Best Ways or Remedies to Take Care of Razor Bumps

Razor bumps!!!One of the most common problems with individuals especially with tightly curled or spiral hair strands. Medically this condition is also termed as psudofolliculitis barbae, and is mainly observed after shaving with razor blades .These razor bumps are mainly due to shaving at sensitive skin area of the body like the face and pubic area. The affected area looks like a pimple or a bump with irritating sensation forming boil like sore. Dermatologically proven that the equipment used is equally responsible to affect the ingrown hair. As stated, it is the condition where the hair starts growing in the inward direction at the follicle instead of growing in upward direction.

Razor Bumps Care Ways

Few Methods to Cure and Prevent Razor Bumps:

Depilatory creams:

It is dermatologically proven that depilatory creams simply dissolve the hair at the surface area itself. These creams can be of bad odour though but can be very useful for few days. It is observed that these creams have burning sensation on sensitive skin. Although dermatologically is also advised that you don’t use such creams on facial hair, it can be considered as a temporary solution to avoid razor bumps.There are many options in the market available for various skin type and of different fragrances.


Exfoliators can be used gently on the skin to open up the pores, this will help the hair follicle to expose, and it will prevent ingrown hair growth. The exfoliator will also help in removing small hair as it can uproot it with gentle massage. It has to be used right before shaving.

It is recommended to exfoliate about 2-3 times a week. It will be helpful in removing dead skin that covers the hair follicle making it easier to shave. You can make homemade exfoliators with 1tsp organic or granular sugar, 1-2 drops of water, 1-2 drops of orange, lemon or essential oil.

It is clinically proven that exfoliators with glycolic and salicylic soothing pads also contain green tea extracts, and is effective in settling down the razor bump affected area.


One can opt for electric exfoliators like clarisonic where the equipment will cleanse the skin while applying shaving gel evenly. The circular vibrations will exfoliate evenly all over the skin. It will clear the layer of dead skin before shaving. By regularly using it many men have reported that it wards off the razor bumps and ingrown hair.

Laser treatment:

You can try laser or electric current electrolysis method which is practiced by certified doctors. This is regarded as the best method to remove hair, where removal of hair is by exposing it to laser light. This destroys the hair follicle to avoid growth of hair.

Learn to shave better:


Shave with sharp blade.

Use shaving foam to moisten the hair.

Shave in the same direction of hair growth. Rinse the blade in warm water after shave.

Do not shave very closely to avoid fewer blemishes and marks.

Rinse with cold water to sooth your skin pores.

It is asked to change the razor blades after using it for 3-4 times. The blades has to be sterilized in warm water. Also use after shave solution or lotion to avoid skin irritation after shave.


Opting for electric razors and epilators can be also considered as one of the effective way to remove the razor bump as it will not uproot the hair, but gives a close trim avoiding the contact with the skin. It will make the process of shaving very painless and help in resolving the razor bump issues.

It is cost effective and very compact to carry while you travel. This is mostly preferred by beginners to avoid the painful experience of removing hair.


Using tweezers and the traditional threading method can be equally effective to remove the facial hair or to simply exclude that extra stand of hair. It will primarily focus in pulling of each strand of hair. As the hair is uprooted, it is effective. By using this technique you can remove the hair without any razor bumps. It is easy and can be used at home too. It might be time consuming for largely covered hairy areas of the body. Small and tiny hair can also be uprooted easily. You can always carry tweezers for any outdoor or immediate plans. It is definitely cheaper than any other method of hair removal technique.

Using shaving oil:

Shaving oil basically contains vegetable oil and few more essential oils. Generally they don’t clog the pores. It has to be applied before the shaving cream is applied and acts as a lubricant which makes it easier for the blades to shave smoothly. It will also make the hair to come off easily resulting in fewer cuts and nicks.


Even coconut oil and olive oil can be cheaper substitute.


Waxing might seem painful but it is one of the easiest and long lasting hair removal technique .The warm wax will directly enter the exposed hair follicle and uproot the hair completely. Thus the skin is free from razor bumps. It also cleans the dead skin and removes tan from the skin surface, making your skin hair free for at least 15-20 days. It can be very effective at the pubic area as it reduces hair growth extensively. It will definitely be depending upon individual’s hormone level.

Nevertheless it is not advice to wax on your facial hair as the skin of your face is very sensitive. You can use astringent solution right after waxing to settle down the exposed pores. There are wide range of options available from various flavoured wax to unflavoured wax in the market for all skin type.

Laser treatment is a permanent but very expensive option.  These treatments consist of multiple sessions. People mainly in glamour industry prefer the laser hair removal treatment. The person undergoing such treatment is prone to have very sensitive skin. During the treatment there can be burning sensation depending upon the skin type. Epidermal cooling is advised after every sessions of laser hair removal treatment.

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