Best and Powerful Home Remedies for Hair Growth

Everyone loves to have a healthy and shiny hair, which adds to the beauty and personality of a person. There are various ways to get a hair that grows strong and healthy, without any dandruff or any other problems.

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Kitchen Ingredients that are Effective Natural Remedies for Hair Growth:

Apple cedar vinegar:

It enhances the growth of the hair by cleansing the scalp and maintaining the pH balance of the hair. While washing your hair, use apple cider vinegar in the final rinse.

Cayenne pepper:

Cayenne pepper contains the chemical called Capsaicin, which helps in stimulating the nerves and increasing the blood flow in the scalp. In turn allows the hair to absorb more nutrients and grow strong and healthy. Mix 2 teaspoons each of cayenne pepper powder and olive oil, apply on the scalp, wait for 15 minutes and wash off with cold water.

Coconut milk:

Coconut milk is great for the hair growth because it is rich in proteins, essential fats, iron and potassium. Apply coconut milk on the scalp for overnight and wash off the next morning with water.

Cumin seeds:

Cumin seeds are rich in nutrients and vitamins that are needed for the hair. Soak cumin seeds overnight in olive oil or castor oil and in the next morning apply it rot e scalp. Wait for 15 minutes and wash with water and mild shampoo.

Egg mask:

This remedy is used all over the globe with a little bit of variations. This is because egg is a storehouse of proteins, which helps in the growth of new hair. Moreover, egg also contains sulphur, iron, selenium, zinc, iodine and phosphorous, all of which are good for the hair. Add olive oil or honey to the white of the egg and apply on the hair. Leave for 20 minutes and wash off with a mild shampoo.


Take 1 teaspoon of fenugreek paste and add 2 teaspoons of coconut milk to it. Apply well on the hair and wait for about 30 minutes. Wash off with water and mild shampoo. It not only increases the rate of your hair growth but also retain the natural color of your hair.

Green tea:

The anti-oxidant properties of green tea prevent falling of hair and accelerate the rate of hair growth.


Garlic is great for preventing hair fall. It increases the blood circulation in the scalp and promotes hair growth.

Hibiscus flower:

Hibiscus flower cure dandruff and also helps the hair to grow well and thick. It is also useful in preventing pre-mature graying of the hair.

Henna pack:

Henna is a good conditioner and excellent for the growth of your hair. If you have dry and dull hair, henna pack will turn it in to shiny and smooth hair as well as add color to your hair. It strengthens the roots of your hair helps in the accelerated growth of the hair.

Indian gooseberry (amla):

Amla is a storehouse of anti-oxidants and Vitamin C, which aids hair growth and pigmentation of the hair.

Onion juice:

Using onion juice on the scalp of the hair and washing it off after about 15 minutes is one of the oldest and excellent home remedies for the proper growth of the hair. This is because of the sulphur present in onion, which helps in the production of collagen in the tissues and the growth of the hair.

Potato juice:

Using of potato juice for the hair is not known to most of the people. Apply the juice of potato on the scalp, wait for 15 minutes and ten wash with water and mild shampoo. This provides you a healthy hair as it contains Vitamins A, B and C. potation juice is also used for treating thinning hair.

Pepper corns:

The essential oils present in pepper corns help to keep your scalp and hair hydrated.

Vitamin E oil:

Vitamin E is used a home remedy for the growth of hair from ages. This is because of the anti-oxidants present in it, which act against the free radicals. Vitamin E increases blood circulation in the scalp and also the oxygen supply in the body.

Essential Oil Treatments for the Growth of the Hair in Women:

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is a good conditioner and has been used for hair treatments from ages. It is rich in potassium and proteins and keeps your scalp healthy, promoting hair growth. It is also good for reducing dandruff. Coconut oil is a good moisturizer and strengthens your hair roots.

Flaxseed oil:

Flaxseed oil is used to treat dry, damaged and brittle hair. Using the oil makes your hair healthy and provides shine to your hair.

Jojoba oil:

Jojoba oil is used to moisturize the scalp and keeping it hydrated. It acts on dry and damaged hair and also increases blood circulation in the scalp.

Olive oil:

Olive oil is used in all beauty treatments and is one of the essential oils that is unavoidable. It is rich in anti-oxidants and is also an excellent natural conditioner.

Rosemary oil:

Rosemary oil increases blood circulation in the scalp and therefore increases hair growth. It plays the role of a good hair tonic.

Diet for Hair Growth:

Vitamin A:

Food rich in Vitamin A like mango, papaya, carrot, orange etc is good for the proper growth of your hair.

Vitamin B:

Vitamin B increases the production of hemoglobin, which is responsible for carrying oxygen. As a result blood circulation is increased. Banana, potato, fish, oatmeal, beans etc are rich in Vitamin B.

Vitamins C and E:

Vitamin C produces collagen, which fight against the free radicals, while Vitamin E increases blood circulation and increases hair growth.

Protein rich foods:

Hair is made of a protein called keratin. So consuming protein rich food like egg, tofu, chicken, soybean etc promotes healthy hair and makes your hair smooth and shiny.

If you follow proper diet and take care of your hair properly. You are sure to get a healthy and thick hair that is smooth and manageable.

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