Best Monsoon Foot Care Tips you must follow

Feet carry you to all places and are an important organ of your body. But it also happens to be the most neglected part of the body. Most of the people take care of the face and the hands, but tend to ignore the feet. The feet of a person reflect his/her hygiene. If the feet are well kept, it shows that he/she is very hygienic and takes care of all parts of the body. During the monsoon seasons it is all the more import to take care of the feet as it remains wet for a long time. The moisture on the feet may lead to bacterial and fungal infections like itching skin, ringworm, redness on the skin and so on. Your feet may even get smelly. So you must take proper care of your feet during monsoon to keep them healthy and well kept.

monsoon foot care tips

Some of the foot care tips for the monsoon are:

Choose the right footwear:

During monsoon times you must try not to wear high heeled shoes or shoes that fully cover your feet, or canvas shoes. Slippers and flip-flops are best suited for monsoon times. You get them now in different colors and designs. Wearing this type of footwear ensures that your footwear does not get muddy or dirty. It will also not get damaged easily in monsoon. The water that gets into the footwear goes out easily, without staying inside. It evaporates into the air, making your feet dry.


During monsoon times it is important to exfoliate your feet regularly. You can do it when you take bath. Before you take the bath, dip your feet in a bowl of lukewarm water or plain water, as you prefer. You may mix a foot soak, which is more beneficial for your feet. If you do not have a foot soak, you can pour some mild hair shampoo to the water till foam is made. Dip your feet for about 5 to 10 minutes and then scrub you’re your feet with a pumice stone or any other foot scrubs or scrubbing material that are specially made to scrub the foot, then take your feet from the water and wash them with plain water.

Foot mask:

Just like your face, your feet may also be treated with a foot mask once in a while. This will remove the dead cells and keep your feet hydrated and smooth.. Take 4 tablespoons of multani mitti and add 2 drops of lavender oil or jasmine oil, 1 table spoon of dried and crushed neem leaves and a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Make them in to a paste by adding warm water. Clean your feet and apply the paste for 20 to 30 minutes, wash with water and dry with a towel. Massage the feet with olive oil.

Keep feet clean:

If you want a healthy feet, you must keep it clean and free from fungal infections. If your foot gets wet in the rain, put your feet in a bowl of lukewarm water, to which is added a cup of dettol or savlon. You can do this even when you come from the office or some other work. Soak your feet in this mixture for about 10 minutes and the wash your feet thoroughly with an antibacterial soap like dettol soap or lifebuoy. After washing your feet well, dry your feet with a dry towel and remove all the moisture from your feet. Another thing to remember during the monsoon season is to keep your nails cut short and clean. This is done to prevent the dust and dirt from getting collected under your nails, which may cause fungal infections.


After soaking your feet in water and drying the feet with a dry towel, apply a good moisturizer on your feet and gently massage. If you are going put for work, apply talcum powder 10 minutes after moisturizing, put on your socks and go out. If you are not using shoes, just let your feet dry and then you may go out. If you do not have enough time to indulge on these activities in the morning time, you can do it at night. This will relax your feet after a day’s hard work. This treatment may be followed by massage of your feet with some olive oil or sweet almond oil. A heavy moisturizer may also be used instead of oil.


Pedicure of your feet is as important as cleaning your feet. You may visit a parlor or do it at home. Just dip spur feet in lukewarm water to which is added some lemon juice or shampoo. Scrub your feet, cut the nails, clean under the nails, file the nails and then apply a good nail polish. Finally massage your feet well with glycerin.

Talcum powder:

After you dry your feet with a towel, apply some talcum powder on your feet and let it stay that way for some time. You can keep your feet on a stool or sit on your bed with the fan put on. This makes your feet dry by removing all the moisture on your feet.  After some time, you can put on the socks if you are planning to go out. Or else just wear your sandals. If you happen to have smelly feet, you may add powdered camphor to the talcum powder and then apply it on your feet.

Wash your footwear:

When you go out in the monsoon time, your footwear gets dirty and infected by a number of germs. So wash your sandals and slippers with water, to which some antiseptic is added, after coming home from the rain.  Keep them in an open and airy place and let them dry. This will make them clean and germ free.

So, keep your feet dry and protect them from getting infected by bacteria, fungus and other disease germs. This way you can have a tension free time during the monsoons and enjoy the beauty of the monsoon.

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