Best Tips on How to Remove Pimples from Eyelids

Eyelid pimples, also known as stye or sty, are something every one of us has suffered at some point in our life. An attack of bacteria or more often an infection on the oil glands on the eyelids is the most common cause for eyelid pimples. An eyelid pimple or sty can occur on anywhere around your eye, either on your upper eyelid, or on your lower eyelid, or it can even occur inside your eyelid. Though it is a pimple, it generally does not grow in large numbers like other pimples that occur on your face or chin. That might be the case, but still it becomes often a very painful experience. But if you know the causes for it, its symptoms and know treatment solutions for eyelid pimples, you can easily prevent this bad experience.

Remove Pimples on Eyelids

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It is not enough to be aware of the causes for eyelid pimples. You have to make sure that you stay away from things that cause it to happen. Attack by a bacterium called staphylococcus is the prime cause for eyelid pimples to occur. This bacterium which leads to excessive lubrication of our tear films, enter our body through our nose and affect the oil glands of our eyelashes.

Eyelid pimples differ from other pimples in many aspects. You may not be having a similar pimple on any other part of your body like an eyelid pimple. And most of the eyelid pimples don’t last for too long. They go away naturally without any treatment within few days after they occur. But still it requires treatment because of the pain it often makes the affected person to go through.

Eyelid pimples affect the vision: break the myth

It is a misconception that eyelid pimples can affect you vision. It might be more painful compared to other pimples. But it is least harmful to you. When you have an eyelid pimple, you might experience redness in eye, eye irritation, and watering of eyes. But eyelid pimples in no way affect your vision. The lump on the eye caused by the eyelid pimple, which is also known as chalazion can affect your vision marginally on some rare occasions, but the blurred vision gets back to normalcy automatically once your pimple vanishes after its occurrence in few days.

Now let us see how to get rid of this pain on your eye, literally:

Are you using eye Makeup?

It is very important that you take good care of your eyelids along with your eyes. If you use any eye makeup such as mascara, eyeliner or kajal, make sure that you remove them before you go to bed every day. Makeup must be removed completely before going to bed, or it can cause harmful effects on your skin and eyes. Make it a point to get rid of every bit of makeup before sleeping.

Don’t Worry First:

First of all, you have no need to panic if you have an eyelid pimple. Better relax first before you go for some kind of treatment. It is not something dangerous, and can not cause any harm. Treat eyelid pimple like an unwanted guest who happens to stay for some three or four days. The pain due to eyelid pimple does not often linger for more than two to three days. You might have to bear this pain for some two days at a stretch, and then the eyelid pimple will disappear automatically in some five days normally. So, sit back and relax. It is something very normal, and you will feel better with some effective treatment methods.

Hot Compress Method:

Another easy solution of eyelid pimple or sty is the hot compress method. Here you will have to put a clan and hot damp cloth on your closed eyelids for around fifteen minutes. For better results, try this at least three times a day, in the morning, before your afternoon nap, and before going to bed at night. Hot compress method is an ideal and easy home solution for eyelid pimples. It soothes your eyes, and has positive effects on the pimple as well. Your eyes will feel refreshed.

Simple Solutions:

Eyelid pimples cause an over secretion of fluids. This can often lead to congestion of your glands. There are very simple and painless surgeries available as a solution to get rid of such an infection.

Take care of Cleanliness:

Pain caused by eyelid pimple is not a reason for you to stop cleaning your face and eyes daily. Make sure to clean your face and eyes with water even when you are having eyelid pimples. Cleanliness is most important, and you will feel better if you keep your face clean. Soak a clean piece of cotton and clean your eyelashes with it twice a day. For better results, you can soak the cotton in warm water, or better if you add any mild shampoo to the mild water. Make sure to use just a bit of shampoo, and dilute it well in water. You could use baby shampoo, which is safer and really mild on skin. Be careful that the solution does not get inside your eyes, as it can cause a burning sensation. Wash your eyes with water immediately if this occurs.

Use Antibiotics:

If you are experiencing repeated pimples on your eyelid, which is a rare case, you can apply some antibiotic creams for better results. Antibiotic creams can help you prevent future occurrence of these eyelid pimples. It is best to apply these creams at night before you go to sleep. This way, it can work all through the night with no interference. And make sure that you clear the ointment or cream with wet cotton in the morning. This cleanses all bacteria and makes your eyes feel refreshed.

Keep your eyes clean at all times, wash your face well, and maintain a hygienic lifestyle. Moreover, it is really important to give enough rest to your eyes as well. Get enough rest and stay safe and healthy.

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