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Yoga practiced from long ancient ages is considered to be one of the finest modern art for staying fit and healthy. Practicing yoga on a daily basis has many benefits for everyone from losing weight to healing your stress.

top power yoga videos

There are two ways of practicing yoga. One is normal regular yoga and other is Power yoga which is practiced using dumbbells. We are going to discuss a bit more about Power yoga now. This form of yoga is exercised regularly by athletes and sprint runners to stay fit and healthy. Check the below Top power yoga videos which we have compiled for beginners like you which will help you in many ways to learn new things about this yoga. These videos have step by step instructions by their respective instructers on how to practice yoga anywhere and anytime.

1) Power yoga with Amanda Joseph:

Certified yoga instructor and Life coach Amanda is well known for her fast paced yoga instructions which you try by stepping onto a mat and keeping this video on. Be ready to experience some kick-ass breathing exercises and Baptiste Power Yoga with her.

2) Power yoga with Bryan Jones:

To start off with, this video gives a better idea on the basics of power yoga asanas along with deeper insights into practicing it in the best possible ways.

3) Power yoga with Devidutta:

If you are looking to reduce your belly fat or abs with power yoga, then this video from Devidutta helps you in achieving your goal easily. The video has best suggestions related to the best poses or asanas you have to try which will help in toning down the muscles and getting back into shape without much effort.

4) Power yoga by Denise Austin:

Denise Austin is a famous American #1 Fitness and Power yoga instructor. This video from her explains about body toning exercises starting from traditional yoga to power yoga which will help you in boosting your energy levels and stamina. You can tone your abs, arms, and legs by watching this 20 minute workout video which will give you mental and physical fitness as well

5) Power yoga with Sanjeev Bhanot:

This video from Yoga guru Sanjeev Bhanot explains about asanas in a simple and fairly easy to understand language.

6) Power yoga for beginners with Jesse Enright:

This is another 30+ minute’s powerful guide for power yoga starters explaining all the best styles in yoga. It gives you a quick glance of dynamic yoga practicing methods

7) Power yoga with Kristin Mcgee:

Kristen Mcgee is another famous yoga instructor who has given her sessions on famous channel MTV as well. This video from her gives deeper insights on how to practice power yoga and revive the soul in you. Starting from stretches to relaxation poses, this video from her teaches you all the best practices

8) Power yoga with Katie Kreter:

Katie Kreter is another yoga teacher who is known for her invigorating style of doing power yoga or asanas. Challenge yourself and get ready to sweat your entire body with her twists done in many different ways and different positions. You will feel completely energized practing her twists.

9) Power yoga with Anna Renderer and Maeve McCaffrey:

Fitness experts Anna and Maeve are known for their effective training methods in front of camera. Their videos earned them credibility with many loyal fans all over the world.  This 10+ minute’s video from helps you in practicing best in class power yoga by stretching your muscles.

10) Power yoga hour with Rob:

If you are looking for some additional strength and challenges in practicing yoga then Rob’s Power Yoga gives you that. Shot in some good slow motion his yoga guides are good for beginners and will push their physical strength to new levels.

11) Power Yoga with Shilpa Shetty:

Shilpa Shetty famous Bollywood actress known for her fit and healthy body released power yoga videos to her fans in which she has shown some best yoga poses to get best figure like hers. Watch the video in which she demonstrates about various yoga postures and breathing techniques

Hope you all enjoyed watching some of the best yoga asanas or poses from some of the world renowned instructors. Now stay Fit and Happy Practicing POWER YOGA!

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