Best Tips for getting Glowing and Radiant Skin

Everybody loves o have a glowing and healthy skin without any blemishes. But with age, one usually starts losing the glow and the skin starts getting pigmented and dull. But by following some of the tips given below, you may have a glowing skin even when you get older.

Glowing Radiant Skin tips

Some Great Tips for Beautiful and Radiant Skin:

Change your habits:

  • Smoking is bad for your health and also for your skin. Try to stop it or cut down smoking as far as possible.
  • A good sleep at night is also important.
  • You must try not to drink too much of coffee and tea.
  • Junk foods, foods to which coloring is added, aerated food etc must also be avoided.

Don’t forget exfoliation:

  • Exfoliation is done after you cleanse your skin
  • You can use a mild scrub for exfoliating your skin, especially if your skin has pimples and is sensitive.
  • Use the scrub at least 3 times in a week.
  • After scrubbing and exfoliating your skin, apply a good toner and moisturizer.

If the skin is not exfoliated properly, it will lead to clogging of the pores and deposition of dead skin cells. You can also go for chemical exfoliation or skin polishing once in a month if required. But it is important that you consult a dermatologist before you go for it. Home facial also provides you excellent results.

Drink Enough Water:

  • You must drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. This flushes out all toxins from your body and keeps your skin hydrated.
  • Drinking lots of water makes your skin glow.
  • Make it a habit to drink water frequently and this will surely provide you a radiant and glowing skin.

Exercise regularly:

Like good food and rest, exercise is also important for a glowing skin.

  • Go for morning walks every day.
  • This provides fresh oxygen to your skin and also increases the blood circulation and improves metabolism. This in turn provides you a healthy and radiant skin.

Follow a skin care regime:

  • You must choose skin care products that suit your skin.
  • Make it a habit to cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin every morning and night.

Food and Vitamin requirements:

You need a healthy body and mind to have a healthy skin. Vitamin is one of the essential vitamins that you must take to have a good skin.

  • It helps in the regeneration of cells and makes it healthy and fresh from inside.
  • It enhances the production of collagen and building up of tissues and maintains the elasticity of the skin.
  • You must consume citrus fruits like oranges, lemon, broccoli, kiwis, mangoes or a glass of lime water every day. You can even have tomatoes or bell peppers. This helps in increasing the Vitamin C intake.
  • Vitamin C even helps in better absorption of all the essential elements from the moisturizer that you apply on your skin.
  • Sun burn and sun tan are also be prevented by taking enough Vitamin C.

Follow Yoga:

  • Yoga makes your body and mind healthy and keep you active and young looking.

Natural Face packs:

  • If the face pack you use contains soaked or boiled oat meal, sour curd or malai that is taken from freshly boiled milk, it will be more effective as these may add natural glow to your skin and keep it radiant.
  • Using natural scrubs and face wash consisting of gram flour or any other such ingredients makes you skin more glowing.
  • Sandal wood powder and fuller’s earth are also excellent for your skin.

Prevent Hyper pigmentation:

With age, your skin will start having age spots, hyper pigmentation, sun spots etc. This is most common on women who go out frequently and those who spend a lot of time in front of the fire.

  • Have a regular skin checkup.
  • Use a good sun screen lotion on your skin.
  • Use skin products that contain extracts of licorice.
  • If they do not go off, consult a dermatologist.

Stop using chemicals on skin:

Take good care of your skin and don’t use all the skin products that are available in the market.

  • When you buy a sunscreen, lotion or any other skin care products, read carefully and check the ingredients in them.
  • Now choose those products which have natural oils like tea tree oil, eucalyptus, olive oil etc.
  • Try not to use products with lots of chemicals like parabens, sulphates and so on.
  • The face wash you choose must balance the pH level of the skin.
  • Do not switch over from one product to the other every now and then as your skin takes time to get adjusted to a new product.
  • Always check the expiry date given on the back of tubes.

Switch over with seasons:

The way you take care of your skin must change with change in seasons.

  • During the summer times you must use oil control face packs and face washes and light toners, so that your skin remains fresh and rejuvenated in the hot summer months.
  • During the rainy seasons antibacterial face washes are the best choice, which are also deep cleansing.
  • During the summer and monsoon months you can also use herbal masks like neem, which is also antibacterial.
  • During the winter times the skin care products that you use must be such that they keep your skin moisturized. You must also use foot care lotions.
  • The toners you use mist nourish your skin deeply and you may also use lip balms.

Sleep well:

  • You must sleep at least 7 to 8 hours daily.
  • Lack of sleep leads to dull skin that looks tired, and puffiness under the eyes. You will also get dark circles.
  • So, have a good sleep and this will work wonders for our skin.

Use Sunscreen lotion:

  • Using a good sunscreen lotion protects your skin from getting damaged by the UV rays of the sun.
  • Apply the lotion about 20 minutes before you go out in the sun and this will keep your skin radiant and glowing in spite of going in the sun.

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