Best Makeup (Face, Cheeks, Eyes, Lips) Tips & Ideas for Yellow Dress

Are you going to your cousin’s wedding and planning to wear a yellow ensemble for the wedding? You will look gorgeous in it if you match it with the right makeup. No ensemble will be complete without the correct makeup to accentuate it. There are a number of ideas that you can apply to make your features get highlighted and make you classy. Below are given some of the ideas you can use. So, get ready to look glamorous in your yellow dress by creating your own personalized makeup!

Yellow Dress Makeup Tips Ideas

Makeup Ideas for Yellow Dress:

Face makeup looks for yellow dress:

When you are wearing yellow dress, the base makeup should be natural and muted. Try not to use colors that tend to outshine the color of your dress. This will end up with sparkly, garish disaster. Since yellow is a warm color, a light breezy look on your face will be good. Make your skin look flawless and natural by using a good concealer. So, start with the concealer. Apply it on your face, covering the blemishes. Blend properly with your fingers so that it is hardly noticed. Next is the foundation. You can select a foundation that will melt well into your skin, so that no distinguishable traces are left on the skin. If you are unable to get a shade perfectly matching your skin tone, you can take two shades of foundations, one dark and the other light, and get the shade you want. Always make sure that the foundation you apply matches perfectly with your skin tone. This will make you look as if you have not worn any makeup at all. Put this on your face evenly. You can use a makeup sponge to apply it on evenly. If you do not want to use a foundation, then you may choose a good quality tinted moisturizer instead. This will work well for your skin like the foundation.

Cheek makeup steps:

If you are among the lucky ones who can look beautiful in yellow dress, make sure that the makeup you choose should belong to the warm color group. Since you have made your base humble and natural, let your cheeks exude warmth and a healthy glow. You can choose cream based sheer cheek tints to apply on your cheeks. These will serve the purpose perfectly. Powder bronzers are also a good option. How to apply the bronzer or the blush on your cheeks depends largely on the structure of your face and how you want to highlight it. If you want to have a rosy glow on your cheeks, just like a natural flush, then you have to apply a little of the tint on the apple of your cheek. On the other hand, if you want to highlight your cheekbones, then you should apply the blusher just under your cheeks. Now blend it towards your temple using a brush, so that it blends well with the skin and highlights your cheekbones. You can choose blush colors like coral, peach, orange and warm pinks. These colors will look perfect with yellow colored dress.

Eye makeup for yellow dress:

Whether you are wearing your yellow dress for a wedding or for any other important event, it is very important that you do your eye makeup with utmost care. Wrong eye makeup can spoil your whole look. So, try to choose the right eye makeup for yellow dress. There are different ways to do your eye makeup when you wear yellow dress. Smokey look can make you stunning and goes well with anything. Instead of the smokey look, you can also choose to focus on your lips and just apply simple kohl lines on your eyes.

For kohl rimmed eyes, you have to start the makeup by covering your eyelids with a metallic cream based eye color. It can be neutral or light brown shade. Now take a very dark pencil and draw a thin, dark line around your eyelashes. Once you finish lining your eyelashes, take a black kohl pencil and retrace the lines. This will make your eyes pop.

If you prefer smokey eyes then you can do so by first covering your eyelids with a cream color. Smudge with a brown shadow on the inner side of lashes and charcoal grey on the lash line. Now create a V-shaped wing tip with matte black eye shadow, using an angled brush. Trace it all over the upper and lower lash lines. Finish it off with a black liner. If you want to enhance your smokey eyes, just take some champagne glitter and dab it in the middle of the upper lid and near the tear ducts.

Lip stick for yellow dress:

Next are your lips. If you are going for smokey eye look, then the best thing is to keep your lips neutral. You can choose a pink or orange lip butter to apply on your lips. You may also choose a nude pink or rose lipstick. When you wear yellow dress, you must try to avoid bright red makeup. The buttery yellow and bright red combo will make you stand out in a crowd like a sore thumb.

If you have chosen natural makeup for your eyes and cheeks, then you can dare to use a bold red lipstick. This is a quirky look with two warm, popping colors. When you choose red lipstick, make sure that your eyes do not have the elongated cat eyes or dark shadows.

Start your lip makeup with a pink or peach lip liner and draw a line across the edges of the lips. Next you can take a brownish red and cover your lips with it. Using a tissue paper blot it and you are ready with your makeup.

Yellow depicts warmth and sunshine. Keep your makeup as minimum as possible and accessories as subtle as they can be. This way you will look classy and perfect.

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