Best and Proper Hair Care Treatment Tips for Rebonded Hair

Hair re-bonding is a common practice these days. Every woman wants the hair they always loved to have, and opt to re-bonding techniques to achieve this. The hair is chemically relaxed in this technique, to turn the curls straight and tame them. Women with unmanageable and voluminous hair prefer this method to make their hair more manageable. It does look god and lasts for a long time.

hair rebonding best practices

Advantages and Disadvantages of Re-bonding:

Re-bonding gives you beautiful and manageable hair. It gives a sleek look.

  • No matter how careful you are, your hair has chances of being subjected to chemical damage. A lot of chemicals are used, which can leave your hair brittle.
  • The roots get weakened after this process, so, the chances of hair fall is increased. You need to handle carefully to prevent loss of hair.
  • There is always a risk of getting your hair burnt due to chemicals or the hair straightener.
  • You will have to keep your hair open and loose at most times, as tying it tight or tucking up can cause damage to it.
  • Each time you sit for a touch up to your re-bonded hair, your hair gets weakened further. It can become susceptible to damage over time.

Re-bonded Hair Care:

rebonded hair care tips

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Re-bonded hair needs more care than the usual hair. All the chemicals and treatment procedures leave your hair brittle and susceptible. So, you must be careful while handling. Constant care and protection will be needed to keep your hair away from damage. Given below are a few tips to care of your rebounded hair. Follow them properly to keep your hair beautiful and healthy.

  • In order to let the chemicals seep in and settle well, you must not wet your hair for a few days after the re-bonding session. Your hair will become greasy, but you have to keep on to this rule.
  • Tying your hair or keeping it behind your ears is a strict no. this is because your hair acquires a shape in this state, and you do not want to spoil the look.
  • Ensure your hair is straight when you sleep. It could get a weird shape otherwise.
  • After three days, use a good shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair. It is a good idea to let the conditioner stay on your hair for a few minutes.
  • Stay away from all kinds of heating tools. Even blow drying must be avoided. The cool blast of air option can be tried in case you really have to dry your hair.
  • Leave your hair alone for at least six months. Do not mess with it or meddle with it, as your hair needs time to relax and settle down. The high dose of straightening chemicals can leave your hair tired and vulnerable. So, no hair coloring, no highlighting, and no streaks should be done within this time.
  • Trim your hair regularly to keep your hair in top condition and keep it safe from split ends. Split ends can travel up and damage your hair if not trimmed in time.
  • Hot water will take away the moisture in your hair. So, stick to only cold water for washing your hair.
  • Do not let any residue stay back on your hair. It can cause itching, dandruff, and even hair fall. Keep your scalp clean at all times.
  • When combing your hair, make sure you use a comb which is wide toothed. Separate the strands carefully, and remove the tangles. Plastic combs can cause frizz because of static, so better use a wooden comb.
  • Do not shampoo your hair daily unless it is too oily or greasy. You can also try using a conditioner as a shampoo and just rinse away. This is known as co-washing. Alternate days of shampooing are also an option.
  • Use a hair serum on a regular basis. A barrier is created between your hair and the outer environment. This protects your hair better and keeps it safe.
  • A leave in conditioner is a good option. The moisture in your hair is retained, and dryness and frizz is also prevented by using this.
  • Stay away from cold winds, rains, and even harsh rays of the sun. All these and other environmental factors can affect your hair. So, use a hat or umbrella and keep your hair safe.
  • Get hair spas done regularly, or use a hair mask often. These treatments give your hair the necessary nutrition, and keep it moisturized.
  • If you hair gets wet in the rain, get a good wash for your hair as soon as possible. Rainwater contains salts and pollutants, which can settle in your hair and cause damage.
  • A nutritious diet is the most important thing you must keep in mind. Nuts, almonds, cashews, and loads of vegetables and fruits must be incorporated in your diet for proper nutrition to your hair. These foods are great for your hair and keep it healthy.

A Few Precautions:

re-bonding hair problems

  • Never expose your hair to the sun and pollution. This must be ensured at all costs. Keep your hair covered and protected always. Re-bonded hair has got more chances of getting damaged due to the sun and pollution. So, be careful in this matter.
  • Make sure your hair never gets too dry.  When the hair gets dry, it even becomes more brittle. Moreover, rebounded hair which is treated with chemicals is weaker and more susceptible to damage.
  • Stay away from hot water. Never expose your hair to hot water.

When you take good care of your hair, it becomes smooth, frizz free, and looks beautiful. Make sure you stick to a hair care routine to keep your hair healthy and strong. Even though re-bonded hair is susceptible to damage, t=it will never be a problem if you take good care of it.

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87 Responses

  1. Julie Wright says:

    Wow. I love this post. This is the best proper hair care treatment tips. My hair having split ends and hair brittle after 3 days when I wash it. You really right that rebonded hair can increased hair fall. That is my big problem now. Thanks for sharing this. I read more hair care blogs last few day, if you have time you can take a look of this. Thanks again.

  2. Sarasi Mahawela says:

    Thank you very much for this. this is first time to Re bonded my hair. Thank you very much again to your teem.

  3. vanessa says:

    Hi, nirebond po ako last saturday. Ask ko lang kung pwede na pong iligo sa martes? Thanks.

  4. Mi Young says:

    hi! I js wanna ask for the best shampoo and conditioner for rebonded hair?

  5. ana says:

    My hair type is oily .. What shampoo and conditioner is the best for me ?

    • Nikitha says:

      Try Pantene Pro-V Detangling Light Conditioning Mist and Pantene Purity Clarifying Shampoo. They work well for Oily hair

  6. Normalinda Pilotin says:

    I just got rebonded 2 days ago pero yung buhok ko parang medyo kumukulot dun sa part malapit sa forehead ko.

  7. wheng enriquez says:

    bkit po dry ung dulo ng buhok q,,4 days plang aq ngprebond

  8. Bellemure says:

    Its same to me my hair just got rebonded few weeks ago,the problem is Under is starting to curl again. I spend 5K for this. And its starting to curl again. I m very dissapointed. 🙁

  9. Bellemure says:

    Anyway one who can recomend a shampoo and conditioner to take care of our Hairs? First it took so long to get a rebond. So i dnt want to go back n the salon again and sit for 8Hrs.

  10. Britney says:

    Hi ano ba pwede sa buhok ko nagpa rebond ako tapos wala pang six months naging dry and brittled na ang buhok ko ano po ba ang dapat kong gawin sa buhok ko?, o ano bang dapat na gamitin na shampoo at conditioner?please reply me 🙁

    • Jenny says:

      Ganyan din nangyari sa buhok ko noon..then i used pantene hair repair shampoo and conditioner…then lagi ko ti ni trim ang dulo..thank God nka recover din ang buhok ko..and i will never go for hair rebond again.

  11. phine garcia says:

    My hair is rebonded after 3 days i wash my hair I see my hair have a split ends near in my scalp i got nervous bec.many hair falling.

  12. Krystal Jung says:

    I got my hair rebonded last December 2014 and I was very happy with the results. But then the ends of my hair started to get rough and brittle. I’m also dealing with hair fall right now. Sometimes, my hair gets so frizzy and it looks like a bird’s nest. I can’t really understand my hair because sometimes, it looks so good. It even has volume and it’s so shiny.

    The ends of my hair are also curled and it looks like it was burned. This is also one of my problems. I tried the Wella Pro Series (moisture) shampoo and it just did an average effect. It didn’t make any change actually. I also tried sunsilk shampoo but it just did the same. I’m currently using cream silk (standout straight) and it felt very soft when I wash my hair but yeah—my hair gets frizzy when it’s already dry.

    What can I do about this? Please help me.

  13. naaz says:

    In rebonded hair can I use home remedies like egg yolk aelovera n ol plz rpl must

  14. Madhu says:

    I have done rebonding a week back.anyone suggest me whether we can use home remedies like egg mask,aloevera etc or not ? Please suggest me

  15. Jung Soojung says:

    My hair got rebonded last dec. Im quite contented with the way it look but I noticed that I have a problem with hairfall. Whenever I comb my hair, a lot falls. and I Know that having some of your hair fall is quite normal for girls , but Im not so sure if my number of hair lost each time is still normal. Pls give us tips to prevent more hair from falling.

  16. mandeeep says:

    I m facing a great problm f hair falling after rebonding..nw wt should i do..which shampoo nd home remedies should i use to prevent it..plzz reply

  17. priti says:

    Which hair colour is best after hair rebonding beacause my hair are very white .and which conditioner is good after rebonding.

  18. Gessy says:

    Hello.. Is it fine to rebond my Again after a week it was rebonded? Cause last week i got my hair rebonded,they only put chemicals half of the length of my chemicals at all from the middle to tip.. After three days i took a shower and my hair is so dry,frizzy, and unmanageable.. I feel so sad..

  19. Ronzski Doca says:

    Hi! my hair just got re-bonded last two weeks ago, March 21, 2015. my problem is my hair got itchy and it has dandruff. Since my hair got re-bonded I’ve been only using Cream silk Standout Straight. How will I remove the dandruff from my scalp? what do I have to do? I’m scared to use the wrong shampoo and rub my hair with it. Please Reply asap. I need help please.

    • Nikitha says:

      Dandruff cannot be cured soon easily. If the problem is from long time you need to consuly a skin specialist and take proper treatment. However you can try “Cipla 8x anti dandruff shampoo” or “Scalpe anti dandruff shampoo” i found these good and worked well for me as well 🙂

      Also don’t get tensed as that also causes hair-fall and dandruff on your hair. So, be cool and calm always 🙂

  20. Supriya says:

    Hi, I had done rebonding last year, til 8 months they were straight, shiny and silky but now my hair started becoming frizzy,dry and lot of knots are there. What shud I do?

  21. Soopia says:

    Hi! Can I use Dove Conditioners for my rebonded hair?

  22. joaquin's says:


    • Prasanna Kantheti says:

      Its better to use the hair straightening shampoo and conditioner must follows… like L’Oreal and matrix…

  23. Gen says:

    Hello po I rebonded last aug. 21,2015 and I am wanting to dye my hair… Will it damage my rebonded hair?

  24. Jisha says:

    Hai i have done my hair re bonding on friday when can i wash it after 3 days means is it on monday or tuesday

  25. May says:

    I Love the Post, but please can you give me a product name or a product component which is considerate of less damage to irritating scalp and also to be effective.
    Thanks for your caring.

  26. khushi says:

    My hair is reboden after 20 days…
    And my hair is dry our damage …..
    Plzz sug me

  27. Sadika says:

    I have rebounded my hair before 1 month bt these days I have a hair fall problem plzzz suggest me which shampoo better for me can I use sunshine shampoo because matrix options care shampoo not suited to me

  28. Sadika says:

    Sunsilk shampoo

  29. Parul says:

    Which shampoo and conditioner I should use after rebondirebonding

  30. Eva says:

    Its been six months since i had gotten my hair rebonded. Now that winter is approaching alot of hair fall has started and there is too much of dandruff too. I use Wella Professional shampoo and mask. I just wanted to know how can i reduce my hair fall and dandruff. Thank you!

  31. Maui says:

    Hi, i just want go ask what to do with my hair,because after 3days rebonded my hair I washed it. and I’m very upset and disappointed because my hair become so dry in the ends and looklike frizzy and dry.i don’t known what to do.I’m. so. upset. and very disappointed to the hairdresser that did my rebond.

  32. parul says:

    I take a hair smoothing treatment before a couple of month….but now alot of hair fall or dandruff. what can I do?? one more question. may I used egg in mah haie or not??? help me pls… 😉

    • Nikitha says:

      eggs help in smoothening your hair. if the hair fall is severe use a good hairfall control shampoo. you can try loreal 3x anti hair fall shampoo

  33. parul says:

    thanku soo much.. :*

  34. assmaa says:

    hi its good ….
    but i want to ask a solution after the rebounding about a month later… the hair break from the mark of straighting…. i think its a burnt due to the use of over heated iron in rebounding… but the saloon girl failed to satisfy… have you any solution for this…

  35. Lovelhyn De Santo Tomas says:

    ask kolng po kung pwede nba ako magparebond mag 2weeks na bby ko sa January 8.plz advice me.kc buhaghag na buhok ko sobrang kapal pa naman, nahihiya na kc ako sa asawa ko plzzzz….

  36. Rica Mae says:

    ano po ang magandang gagamitin ko after 3days paliliguan ko na tong buhok ano po magandang gamitin ko para hindi po bumalik agad sa dati, kasi last dec.17 ,2015 nagparebond ako after 3days pinaliguan ko na then nung natayo na bumalik na yung hair ko sa dati na curl then nagparebond ulit ako jan.3,2016 then papaliguan ko na sana ano po yung pwede ko gamitin para hindi bumalik sa dati reply po please salamat.

  37. Rica Mae says:

    Hi po tanong ko po sana kung ano po ang the best na gagamitin para sa buhok ko na narebond last jan.3,2016 eh papaliguan ko na sana ngayon ano po ang magandang gagamitin ko para hindi po agad babalik sa dati. Kasi po pangalawang rebond ko na po to yung una nung dec.17,2015 eh after 3days pinaliguan ko po then bumalik po agad. Reply po please salamat.

  38. sapna says:

    hi. i take matrix rebonding but after 3 days rins my hair again curly what should i do.

  39. Charm Allano says:

    Hi.This is Charm.I got my hair rebonded last two days and just washed it now. I’ve noticed that it looks so dry and have parts which brittled..What should I do?

  40. Missy!! says:

    Hi kakarebond ko lang 3 days palang po kaso parang nasunog st matigas n young hair ko ndi ko pa na papaliguan anung best n gamitin ko kung treatment

  41. JJ says:

    I got my hair rebonded 3 months ago. I have been advised and using Schwartzkopf repair rescue shampoo and conditioner. Now can I switch to Well SP Keratin protect shampoo and mask? I want to use a keratin rich shampoo with no parabens and sulphates. Please advice.

  42. Liezyl says:

    Hi after my hair got rebonded po , every shampoo and conditioner yung hair ko po grabe yung tangle hindi na siya katulad before yung rebond na smooth pedeng kamayin. ngayon ang hirap suklayin. kaya sobrang daming nalalagas na hair then pag dry na yung hair daming hair fall din. Ask ko lang po anong pwedeng gamitin para maging smooth and detangle ang hair. para bumalik na po yung smooth hair dati.. ang nipis na po kasi nang hair ko..plsss

    • Amil says:

      hi, ask ko lang kung nakakasama na ba yung 4 times kna nagpaparebond pero every year naman, ituloy ko pa ba kasi ang gagawin kis na sana every 6 months na e or should i stop na? 🙁

  43. Angela says:

    Can we use Argan oil for rebounded hair?
    And how can we make sure that rebounded hair will be straight

  44. russel says:

    Hi .. I am guy.. I have long hair .. My hair has got split ends ,dandruff and its damaged .can you please help me suggest what kind of shampoo should i use to keep hair in good condition?? Please help .i am waiting for the reply thanks 🙂

  45. Gwen says:

    Hi, thanks to this tips! 🙂 2 weeks rebonded but my hair gets itchy and i’m afraid that it may also cause dandruff sooner, what shampoo can I use in this case? Please I am also waiting for the reply, thanks a lot 😀

  46. Myohmhy says:

    Hi. I just had a rebond today and after that, it felt like my hair roots are damaged, with curls. Do you think that it was burnt, because the stylist was not able to rinse it properly after she put the first treatment. Now, my hair looks so ugly. What should I do?

  47. Myohmhy says:

    Hi, I just had my rebond yesterday and after the treatment, I had burnt hair roots. Is it because that the stylist was not able to rinse my hair properly after putting the 1st hair rebond treatment on my hair? Can you help me? What can I put to my hair to remove the burnt hair roots? Some of my hair ends are also burnt and became curly. Please help. Thanks.

  48. Amil says:

    hi, ask ko lang kung nakakasama na ba yung 4 times kna nagpaparebond pero every year naman. 🙁

  49. Sim says:

    Do rebonding effect sensitive skin as I had sensitive skin n I had to go for rebonding as my hairs r messy n curly..
    After how many days cn I use oil to my hair,

  50. dana says:

    After how many days of rebonding I can use egg yogurt, oil

  51. Yze says:

    I’ve just got rebonded on June 18, 2016 and this is my 6th days after being rebonded but it looks frizzy and wavy at the end of my hair it looks like burnt. If I treat it right now and have a hair spa will it look straight and smooth again? Please reply. Thank you 🙂

  52. Candy says:

    What was the best shampoo and conditioner for rebonded hair?

  53. raja wasif says:

    can i use oil after rebonded nd can i use shampoo daily ?

  54. Sedighe says:

    Thank you so much for the advices. I have not don rebonding yet n I wanna do it. Please tell me that which rebounding products is the best?
    I appreciate in advance

  55. Alys says:

    Hi! I’d like to ask if how many weeks pwede magpa-haircolor after rebonding? Kakaparebond ko lang last Saturday. Thanks!

  56. Alys says:

    Hi! I’d like to ask if when pwede magpa-haircolor after rebonding? Kakaparebond ko lang last Saturday. Thanks!

  57. Anna says:

    This was very informative.I had rebonding last month but now my hair is getting dry and tangled day by day.Is there any solution?

  58. Marimar says:

    Thank you for your information on how to take care rebonded hair.

  59. Neha says:

    Hi i need help, my scalp is getting to dry n m facing the dandruff problem , i do have taken the hair spa but still the scalp is still untouched n dry. Please advise me some product which i can use it on my scalp to get rid of the dandruss n itching.

  60. Shalini says:

    This is really gonna helpful for reminded hair…

  61. saiqa says:

    i have rebond my hair at home with my self. my hair was very curly but after rebonding my hairs become straight but it never happened as in salon . i get only straight but dont get sleeky condition so what was actually happened i think my hair
    straightner was not good plz help me

  62. Lorraine says:

    Hi, my hair was rebonded last october 1, and the hair stylist adviced me to use tresemme keratin smooth but i’m using tresemme shampoo for normal hair since the day i washed it, is it okay?, thank you!

  63. jhanany says:

    Very nice.. I just wanna to ask that is it ok to use coconut oil on rebounded hair??

  64. prabhjot kaur says:

    Plz tel me merit and demerit of hair rebonding.

  65. shama khan says:

    can i oil my hair after a month of rebonding

  66. Christy says:

    Hi, I just wanna ask before I do something to my hair. It is safe if I color my hair first before rebonding it or rebound it first then color it. Thanks!

  67. Belinda A. Corpuz says:

    Hi!!!! My hair rebonded last december 28,2016 and until now my hair is still straight but have a little curly infront.My hair is thin and a little dry.I want to go to Salon to maintain the straight of my hair,but i cannot do rebond again because i just rebonded last December.What is the best thing to do? Treatment or hot oil…..?or any suggestion please..thankyou

  68. Clarissa says:

    Ask ko lang if pwede nako magswimming sa pool if i got rebonded 1 month before.thanks

  69. Bumkeyk says:

    Hello po, nagparebond po ako this april 1, and may swimming po kami sa beach sa April 17 and 18. Pwede na po ba ako sa beach? Thanks po.

    • fatima says:

      As much as possible avoid swimming in salt water as it can damage your hair. Also, avoid pools because chlorine can also damage your hair.

  70. Nami says:

    Hi, nagparebond po ako ng super early morning ng June 18, Monday, Golden Brazillian Rebond po kasi nangungulot na po hair ko. Ive informed the stylist na ingatan kasi manipis po yung hair ko. Then after 2 and a half days, i washed my hair na po and it turned curly again. Ive visited the stylist then she said, she will redo the Brazillian Rebond and made sure that it will be okay.

    So that night nung natapos po, okay naman shiny naman po hair ko and malambot, except doon sa may scalp, matigas po ung hair ko sa may scalp. I think nadamage po hair ko sa pag redo.

    First day po ngaun after irepair ung rebond, hindi ko pa nawawash hair ko. Natatakot po ako na baka maglagas po hair ko pag binasa ko.

    Ano pong protection need ko gawin? Thank you po.

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