Benefits/Uses of Wheatgrass Powder for Skin, Hair and Health

Wheatgrass powder is made from the cotyledons of wheat plant and has lots of health benefits. It is gluten free and rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Beta carotene, B vitamins, fibers and amino acids are found in high quantities in wheatgrass powder. It is also good for providing you a healthy hair. Applying it on the scalp provides you healthy and shiny hair and keep the scalp free from dandruff and other infections.

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Skin Benefits for Wheatgrass powder:

Antiseptic properties:

Wheatgrass powder is beneficial in treating insect bites, rashes, bruises, sores, cuts etc, due its antiseptic properties. You can also clear poison ivy with it. It provides relief for those whose skin is sun burnt and those who suffer from boils and athlete’s foot.

Anti-ageing properties:

Free radicals formed in the body are very harmful for the body and cause premature ageing as well s many other problems. Wheatgrass powder helps in slowing down the process of ageing and rejuvenates your skin. It prevents sagging of the skin and provides elasticity to the skin, making the skin young looking and glowing.

Skin cleanser:

Wheatgrass powder is very effective for cleansing your skin. It exfoliates your skin by removing dead cells from the skin and rejuvenates your ski from inside. This increases the glow of your skin and also maintains the elasticity of the skin.

Treatment of acne:

Wheatgrass powder with its detoxifying properties helps in preventing acne and provides you a healthy and glowing skin. To protect your skin from acne, skin tan, freckles and black heads, mix wheatgrass powder with milk and apply the paste on your skin.

Benefits of Wheatgrass Powder for the Hair:

Reduces grey hair:

You can prevent your hair from graying by rinsing your hair with wheatgrass powder.

Treatment of dandruff and scalp problems:

You can prevent dandruff as well as itchy and dry scalp by rinsing your hair with wheatgrass powder. Mix wheatgrass powder with shampoo and apply on your hair. This will treat damaged hair and provides you healthy hair.

Health and Medicinal Benefits of Wheatgrass Powder:

Aids in digestion:

Wheatgrass powder is excellent for making the digestive system function smoothly. The rich content of magnesium present in it prevents constipation. Wheatgrass is also good for treating ulcers and diarrhea because of the presence of some alkaline minerals in it. It cleanses the colon and maintains the acidity level and is also essential for keeping a balance between different kinds of bacteria in the digestive system. Bacteria that is harmful to the body find it impossible to thrive while get destroyed while the good bacteria multiply. Thus it helps in preventing various diseases and health problems.

Aids in weight loss:

Instead of adding various flavoring agents and ingredients to smoothies and juices, you can add wheatgrass powder. This is healthier and helps you to perform exercise for a longer time. Thus it helps in losing weight more effectively. It is good for improving the performance of thyroid glands and thus prevents weight gain and enhances the metabolism, preventing obesity and indigestion.

Cleansing and detoxifying properties:

Wheatgrass is an excellent detoxifying agent. It is highly nutritious and comparable to fresh vegetables in its nutrition. It is a rich source of minerals, enzymes and therefore helps in reducing inflammation. Thus the cells are made strong and all the toxins are removed from the bloodstream and the liver. It also protects your body from carcinogens and cleanses the colon.

Formation of red blood cells and white corpuscles:

The presence of chlorophyll in wheatgrass powder in high amounts increases the haemoglobin levels in the body. As a result, more oxygen is carried by the blood to different parts of the body and this aids in the production of red blood cells as well as white corpuscles.

Natural remedy for diabetes:

Wheatgrass powder helps in slowing down the absorption of carbohydrates and thus keeps the blood sugar level normal. It is good for controlling diabetes in the primary stage as well as in the advanced and heavy stage.

Prevention of varicose vein:

The formation of varicose vein is greatly reduced by consuming wheatgrass powder.

Restores pH balance:

Wheatgrass powder is alkaline in nature and therefore helps in main5taining the pH of the body.

Relief from pain and inflammation:

Wheatgrass powder gets you relief from body aches and body pains and makes you healthy. It is also good for the eyes ad makes your eyes brighter.

Treatment of piles:

Wheatgrass powder is rich in various nutrients such as chlorophyll, minerals, vitamins and fiber, and therefore good for treating piles in a natural way. People suffering from this disease are advised to take wheatgrass powder for three months, two times a day, and they will soon get relief.

Treatment of tooth decay:

Wheatgrass powder is great for people suffering from tooth decay and many other dental problems. To make your gums tight and firm, massage your gums with wheatgrass powder.

Toxin Removal:

Wheatgrass removes toxins from the blood and prevents bad breath and foul odor of sweat. It is also good for the reproductive health in men and women.

Useful for treating anemia:

The chlorophyll present in wheatgrass powder has the same molecular structure as that of human haemoglobin. Having a high quantity of chlorophyll, wheatgrass powder helps in the treatment of anemia and increases the blood and heamoglobin level in the body.

Useful in cancer:

Chlorophyll in wheatgrass powder is very effective in preventing the harmful radiations and therefore cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy are advised to consume wheatgrass powder on a regular basis. The chlorophyll and fiber present in wheatgrass powder help in flushing out the toxins that collect in the body as a result of chemotherapy and thus provide the body relief from constipation, burning sensations, hair loss, loss of good cells and many other such side effects. Thus it helps you to recover quickly.

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