Benefits/Uses of Soaked Almonds for Skin, Hair and Health

Almonds are the store houses of all nutrients that are needed by the body to keep it healthy and strong, devoid of any diseases.

soaked almonds benefits uses

Benefits of Soaked Almonds for the Skin:

For Ageing Skin:

Soaked almonds have also great anti-ageing properties. It is rich in Vitamin E, which is an anti-oxidant. This along with other anti-oxidants that are contained in the almond seeds fight against the harmful reactions of the free radicals. Thus, the ageing of your skin is delayed and you look young for a longer period than usual.

For Skin disorders:

Skin inflammations like rashes, dry and chapped skin etc may be treated by applying the paste of soaked almonds. The soothing property of the almond seeds provides you great relief from irritation, itching and other discomforts of the skin.

Moisturising Skin:

Soaked almonds that is mashed acts as a good moisturizer for your skin. It is good for those who have dry skin. Mix soaked almond seeds and whipped cream and make a paste. Apply this paste daily as a mask. It keeps your skin hydrated and nourished, giving you smooth, soft and supple skin.

Repair Skin cells:

Soaked almonds are also good for toning your skin and making your skin glow. Almond seed helps in repairing the damaged skin tissues from inside and helps in the formation of new cells. This results in a well toned and glowing skin.

Skin packs:

The paste of soaked almond seeds is an excellent natural scrub and may be used for your face and your whole body. You can make various packs with almond paste by adding milk, honey or lemon. The scrubs thus made exfoliate your skin make your skin look fresh and rejuvenated.

Benefits of Soaked Almond seeds for the Hair:

Hair Conditioner:

Soaked almond seeds are great for your hair. Soak the seeds overnight and then mash them in the morning. Mix the paste with olive oil and apply this mask on your scalp and hair daily. It is an excellent natural conditioner and helps you in getting a smooth hair that is strong and healthy.

Scalp and Hair fall Treatment:

Almonds, as you know, are full of all the essential nutrients that are needed by the body. So by eating soaked almonds or by applying a paste of it on your scalp and hair, your hair gets all the nutrients that are needed for its healthy growth. It can prevent damaging of the hair and repair the damages that have already occurred. It also reduces falling of the hair and cause new hair follicles to grow.

Shiny Hair:

Soaked almonds act directly on the root of your hair and helps in making your hair lustrous and shiny.

Benefits of Soaked Almonds for Health:

Control Blood Pressure:

Soaked almonds are also good for treating high blood pressure. Almonds are rich in potassium and low in sodium, preventing your blood pressure from getting higher. Moreover, the folic acid and magnesium that are found in almond seeds greatly helps in reducing congestion of the artery.

Cholesterol Control:

Soaked almonds are excellent to control the level of your cholesterol to a large extent. This is because almonds are rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), which are very beneficial in reducing the level of LDL or low density lipoprotein in your blood, which is known as the bad cholesterol. Vitamin E contained in almonds is useful in reducing the LDL level and increasing the level of High density lipoprotein (HDL) in the blood, which is the good cholesterol. So, consuming almonds keeps you away from heart diseases.

Diabetes treatment:

Consuming soaked almonds is a natural way to treat diabetes, especially diabetes mellitus, which results in the accumulation of sugar in the blood and the urine and causes various health problems. Almonds help in controlling the blood sugar level and protect you from the harmful effects of diabetes.

For Chronic Constipation:

Almond nuts are rich in insoluble fibers, which help in providing a large amount of roughage to your body. Thus soaked almonds are greatly beneficial for those who suffer from chronic constipation.

Good for Digestion:

Almonds soaked in water are very beneficial for the digestion and enhances the process of digestion. It also makes digestion smoother. There is an enzyme inhibitor on the surface of the almond nut and when the almonds are soaked in water, this enzyme is released. It gets released only in the presence of moisture. The presence of this enzyme makes the almonds easily digestible and provides you maximum nutrition. Soaked almonds also help in the breaking of fats and lipids by releasing the enzyme called lipase, which is a lipid breaking enzyme.

Healthy Nervous System:

According to scientists, having 4 to 6 soaked almonds daily is excellent for your central nervous system. It acts as a tonic to the brain and enhances the functioning of CNS. Moreover, it is very beneficial for growing children and increases their IQ as well as makes their memory sharp. This is because almonds are rich in essential fats.

Healthy Heart:

As mentioned earlier, soaked almonds are good for your heart and provides you a healthy heart. They are rich sources of potassium, proteins and magnesium, which are essential for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. Vitamin E is also found in abundance in almonds, which is an anti-oxidant that protects your heart from various diseases.

Rick in Nutrients:

When almonds are soaked in water, a lot of nutrients that are present in them are released. So they are very good for the pregnant women and provide them all the nutrients and energy that are required. Soaked almonds are beneficial to both the mother and the fetus. The folic acid present in soaked almonds is also good for pregnant women. It makes delivery of the baby easier and trouble free and also protects the baby from any defects that may occur during the birth.

Weight Loss:

If you are planning to lose weight, soaked almonds is an excellent option. They are rich in mono-unsaturated fat, which reduces your craving for food and prevents overeating. Thus your body is able to shed weight easily.

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    Great info. Thank you for sharing this. Just a handful of almonds daily and you become healthier.
    There are many benefits of eating almonds

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