Best Tips on How to do Facials for your Oily Skin

A facial is always good for the skin and makes your face clean and glowing. Facial can cleanse the skin very deeply and also reduce the size of the pores. It also relaxes your face muscles, prevents breakouts of acne, pimples etc and increase the flow of blood. This in turn prevents premature ageing of the skin and makes your face looking young and glowing.

Oily Skin Facial Tips

Visiting a parlor every time you need a facial is not affordable to all as it is quite expensive. So, you can have the facial at home using natural ingredients and keep the texture of the skin well maintained.

How to make Facial for Oily Skin at Home:

Clarifying facial mask:

Facial masks with clay are the best homemade face masks for the oily skin. This removes excess oil from the face and makes the skin look fresh and rejuvenated. You can make face mask at home by adding 2 spoons each of fuller’s earth and tomato puree, and 1 teaspoon of fresh yogurt. Add a few drops of fresh lemon juice also and mix them well to make a smooth paste. It should neither be too thick nor too thin in consistency.  Apply this mask on your face and the neck with a brush. Do not apply on the eye area. Now dip two cotton balls in cucumber juice or rosewater and keep them over your eyes. Relax and wait for about 15 minutes, till the mask gets dry.

Remember not to leave it on your face for a long time as it may lead to the appearance of fine lines by making the skin tight. After 15 minutes you can wipe out the mask with the help of cotton pads, followed by washing with cold water. Pat dry your face. Fuller’s earth is good for getting rid of excess oil and the lemon juice and yogurt help in reducing acne scars and making the skin tone even, as well as improving the complexion of the skin.


Cleansing the face helps in removing dirt, impurities, pollution, bacteria and dead cells from the skin. It is also good for removing any residues that have accumulated after makeup and to remove excess oil. When the skin is oily, you must use a cleanser that can remove the excess oil from the face. But the cleanser you choose must not remove all the oil from the face as it may make the skin dehydrated and dry. Adequate amount of oil is always essential for a moisturized and soft skin. You can buy a non lathering cleanser of a good brand or you can make it at home using natural ingredients. Just make a paste of oats with yogurt and the homemade cleanser is ready. Apply this on your face and neck and massage in circular motions. Wipe off with a tissue or soft cotton and then wash with warm water.


Steaming the face helps in removing excess oil and dirt and opens up the pores. Before you apply a face mask, it is important that you steam your face to open the pores and make the skin soft. This enable the nutrients in the mask to go deep into the skin and you will get a soft and glowing skin. You can add various herbs like rosemary, lavender or thyme to the boiling water when you steam the face. Let the steam get into your skin for about 5 to 8 minutes.


Most of us think that moisturizer is for dry skin only. But this is not correct. Moisturizer nourishes the skin and retains its youthfulness. So, oily skin also needs moisturizer to maintain its texture and beauty. When you apply moisturizer on oily skin, take care that you buy water based moisturizers so that they do not make your skin greasy. You get superior quality branded moisturizers for oily skin in the market. Apply it on your face and the neck and massage gently till it gets absorbed by the skin. You must always use a moisturizer after you cleanse, steam and use facial masks.


Toning helps in getting rid of accumulated dirt and leftovers of the makeup from your face. By applying it before you apply moisturizer on the face, it will tone your skin properly. Toning is excellent for tightening the skin and to close all the pores that have opened up. This way it makes your skin look beautiful and young. The toner is always used before you moisturize your face. Make sure that the toner does not have any alcoholic contents in it. You can either use a toner of well known brand or just apply rose water on your face with cotton pad. Rose water is a natural toner that is good for your skin.

By doing facial at home you can save money as well as your time. Do these once in a week and you will get a skin that is clear, blemish free and bright. It can prevent premature ageing of the skin, dullness of the skin and uneven skin tone.

If you are too busy to try this out, then there are some kits which make it easy for you.

Some of the Best Facial Kits for Oily Skin are:

Diamond facial for oily skin:

Here the upper skin layer of the face that contains dirt and dead cells are removed with the help of sterile diamond heads. This facial nourishes your skin and helps in reducing age spots, tan, oiliness, wrinkles, black heads and white heads.

Golden facial for oily skin:

This consists of creams with 24 carat gold, which removes toxins and wastes from the skin, making it rejuvenated and fresh. It also retains the elasticity of the skin, making it young looking.

Herbal facials for oily skin:

This facial is one of the best for oily skin. It helps in getting rid of acne, controlling oil on the skin and removes all dead skin cells along with black heads and white heads.

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