Best Money Saving Makeup or Beauty Tips and Ideas

Beauty products can be too expensive and burn a hole in your product. What if you get a few tips to look beautiful in the most cost effective manner without burning your pockets or bank balance ;)? Read on to know what helps you in saving money for yourself easily.

Money Saving Beauty Tips

1. Try Oatmeal mask for treating acne:

Make oat porridges like the ones for drinking and let it cool. Apply this on your face and wash off after 30 minutes. It leaves your skin clean and fresh.

2. Use hair conditioner for shaving:

You could use your regular hair conditioner as a shaving cream without spending too much on shaving creams to get very sexy and hot smooth legs. Apply conditioner on your legs after a shower, and then shave. Your legs will become smooth and soft. Also, this product stays long and saves cash.

3. How to you use finished lipstick effectively?

Lipstick use effectivelyScoop out the last bit of your finished lipstick and mix it with your lip balm or Vaseline. This gives your lip car product the shine and the shade you love.

4. Use petroleum jelly to prevent wrinkles:

Apply a bit of petroleum jelly around your eyes before going to bed for a cost effective way to avoid wrinkles from appearing.

5. Get Multi-purpose eye shadow palettes:

multi purpose eye shadow palettesUse an eye shadow palette that gives you a wide range of colors together instead of separate eye shadows. This palette could also act as a highlighter, inner-eye color, brow filler and eye liner.

6. Get Natural pout naturally:

Get a bottle of natural cinnamon and rub it over your lips. It gives you the natural pout. In all ways, it is much better than spending money on lip products, natural and cost effective.

7. Use Lacto Calamine as makeup remover:

No need to spend a fortune on products that remove your makeup. Use Lacto Calamine instead. All kinds of makeup including the ones around your eyes are removed and the skin gets smooth and moisturized. Take a small amount of Lacto Calamine on a damp cotton ball and wipe it all over. Mascara, kajal, and shadow also come off clean. After that, wash your face and pat dry. Before going to bed, apply some lacto calamine to nourish your skin.

8. Get more from your Foundation:

Get more of Sponge FoundationDampen the sponge before applying your foundation. It absorbs less foundation and you can save on it. Moreover, it will give you a natural dewy look for your skin.

9. Fight cellulite using natural ways:

Rind coffee beans and mix with your body lotion. Rub this over areas that show cellulite. It stimulates circulation, helps break down trapped fat and tightens skin. Wash off after 30 minutes.

10. Smoothen your hair easily:

Smooth Hair - use Baby lotionUse baby lotion on your hair, especially at the tips helps you in getting smooth hair instantly. This will not frizzle or go out of place.

11. Make your own Body scrub:

Make a scrub at home using brown sugar and honey. Make a paste and scrub your face and body to remove dead skin and dirt, and also get a fresh, clean and soft skin. You can also use this as a great lip exfoliating product.

12. Make your own home face mask:

Mix ripe banana, 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of yoghurt and apply over your face. Wash off after 15 minutes for a blemish free, soft and smooth skin.

13. Lipstick as blush:

You can also use lipstick over your cheek bones where you use the blush to get the same look, in case you run out of blush. Dab a bit of lipstick on your fingers and blend well on cheeks.

14. Use make up sponges effectively:

Cut your round make up sponges into two halves and you can start using only one-half at a time. Go to the other half only when the first one is used completely. This helps in using them for longer.

15. Get last bit of any product:

When your shampoos or conditioners are almost finished, keep the bottles upturned, with the bottom part facing upwards. This helps you prevent any further wastage of all your products, by using them even till the last drop.

16. Make your tint at home:

Get a foundation that is one or two shades darker than yours and mix with a moisturizer. If you do not use foundation, get your own tinted moisturizer by adding a few drops of liquid foundation to your moisturizer and mixing well. You could use it every day.

17. Use Moisturizer as eye cream:

Moisturizer as eye creamUse your moisturizer, a gentle one, as an under eye cream. Massage slightly under your eye area and leave it overnight.

18. Try Baby powder for your hair:

In case you have greasy hair, and you want to shampoo every day, give up on the idea and use baby powder instead. It helps you get rid of greasy hair in minutes. Rub a small amount on your palms and rub on the roots of your hair. Brush it out after 5 minutes.

19. Use Perfume lotion longer:

Perfume Body Lotion usesWhen you reach the last bit of your perfume, open it and pour out the remaining drops to your body lotion or body wash to get your own perfumed product.

20. Olive oil spa treatment:

Take a few drops of olive oil in your palm and massage over your face, arms and legs. Concentrate over areas where the skin is flaky or hard and avoid areas of breakouts or cuts. Leave it on for some time. Take a home steam over a bowl of hot water if you can. Your skin becomes soft, glowing and healthy.

21. Make your own lip shades:

Save the remaining bit of your lipstick. Take a few shades and heat them for a few seconds to melt and our in a container. When it cools down, use it to tint your lips using your finger. Take a variety of colors and get a different look.

22. Cost effective lashes:

Use castor oil instead of using your mascara all the time. Dip a cotton bud into the oil and apply over your eyelashes every night before going to bed. Wash it off in the morning. You will get longer, thicker and shinier lashes.

23. Make Aspirin treat pimples:

Aspirin for pimples treatmentTake some aspirin and make a paste. Apply this on the spot of breakout before going to bed. It clears everything the next morning. Caution: Don’t use expired tablets or try this if you have skin related problems.

24. Increase your mascara life:

Let you mascara stand in a glass of warm water or heat up with a hair dryer to use it more till the end.

25. Make natural hair mask at home:

Take a ripe avocado, one egg yolk, and a teaspoon of olive oil and mix well. Apply on your hair, leave for 30 minutes and wash off for healthy, bouncy and shiny hair.

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