Best Foods and Natural Supplements for Weight Loss

Weight is an issue for many of the people around us. Thus, during such cases, reducing weight is never an easy task. It takes lots of efforts and challenges to accomplish. With increasing demand for healthy food, many such products have come in markets which assure you a healthy weight option. All the products promise some or the other benefits that it becomes tough to choose one.

There are many products which actually help in healthy weight loss. There are certain products which might work only for few people. Thus, everyone should know their body well so that they can start with the correct product which will help them in weight loss. Robert Atkins has rightly said that moderate exercising is better than starving ourselves from healthy food. Here, we have come up with some food items and supplements that will accelerate the weight loss.

Most Popular Weight Loss Foods and Supplements:


Almonds Benefits Weight Loss

Dry fruits have always been considered as a good source of vitamins and nutrients. They are loaded with good amounts of fat. Almonds are always preferred when it comes to weight loss. They don’t have much calories and helps in curbing your craving for good food. Try to eat them in limit as 1 cup of almonds has 529 calories.


Apples Benefits Uses

Apples are known to have great effects on that practicing weight loss. They are full of proteins which help you to maintain weight. Apples contain 5 calories and 4 grams of fibre per serving. When you feel hungry, you can eat an apple as it helps in dealing with hunger. In fact they supply only few calories. Apples contain high amount of fibre and many of the antioxidants which helps in preventing metabolic syndrome.


Blueberries Benefits Uses

Berries have always been known for its high antioxidant levels. But out of these, blueberries provide you with highest content of antioxidant. They also have high value of vitamin C which reduces risk of cancer and heart problems. One cup of these berries will give your body 3.6 grams of fibre. It is known that blueberries can cure short term memory loss.


cucumber health benefits uses

Cucumber belongs to the gourd family and gives only few calories when consumed. It supplies all the nutrients to the body like vitamin C, vitamin A and other fibres. People usually include it in salads as they are very healthy and give a feeling of fullness. You cravings for potato chip and crackers can be easily replaced with cucumber. Eating it without peeling off the outer layer will provide a better nutrition. Cucumber has 8 calories per 52 grams.


Eggs to Lose Weight

Eggs are known for high protein content. This helps you to deal with your cravings for food. Try to eat an egg everyday in the morning. This will help you to lose weight easily. You can also make omelettes and scrambled eggs and have them for dinner or breakfast. Also, you can make a variety of yummy snacks using eggs. Include grilled or broiled eggs in salads adds variety to it. Talking about its nutritional value, it contains about 6 grams of protein and 72 calories and helps excellently in weight loss.


Grapefruit Juice for Weight Loss

This is a delicious and yummy fruit which is generally consumed as a desert or salad topping. If you regularly consume half a grapefruit after each meal, you can lose about 3 pounds in 12 weeks. Grapefruit juice is also known to have many hidden benefits. They help you to convert the calories into energy and thus reduce flab from unwanted areas.

Green tea:

Green Tea for Easy Weight Loss

Green has been used since a long time due to many benefits it provides. It contains high content of antioxidants called catechins which helps in increasing metabolic rate and burning away excess fat. Researchers have proved that a certain substance called theanine is there in green tea. This substance helps in increasing the rate of metabolism and reduces excess appetite. Moreover, it helps in reduction of bad LDL cholesterol. It helps you in your weight loss program indirectly.

Lean beef:

Lean Beef Benefits Weight Loss

People, who are interested in eating non vegetarian food, should consume lean beef on a regular basis. Meat and fish are a good source of amino acids and leucine which helps in strengthening of muscles. Beefs are an excellent supplier of iron without adding extra fat into your body. Moreover, it helps in formation of haemoglobin. Beef also contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) that decreases fat while building muscle. You will get approximately 85 grams from one serving of lean beef.

Olive oil:

Olive Oil for Weight Loss

Olive oil is very light and contains monounsaturated fat which helps in burning calories. Thus, it helps in increasing metabolic rate of the body. You can add oil to oatmeal or use it in salad dressing and bread dip. They help in improving body’s immune system. Thus try using oil instead of butter and margarine. It contains only 119 calories per tablespoon.


Lentils low calorie foods

Lentils are storehouse of proteins and are free from high fatty contents. They are, in fact, filled with magnesium and fibre which helps the body to lose weight in a proper way. Dieticians always suggest good intake of lentils for people who are on a weight loss regime. When you consume food low in calorie density, you are able to satisfy you hunger without pilling on extra calories.

Thus try including these eatables in your daily diet if you are keen on reducing excess body weight. You can also start consumption of certain ayurvedic medicines which help in shedding away those extra pounds. Start including these amazing products in your diet regularly and see effect within weeks. Above all, stay positive and consistent about the complete weight loss regime. Start feeling healthier with each passing day and you will find yourself fit in no time.

Make the most out of these tips and try losing weight in a natural way. Feel confident about you and your body and find the healthier side of you.

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