Best Makeup Tricks for Women Who Wear Eyeglasses

Wearing glasses does not take away from a person’s beauty despite all the romantic comedies about a makeover that replaces glasses with contact lenses. There are plenty of ways to still look and feel beautiful with glasses. All it takes is a little self-confidence and a few makeup tricks to turn a goose into a swan. So grab the makeup bag and try out these makeup tips for women who wear glasses for both work and for play.

Eyeglasses makeup tricks

Be Confident:

The main thing to remember about wearing glasses and makeup is that it takes confidence. And sometimes that means faking it till you make it. Just because a woman wears glasses doesn’t make her any less sexy or attractive. In fact, many men and women find glasses to be an appealing feature.


Blushing never hurt anyone. Women who use blush have the added benefit of a little color to their cheeks and more youthfulness in their appearance. Again, the makeup doesn’t have to be caked on. Applying light coats is more than acceptable.

Choose the Right Frames:

This may be a no brainer but really choose the correct frames. Don’t get frames that fall off your small face or frames that are so small they make your face look huge. Getting more than one pair of frames really opens up a woman’s options as well. When she’s thinking of all her makeup tricks she knows she has a few secret weapons in the arsenal.

Eyebrow Waxing:

The eyebrows are the window dressing to the eyes. Women do not want eyebrows that meet in the middle. There are a lot of ways to handle eyebrows such as waxing, threading, or the traditional plucking out each and every one. Keeping the eyebrows above the eyeglasses will help people see all a woman’s features instead of having the glasses hide the true beauty. It is easier to maintain eyebrows if they are worked on day to day or week to week. Waiting too long can be painful.

Eye Shadow:

Eye shadow can really make those eyes pop from behind those lenses. Choosing colors that are complementary to skin tone is important. Color coordinating with outfits is a good way to gauge eye shadow color choices. Sometimes it is best to go muted and save the bold look for elsewhere.


Eyeliner is a great tool to have on hand. A makeup trick for people who wear glasses is to apply the liner in the same ratio as the frames. Meaning if they are thick frames use eyeliner all around the eye. But if they are small, thin frames then use the eyeliner only on the bottom of the eye.

Eyebrow Pencil:

Just like smoky eyes can work for eyeglass wearers, so can a cat eye effect. Working with just a little eyebrow pencil, women can give their eyes a little flare. A cat eye effect is one of the most popular ways to shape up the ol’ eye.

Eyebrow Shape:

Earlier we discussed eyebrow waxing, but maintenance isn’t the only thing that women need to do to their eyebrows if they wear glasses. Makeup trick 13 is to shape the eyebrows so they are not uniformed with the frame. Let them stand above so you’ll be able to notice when you raise your brows.

Eyelash Curler:

Curls, Curls, Curls. An eyelash curler is a great way to extend the lashes naturally and give the eye a more open look. Just because a woman is wearing glasses doesn’t mean she can’t rock some eyelashes.

Gel Liner:

Women who use a gel liner pass along the makeup trick to their friends because of its long use. Women don’t have to worry about smudges or marks from their glasses.

Highlighter Cream:

Sometimes a woman’s eyes can appear baggy or tired. This becomes especially true the older a woman becomes. That is why it is important to know which makeup tricks work and which ones don’t. To brighten up the eye use a highlighter cream or powder. Apply a very light coat as not to leave any caked on.

Highlight the Cheekbones:

Just as we mentioned earlier about the blush, don’t be scared to highlight the cheekbones. This can be done with a bold color or a muted pink to match the flesh. It helps elongate the face which helps women look thinner.

How to Fix Small Eyes:

Sometimes a woman’s eyes can appear small behind the frames. If this is the case, use eyeliner all around the eye. This will make the eyes look larger. If this doesn’t work you may want to look at makeup trick number 21.

How to Fix Big Eyes:

Just as a pair of frames can make a woman’s eyes appear small, they can also make them appear big. Again, turn to the trusted eye liner (preferably gel) to get the look you are going for. To help the eyes appear smaller only use the gel liner on the bottom of the eye and only use a light layer.

Lip Boldness:

Don’t be afraid to go bold with lip-gloss or lipstick. Using a bold or bright color on the lips make up for the muted tone of the eyes.

Shimmer of Color:

Using just a shimmer of color of the lower lid can give the eyes just the right amount of color. It doesn’t scream attention but it gets the attention of others.

Smoky Eyes:

Don’t let eyeglasses hold you back. Women who wear thin or thick frames can get away with a little smoky eye action every now and again. It makes the eye look dramatic behind the frame.

The Smudged Look:

Should a woman happen to smudge her eyeliner it isn’t the end of the world. In fact, creating a smudged look can help people focus on your eyes better. This slight “imperfection” may just be the perfect way to draw people into your eyes.

Use A Neutral Foundation:

A neutral foundation, preferably mineral based, will stay on longer and not leave marks from the glasses. This is especially helpful for a woman who has fine lines around her eyes. Don’t let the makeup become caked on or those wrinkles will be even more obvious. Then you’ll be spending the day cleaning off makeup off your glasses.

Wear Mascara:

Mascara can be an eyeglass wearer’s best friend. It helps to highlight the eyes without having to add any color. Be bold and double up on the mascara.

Working On the Complexion:

Having an oily complexion does not look good for a girl wearing eyeglasses. Washing the face every day is a good way to keep acne at bay. However, some women require acne medication, moisturizer, and anti-wrinkle cream to help them regain a youthful, refreshed appearance.

So, remember to rock your glasses the way you want. Don’t be afraid about what other people may think. Play around with color and let experimentation drive the journey. Women who use these 21 makeup tricks are sure to turn a few heads and get a few nods in return. Go ahead and have some fun with your glasses and makeup. Rock today and rock the world.

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