bell pepper gives you 1 gm of fiber. This aids improper digestion and also checks the level of cholesterol in the body. Because of its fiber content, consuming red bell pepper can protect you from colon cancer and it also prevents constipation by enabling proper bowel movement.

Rich in Vitamin A:

Red bell pepper is a rich source of vitamin A and one cup of red bell peppers provides you 75% of your daily requirement of this vitamin. Vitamin a is very important for healthy eyes and provides you good eyesight. Deficiency of vitamin a affects your night vision. It is also needed to prevent cataract and other eye problems.

Stress treatment:

Red bell pepper is used for the treatment of inflammation of the body and also in its prevention. It provides you with instant energy when you are feeling tires or when under stress.

Weight Loss:

Red bell peppers are useful in helping you lose your weight also. This is because having one cup of sliced bell peppers provides you only 31 calories and do not cause the formation of fat or cholesterol in the body. Red bell pepper can burn more calories as they can stimulate thermogenesis and increase the rate of metabolism. Moreover, capsaicin, which imparts heat to the peppers, is not present in red bell peppers. So, unlike other peppers, they increase your metabolism without causing an increase in the heart rate the blood pressure.

As mentioned earlier, red bell pepper is rich in vitamin c, which enables proper absorption of iron by the body. This helps in the formation of bone collage, muscles, blood vessels and cartilage.

Make red bell peppers a part of your daily diet and you will benefit a lot. You may mix it with other vegetables and fruits or have it as it is.

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