Best Types of Isometric Exercises and their Benefits

Isometric exercise is done without lengthening your muscles. Most of the yoga postures are isometric. These exercises condition as well as make your muscles strong. It is also beneficial in improving your body posture and keeps your body erect and straight even in the old age.

Simple Isometric Exercises that benefit you are:

Ankle press:

ankle press isometric exercise

In this exercise you have to put a pillow between your ankles and press hard so that you can touch both your ankles together. Do this exercise for 15 times a day till the elasticity of your ankle muscles has improved.

Chest squeeze:

In this exercise you are to contract and expand the chest muscles. This exercise must be done only after contacting a physician and taking his advice.

Forearm plank:

In yoga, forearm plank is known as Dolphin pose. It is very beneficial for the shoulders, core and the muscles.

  • Position your body as in plank and then bend your arms, so that the weight of your body is on your forearms.
  • Stay in this pose for 10 seconds and then try to increase the time gradually.


hanging isometric exercise

Image credits: Wikimedia

Here you are to hang from a pull-up bar with your hands and stay for 15 to 20 seconds. This stretches and lengthens your muscles.

Hip adduction:

In this exercise you have to lie down and put a pillow between your thighs. Now press the pillow between your thighs as hard as possible. Make sure that you put the pressure from both the sides simultaneously. After pressing, relax your thighs without letting the pillow fall down. Now repeat it again. When you do this exercise, make sure that your breathing is evenly controlled. You can also do this exercise without using a pillow. check the video for more instructions.

Isometric push up:

Isometric push up exercise

Image credits: thedirtydash

In this exercise your muscles and arms are mainly focused. Stand in the normal push up pose and balance your body on your palms and the knees. Now, before you come down, raise your body upwards and hold it for 10 seconds. This way the whole weight of your body comes on your knees and the palms.

Isometric quads:

When you do this exercise, keep a cushion or a rolled up towel below your knee. Now rest your knee on the cushion and then raise your knee upwards in a bending position and stay in this position for 5 seconds. Now rest the knee on the cushion and do the same with the other knee. Repeat with each knee at a time for about 15 times.

Isometric low blank:

This exercise is done by combining blank and push-up. Position your body in plank position and stay in push up position for 10 seconds. Your body must not touch the floor before you complete 10 seconds.

Neck stretch:

This stretches the muscles of your neck and is very good for the neck muscles. You can do this exercise at home, your office and even in public places. It makes your neck muscles powerful and flexible. It is also good for your general health.


Plank isometric exercise

This exercise is good for your whole body, but it is especially good for your arms and the core.

  • Get your body in push-up position, keeping your arms straight. Tighten your abdomen and suck in your belly button, keeping your body in a line.
  • Stay in this pose for about 10 to 15 seconds. Try to increase the time gradually.

Side plank:

This exercise is excellent for your abdomen, oblique, muffin-tops and arms. This is another version of plank.

  • Position yourself as in plank, with all the muscles tensed.
  • Now you have to move your weight to your right side slowly and balance your whole body with only one hand and the foot touching the ground.
  • Lift your left hand straight up and let your left foot rest over your right foot.
  • Try to be in this position for 10 minutes and then do the same with the other side.

Shoulder extension:

This exercise is good for your upper back and stretches the muscles there. Here you have to stand straight with the wall as a support. As you stand straight, you also have to straighten your elbows and stretch your shoulders. Thus the muscles in the core area are pulled. This is very beneficial although you may feel slight discomfort in the beginning.

Static lunge:

This is good for your lower body especially the quads, saddlebags, glutes and the hips.

  • Stand straight with your shoulders back, and the take your left leg back as if in a lunge.
  • Lower your body as in a deep lunge, without touching the ground with your bent knee. If possible, lower your body till you are only a few inches above the ground.
  • Stay in this position for 10 seconds and then repeat with the other leg.

Squat hold:

This exercise is also good for your lower body. You can do mid-squat hold as well as deep-squat hold exercise.

Shoulder raise exercise:

Take one dumbbell in each hand and stretch your shoulders upwards. Do not bend your elbows. Stay for 15 to 20 seconds and then relax.

Warrior lll:

Another name for Warrior lll is Virbhadrasana lll. Here you have to balance your whole body horizontally, standing on one foot, do this with both the legs, one at a time.

Wall sit:

Here you have to pretend that you are sitting on a chair, but there is no chair for you to sit. This makes the muscles of your back and the thighs strong. Here you have to position your body in a sitting posture with the wall as your support. Stay in this pose for 10 seconds and then increase the time gradually.

Wall push-up:

This is very beneficial for your upper body. Here you have to put both your palms on the wall and push the wall as hard as you can. Push for about 15 seconds and then relax.

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