Best Natural and Effective home remedies for Mole removal

A mole is something that everyone wants to get rid of. They are most common on face, neck, arms and the legs. Sometimes they may be seen on the scalp, toes and under the nails. For some the mole is a mark of identification and beauty. The color of the mole varies from person to person, as also its size and the color. There are many natural remedies to treat the moles.

Mole removal home remedies


Effective Home remedies for the removal of moles:

Apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is one of the effective ways to remove moles. For this you have to first clean the face and let it dry. Then cover the mole with a cotton wool to which a few drops of apple cider vinegar is added. Put a band as on it to prevent the cotton ball from moving away from the mole. Apply petroleum jelly on the skin surrounding the mole tp prevent any irritation on the skin. Now leave the cotton ball on the mole for an hour or overnight. Apply this daily till you find the moles disappear. When it dries, you must not peel the scab of as it may cause a scar on the skin. Let it fall on its own. Skin pigmentation is also treated with apple cider vinegar.


Add a few drops of water in to an aspirin tablet and apply it on the mole. Wash off after 30 minutes.

Banana peels:

Banana peels re also effective in mole removal. Put the inside of the banana peel on the mole and secure it with a band-aid. The mole will get dried up and fall off.

Baking soda:

Make a paste of baking soda with water and apply it on the mole. Wash off after 15 minutes. This is very effective in removing moles.

Coriander leaves:

Make a paste of coriander leaves and apply it on the mole. Leave it overnight and wash of in the morning. Repeat this till the moles disappear.

Cashew nuts:

Soak half a cup of cashew nuts in water overnight and then grind it in to a fine paste. Apply it on the mole. By using this paste regularly, the mole and the scar will disappear completely from the skin.

Cumin seeds:

Take cumin seeds and soak it in water overnight. Grind the seeds and make it into a fine paste. Apply this paste on the mole for about two weeks and you will see the mole and the scar fade away. You may get a burning sensation on your skin when you apply the paste on your skin but you need not worry. It will not harm your skin.

Castor oil:

Castor oil is a natural way to remove moles. Week moles are removes with just 3 to four applications. For the treatment of larger moles you have to combine castor oil with baking soda and leave the mixture on the mole overnight. Use it till the mole fades off.


Rub the stem of dandelion on the mole and wash off after an hour. Do this several times a day for a week. This will remove the mole very effectively.

Fig stem:

The juice you get from the fig stem is very effective in removing moles. Take the juice of the fig stem and apply it on the mole, rubbing the juice on the mole. Do this three times a day and within a few days the moles will disappear.

Grape fruit:

Take the juice of a grape fruit and apply it on the mole several time a day. Continue it for a few weeks and the mole will disappear. Grapefruit seed extract is also effective in getting rid of moles.


Apply a paste of garlic on the mole and leave it overnight, with a cotton cloth wrapped on it. Do this for about 3 weeks for the mole to completely disappear.


Apply honey on the mole and leave it for an hour. Then wash it off. Repeat this several times a day and you will see that the mole gets removed within a week.


Put iodine on the mole twice a day, till you find the mole fade away. If burning sensation occurs, you must not use it.

Mole removal cream:

You get a variety of mole removal creams that help you to get rid of moles. You must choose the best cream and make sure that it does not leave behind any scars.


Pineapple contains citric acid, which has the power to dissolve moles. Take a slice of pineapple and rub on the mole for a few minutes. Do this many times a day and finally the moles will disappear.

Pineapple and grape fruit:

Apply a paste of pineapple and grapefruit on the mole 2 3 times a day and the moles get removed. The enzymes present in these fruits break and destroy the moles in no time.


Potato is also used to remove moles. Cut a small potato into half and rub it on the mole twice a day. This helps you to get if of moles. You can also take a slice of potato and secure it on the mole with a bandage. Let it remain there for 2 to 7 days and as the potato slice decomposes, the mole also will also get removed.


Using radish is one of the best home remedies to remove moles. Grind the radish and make it in to a smooth paste. Apply the paste on the mole and continue applying it till the mole gets removed.


Put a slice of strawberry on the mole and continue it for many days till the mole gets dried up and falls off.

Home remedies are harmless and do not cause any side effects. They are also quite inexpensive and affordable by all people.

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