Best Natural and quick home remedies for curing Dehydration

The summer months are in, and dehydration is a common problem in this heat. You tend to lose a lot of water during this time, and that causes the level of water in your body to go down dangerously. Water is very important for life, and lack of it can get serious.

Dehydration is not caused due to any specific reason. People are always busy with their daily work. As such, it is really easy to get dehydrated. You have chances of dehydration even if you drink the necessary amount of water every single day. The environmental and temperature conditions and the level of physical activities determine the level of water in your body. In case of severe conditions, they make you dehydrated.

dehydration problem home remedies

Dehydration can get really serious and could even cause death, if it is not treated on time. As soon as you start seeing any signs of dehydration, take immediate action to restore the level of fluids and make your body rehydrated. Never ignore this issue. Read on to know a few home remedies for getting relief from dehydration.

Consume lots of fluids:

Whenever you feel that your body is getting dehydrated, go and make it hydrated immediately. Do not wait to do it. Your body is sure to want drinks that are sugary, but you need salt too. So, in case of dehydration, have some lime juice with sugar and salt. It helps you come over the problem of getting dehydrated. You could also have some sports drinks, as they have the same effect on your body. Just keep away from soft drinks. Drink any liquid you find near you, when you start feeling the attack.

Epsom salt:

Dehydration means lack of hydration or water. But, it also causes lack of nutrition. Along with losing water, your body also loses essential minerals and nutrients. So, you need your body to regain the nutrient content if you want to recover from dehydration. Take some Epsom salt and have a good Epsom bath. This is very useful for getting back the nutritional balance in your body. This is a remedy used for recuperating patients with long term dehydration.

Get under the shade:

Being under the sun continuously for long hours makes you lose fluid rapidly. The sun make you get dehydrated through prolonged exposure, so get a place under the shade. Lie down for a while in a shady area to get some relief. The temperature under the shade is much cooler than under the sun. So, when you feel that you are losing lots of fluids, find a place under the shade.

Have lots of fruits and vegetables:

fruits and vegetables for dehydration

If you are not the type who can drink lots of fluids, you can try another method to retain the fluid balance. This is by consuming lots of fruits and vegetables. Munch on any of your favorite ones occasionally to keep the levels of fluids in your body constant. Cucumber and watermelon are the best choices, as they contain lots of fluids. Moreover, they are natural and you need not think twice before having them.

Ice pack:

In case of dehydration, the first thing you need to do is make your body rehydrated, and you also need to stop your body from losing more fluid. For this, you have to cool down your entire body. Take some ice and apply it directly on your skin. This causes your temperature to drop at an instant. Reduction in temperature controls the amount of fluid that your body loses.

Keep your body hydrated:

Being dehydrated is really bad feeling. It makes you feel so sick and tired. As in all cases, prevention is much better than cure. So, the best way to keep your body away from dehydration is to remain hydrated. Even if you do not feel thirsty, drink lots of water. Take water whenever you feel that you are sweating a lot. Do not go for any other drinks like soda or aerated products. They only make you more dehydrated. Do not turn to soft drinks, and only stick to water.

Stop all activities and rest:

As soon as you feel your body getting dehydrated, find a place to lie down. If you continue with your activities and keep running around, it is not possible to recover from dehydration. This is a very important part about controlling dehydration. Never make your body over work when it is getting dehydrated. Get proper rest and let your body cool off. Working in this condition heats up your body all the more.


Tea is very useful for fighting against dehydration issues. Make a cup of hot tea and sip on it to give your body instant relief. Chamomile tea is very effective to help your body combat dehydration and recover from it. Dehydration tends to cause cramps in the stomach, too. Chamomile tea is also useful for treating these stomach cramps. A cup of hot chamomile tea makes you feel really good.

Wear proper clothes:

proper clothing for dehydration

In summers and when you go out in the heat, make sure you do not put on too thick clothing. It is not the right clothing in summers, as you need to control dehydration. Stick to minimal clothing during such seasons. Use only light colored and airy clothing, which is not very thick and allows your skin to breathe. Such clothes help you cool down easily.


Dehydration is best fought against by yoghurt/yogurt. Make a concoction using yoghurt and fenugreek powder. Drink this concoction a regular intervals to get relief from dehydration. In case you do not get fenugreek powder, then you can stick to yoghurt alone. Yoghurt is very useful for helping your body restore the levels of sodium and potassium back to normal.

When you get an attack of dehydration, these remedies will provide instant relief. But, in case your dehydration is prolonged, then you must seek medical help to help your body recuperate. Water is very important for your body to function well and carry out the daily tasks and activities. Keep your body hydrated and stay healthy.

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