Best Dietary Changes for Fast Hair Growth: Male and Female

Having a healthy and beautiful hair is always one of the greatest aspects of personality either its male or female. Thick and shiny hair always adds a glow to your face and improves your appearance. To get healthy hair not only should you apply good shampoo and hair-oil on your hair, but also have well balanced and nutritious food. Having the right food is very necessary to maintain the health of your hair. These provide strength to the hair from within and are more effective than the creams and other hair products used on the hair.

So, following a proper diet and sticking to it will help you grow good hair in a faster way. You will be surprised to see the difference it makes to your hair. There will be positive results coming to you within a couple of weeks. This dietary change method is very simple and at the same time, very effective to follow for all.

Hair Growth Best Diet

Foods to get a Thick and Lustrous Hair:

Add lots of Fruits and vegetables in your diet:

Your body needs high amounts of vitamins and minerals. They are very essential for keeping you healthy and fit. The best way to get them is to include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. You get lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables at reasonable rates which are rich sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and work wonders on your health. This is essential to maintain a healthy hair as well. They help in promoting hair growth and keep your hair healthy and devoid of any diseases of infections. You will start getting positive results within two weeks from the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Food rich in Vitamin C and zinc are particularly good for your hair. Consuming carrots rich in vitamin A is also good for proper growth of the hair. Citrus fruits and tomatoes are also good for the hair. Blueberries are rich in vitamin C and contain about 85% of water. Thai make your hair strong and healthy.

Dairy products:

Dairy products like cheese, milk, yogurt etc contain good amounts of calcium and proteins, which promote the growth of healthy hair. Proteins and lipids help in making the hair strong while the vitamins present in them help in providing the essential oils required by the scalp. You will benefit a lot by consuming 2 glasses of milk per day.

Drink plenty of water:

You know that water is very important for your health. It is also necessary for providing you a healthy hair. About one-fourth of the weight of your hair is made up of water. It keeps your body hydrated and ensures that all the functions of your body are carried out properly. It is also good for the skin and prevents drying of the skin. Plain water that is filtered is the best for your health water flushes out the toxins and other harmful elements from your body as well as from your hair follicles. It is recommended that you drink at least 10 glasses of water daily. This will improve the production of sebum in your scalp and promote proper hair growth. It keeps your hair supple and makes your hair shiny and silky. You must avoid taking aerated drinks and soda as they are not good for your hair. Consuming too much of sugar is also bad for the hair.

Green leafy vegetables:

Green and leafy vegetables are very beneficial for maintaining healthy hair. They are rich sources of vitamins, minerals, proteins and iron. Vitamin A and C are found in high quantities in green leafy vegetables, which provide the essential oils that are needed for the hair. Cauliflower, mint, spinach, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, broccoli, fenugreek leaves etc are some of the vegetables that are good for your hair.

Include healthy fats:

When you follow a diet for hair growth, make sure that you also include proper amounts of healthy fats in your diet. This is one of the essential nutrients needed for a healthy hair. Consuming low fat diet may affect the texture of your hair and also cause falling of the hair. Healthy fats prevent the hair from getting dry and brittle and make your hair smooth and soft. Olive oil and canola are good for the growth of the hair and must be definitely included in your diet. They are healthy fats that promote growth of the hair and make your hair thick and shiny. Omega 3 fatty acids are also very effective for a healthy hair. There are also some other food products that contain healthy fats and are good for your hair. They are salmon, avocados, walnuts, flax seeds or it oil etc.

Protein rich diet:

As you know, hair is made up of proteins called keratin. So, if you have any problems like hair fall, dry and brittle hair and so on, have a diet that is rich in protein. This is sure to help you get rid of all hair problems. Having foods rich in proteins helps in increasing the growth of your hair considerably. According to the researches made, it was found that you need to take about 3 portions of protein daily to maintain a healthy hair without any problems. Consuming lean proteins are better as they are devoid of saturated fats and are healthier.

Some of the protein rich foods that you may consume are nuts, fish, organic poultry, eggs, organic soy, seafood, tofu, beans, lentils and so on. Make it a habit to have then everyday and this will surely help you in getting a healthy and lustrous hair.

Whole grains:

Whole grains are rich sources of zinc, iron and Vitamin B, which are best for your hair. They reduce breaking of the hair and hair fall. Wheat bread, oatmeal, cereals, brown rice etc are some of the whole grains that you must include in your daily diet.

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