Best and Top Home Remedies for Blackheads

Blackheads are the small, dark spots on the skin, caused by a small blockage in the opening of a pore (follicle). Blackheads are said to be the first stage of acne. They form before bacteria invade the pores of the patient’s skin. A blackhead can develop into a pimple. All of us experience this and hate those tiny black spots on our skin. And then what do you serve when you find them? Squeeze them until they explode? But that ends up in stubborn blemishes on your skin! Or spend money on those pricey facials and nose strips? Don’t fret, though. Look around and who knows you might discover a magic potion resting on your kitchen slab. Nothing works better than some natural products for your skin. Your skin is yours treat it with caution! So here you go with some simple home remedies to say goodbye to those blackheads. Blackheads best home remedies

Home Remedies to get rid of Blackheads:

  1. A common spice found in every kitchen is Turmeric. It has great healing quality attached to it. A mixture of turmeric and mint juice helps to prevent blackheads.
  2. Steam your face for two minutes followed by an exfoliator and scrub off the blackheads gently. This one is the simplest home remedy and can be used if one is looking out to get rid of blackheads.
  3. Honey not only keeps you fit and makes your skin glow, but if applied with lemon juice helps in removing blackheads. Your honey should be very sticky if you want this to be as effective as possible.
  4. And who told Almonds are only for sharp memory? A face scrub prepared using crushed Almonds and gram flour i.e. poison works as on one of the best exfoliator for the skin. This scrub can be put on to the affected area and is quite a popular cure.
  5. Plant an Aloe Vera plant in your garden and you are sorted for all your skin care regimes. Apply some of the juice of this wonder plant to the affected area. The juice not only heals the area, but also soothes it.
  6. Next time you are out there to buy those yummy yoghurts for your tummies buy one extra to process away your blackheads. Add two tablespoons of lemon juice to two tablespoons of yoghurt. Mix it well and apply this mixture on the affected area for a blackheads free skin.
  7. Having a greasy skin? Apply a mix of one egg white with one teaspoon honey and hold open your skin away from blackheads and getting greasy.  It’s a prime example of a crunchy remedy. Yet, you never, ever know until you try.
  8. The adage slow and steady wins the race holds true. Washing the affected area with salt water on a steady base is rather efficient. This method, although slow helps in getting rid of the excessive oil in the region.
  9. Make a scrub of Salt, Lemon and Honey. Mix them in equal quantities and apply the scrub on your face for roughly 5 to 10 transactions. You can also add Yoghurt to this mix. Rinse off and pat dry your face softly.
  10. Peanut Oil or Ground Cinnamon used together not only removes blackheads but also prevent their future occurrence.
  11. Besides fighting bad breath, Mint toothpaste is considered very much helpful to fight away blackheads. Use the toothpaste on your nose and wait till it dries. Wipe it away with a wet cloth once the toothpaste dries.
  12. Mix baking soda with water. Starting with a clean face, rinse it once with water, and then begin to apply your exfoliator in light, circular motions. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes on your face. Rinse and pat your skin dry.
  13. Milk has nourishing ingredients that nourishes your skin and makes it mild and supple. The lactic acid in milk helps break down old skin cells so they disappear when you rinse your face. Apply milk to the affected areas and scrub it gently using a towel. This may help eliminate them for good.
  14. Oatmeal just does not burn your calories, but also erase away those blackheads. A mixture of Oatmeal and Rose Water is real helpful. Apply it and leave on your face 20 minutes. Concentrate on the blackheads, but remember to use a very light touch. Too rough, and you could damage your skin.
  15. Fenugreek also called as Methi when mixed with water makes for an excellent blackheads paste and helps to get rid of them.
  16. Those yummy strawberries prove to be beyond a tasty fruit. The strawberry leaves used for blackheads can be really helpful. The alkalinity in them helps to bring down the swelling and cleanses the blocked pores. Savour the taste of strawberries and let the leaves work wonder for your hide.
  17. Maybe it’s time now to stop running away from all those nutritious fruits and green leafy vegetables. Say yes to fruits and veggies for a healthy skin. One must eat plenty of them. Every day five servings of fruits and vegetables included in your diet are believed to keep all skin problems away, including blackheads and helps in keeping your skin feeling clean and fresh. It is important to note that all blackhead remedies should be followed by a healthy diet. For prevention is always better than cure!
  18. Cinnamon Powder can also be used with Lemon Juice to fight blackheads. Mix Cinnamon Powder and Lemon Juice and apply it to your blackheads on nose and face. Leave it on for 20 minutes. The mixture helps in exfoliating your skin and helps in removing the existing blackheads. As every skin is different, hence, when it comes to spices one must go for spot testing by applying a small amount of it on your hand before trying them over your entire face to avoid unwanted reactions.

Try these simple Home remedies to keep your blackheads away. Hope these remedies give you some relief. Knock those black spots away!

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